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  1. Royal Marines.
  2. I have some SKP files for things I would like to include on my layout. My son has an ANET A8 printer which accepts GCODE files. I discovered that I need a utility called Cura (a slicer whatever that means) to reformat the files from SKP to GCODE but don't seem to be able to achieve the desired outcome - a usable file. Has anyone any experiences of this software that might help. Thanks Ian_B
  3. Gone in 9 hours! Are you doing the LLNW containers on their own? Ian_B
  4. Going to have to fit some tiedowns somehow. Ian_B
  5. There's a 3D print from Wild Boar Fell on Shapeways of the MoD PFA. Not as gorgeously decorated and no-one does a finished MoD side door 20' container.
  6. Fran, are you going to make the LLS contains available as a separate item? Ian_B
  7. How will the tie-downs be represented? will they be cosmetic or usable with a ratchet strop representation like the ones from SMS? Regards Ian_B
  8. Ian_B

    Class 142

    Is each one going to be supplied with a Model Charlie in the door?? Ian_B
  9. Colne to Blackpool south Ian_B
  10. As the LL waste containers have change design several times in their life are we going to see some of the alternatives? Ian_B
  11. Don't they fill the half height containers with concrete when they're loaded? Ian_B
  12. Freightliner Gray with the EWS Big Beasties' vinyls! Ian_B
  13. The Shareholder being the one who takes the gamble and fronts the initial costs. If the product is good and sales are high they win. If its not they lose everything. That's investing for you (see the Dave Jones episode.) Ian_B
  14. Has anyone done a printable clearance gauge with things like platform height above track, min clear distance from track (platform/bridges/tunnels), OHLE height, min distance adjacent track (double track/sidings). If so can anyone say where it's available? Is the .stl file available? (edited file format) Regards Ian_B
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