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  1. Fran, you should do a collection of you formation guides and routes. Ian_B
  2. That's correct. anything that is not heavily contaminated, plus other Radioactive sources that require disposal Wikipedia defines it as :- Low-level waste (LLW) is nuclear waste that does not fit into the categorical definitions for intermediate-level waste (ILW), high-level waste (HLW), spent nuclear fuel (SNF), transuranic waste (TRU), or certain byproduct materials known as 11e(2) wastes, such as uranium mill tailings. In essence, it is a definition by exclusion, and LLW is that category of radioactive wastes that do not fit into the other categories. If LLW is mixed with hazardous wa
  3. the LLW Repository is at Drigg so all LLW traffic ends up there. I believe that it is sourced from most reactor plants being compacted or otherwise treated in some form before being containerised and sent to Drigg (but could be wrong). I'm not sure where the Low level Medical Radioactive waste and other LL waste is containerised. H-T-H Ian_B
  4. I've painted mine Hapag Lloyd Orange, Just need appropriate markings.
  5. 3D printed. Contact Gary Mullington at First Layer 3D Printing https://www.facebook.com/First-Layer-3D-Printing-107788410608369/ Gary produces both 20' and 40' flat racks. Now I just need to find some suitable decals! Regards Ian_B
  6. Hi Arran, have you any decals to suit 'OO' flat racks either 20' or 40'? Ian_B
  7. The PFAs aren't used for fuel transport. the half height containers are packed with barrels of low level waste (contaminated tools, machinery and things like hospital medical radioactive material,) filled with Concrete, then taken to the store for longterm storage
  8. Accurascale haven't released their KUA yet (soon but not yet). What Nuclear fuel wagon are you thinking of? Ian_B
  9. No Escort Coaches = no load in the KUA so it looks like a movement of empty stock. What are the wagons in the rear?
  10. I have some SKP files for things I would like to include on my layout. My son has an ANET A8 printer which accepts GCODE files. I discovered that I need a utility called Cura (a slicer whatever that means) to reformat the files from SKP to GCODE but don't seem to be able to achieve the desired outcome - a usable file. Has anyone any experiences of this software that might help. Thanks Ian_B
  11. Gone in 9 hours! Are you doing the LLNW containers on their own? Ian_B
  12. Going to have to fit some tiedowns somehow. Ian_B
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