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  1. As the LL waste containers have change design several times in their life are we going to see some of the alternatives? Ian_B
  2. Don't they fill the half height containers with concrete when they're loaded? Ian_B
  3. Freightliner Gray with the EWS Big Beasties' vinyls! Ian_B
  4. The Shareholder being the one who takes the gamble and fronts the initial costs. If the product is good and sales are high they win. If its not they lose everything. That's investing for you (see the Dave Jones episode.) Ian_B
  5. Has anyone done a printable clearance gauge with things like platform height above track, min clear distance from track (platform/bridges/tunnels), OHLE height, min distance adjacent track (double track/sidings). If so can anyone say where it's available? Is the .stl file available? (edited file format) Regards Ian_B
  6. Forgive my innocence as I'm just beginning to look into 3D printing. Is there a simple way to take a photo and convert it into a 3D printable file? I've heard Sketchup might be capable, but its website doesn't help! Regards Ian_B
  7. Strange, but there's no accounting for taste! When I'm going anywhere I refer to Adrian's site to see if there's anywhere nearby. I frequently end up strolling around a town with his listing and a page from Google maps clutched in my mitt. When I've been I send Adrian an update for any changes to the entry. Ian_B
  8. But it doesn't post personal data. Businesses are not protected in the same way as people.
  9. Fran, are there details on the couplings available? Will we be able to slot Kadees or Kadee-alikes in, or will they be supplied with a buckeye? Ian_B
  10. During the period of 'interim' management by the supermarket team at Hornby, one of them was quoted as saying they were positioned for the toy market, so that is sold as toys. To be realistic though no matter the level of detail, the skill and care of painting and lettering. even the craft of model engineering, when we take our trains and run them are we not playing? if we play are they not, in the end, big boys (and girls) toys?
  11. Most of that train is WARWELLS with only the wagons loaded with Landrovers on WARFLATS. Ian_B
  12. Hopefully I'll have the car next year. Ian_B
  13. As you were in Swadlincote and I was limited to going on Saturday and using the train I didn't go ;-( Nor did my son. Abundant free parking is no good if you're forced to travel by train. Ian_B
  14. He'd be the one to understand the cost/return ratio, but it won't stop me and others wishing someone did them to Arrans level of quality so we could stick them on Hornby's KFA container wagon or WBF's PFA. Ian
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