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  1. Ever since failing my driving test for the second time, in a Land Rover in Cyprus (exotic lifestyle!), I have had a soft spot for the machines. When at Railex in 2017 I found an Oxford Diecast 1/43rd version and decided to use it for a minimum cost weathering exercise. The idea was to spend as little as possible to weather this model, but end up with the wherewithal to continue weathering as many more models as possible with the materials purchased. My purchases were: Testor's Dullcote - £5.50 AK Interactive Dark Earth pigment - £4.45 AMMO by Mig Tracks Wash - £4.00
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  2. Yesterday while visiting the East Somerset Railway, I picked up a Parkside kit for a W7 diagram prize cattle van. Its been a fun build, all be it not Parkside's finest work. The floor is rather below what you would expect (with no location marks for the gas tank or breaks) and lots of parts for the break gear are missing. I have worked from a prototype photo from 1947 in which the groom's compartment has been replaced (so instead of the 1907 panneling it has flat doors), so I have modified the parts accordingly. It is now out in the garage ready for a coat of GWR brown when I do my next ba
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  3. I have just got back from seeing the premier screening of Peter Jackson's new film in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum and as the title suggests my astonishment knows no limits! I actually only found out about this at the weekend but obviously wasn't a complete secret as I certainly wasn't alone in the cinema. Unfortunately I wasn't invited to the real premier but went along to one of the two hundred odd simultaneous screenings across the country. The film is made up entirely of original movie footage from the IWM collection but beautifully restored and colourised in a most convin
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  4. Here's another contribution to the RMweb "Horse Drawn Weekly" as Dave calls it. My efforts don't even get close to his superb models, but a horse is a horse as they say in Farthing. Today's subject is a wagon from Ratkin & Son, makers of finest jams and marmalades (or so they claim). The build was inspired by scenes such as this one, showing the GWR sidings at Henley and Sons cyder works (sic) in Newton Abbot, October 1908. Source: Getty Images. Embedding permitted. https://www.gettyimages.ca/photos/cider-gwr?phrase=cider%20gwr&sort=mostpopular#license
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