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  1. 'just need a coat of filth now!...' Almost seems a shame, but you never seem to see any images of clean ones!
  2. Postie's just been - glad I am working from home today! These have arrived and wowee, aren't they something? Sorry they haven't made it as far as the layout yet. Lovely model with a quality 'feel' to it. Excellent, well thought out packaging, too, so no risk of knocking off detail by clumsy handling. Well done, Revolution - great job. Layout might need to be a smidge longer now, though... Best wishes, Paul
  3. Great pictures - always an inspiration! Happy New Year and thanks for posting for us all to enjoy. Best wishes, Paul
  4. Definitely the highlight of this month's Modeller for me. I am hugely impressed at how much quality modelling you have crammed into a very small space, yet managed to avoid making it look overcrowded or contrived. Even the bulk of the mighty 40 doesn't look out of place! All the best, Paul
  5. Brilliant - the timings certainly work. Thank you very much - really appreciated. Best wishes, Paul
  6. Good evening all. Could anybody help me with the numbers of the two DBS (Red) 66s I saw East of Lincoln this morning (Monday 25th Oct) at about 0805 on an RHTT train, crossing over the Bypass, Lincoln-bound, on the line from Peterborough, please? They didn't look to dirty yet, but I guess it's early in the season. Many thanks. Hopefully, Paul
  7. Great issue, thank you. I collected mine this morning - fortuitously I was on a carefully-planned day off! Plenty to enjoy, with a nice article on Irish Rail in the 1990s and some great pictures. David Ratcliffe's article on the UKF Fertilizer Vans was also interesting, especially the great colour picture of the rebuilt van with the unusual roof in the dark blue Kemira livery atop page 19. Looking forward to settling down for a proper read later on. Best wishes, Paul
  8. A really useful picture and a very nice model.  Thanks for posting.


    Best wishes,



    1. truffy


      Thanks for sharing. I guess. :scratchhead:

  9. Chris, You're right - they do look nice with a load, too. Sounds like a win-win to me! Must extract a digit and make a start on my second 432 - one on a wagon's okay, but as your picture shows, 2 vehicles looks really purposeful, especially with the chocks and strapping in place. Very tidy. The understated weathering helps too. Best wishes, Paul
  10. Great pictures, Peter. Particularly like the one of the 40 sticking it's nose out of the Shed. Somehow reminiscent of covers of the Ian Allen 'Locoshed' books many of us carried. Really liked the backstory, too - adds colour and credibility. Best wishes, Paul
  11. Have to admit to having bought another wagon myself last weekend when i realised how many vehicles i need to accommodate. I was also accummulating a small stash of Airfix scorpions prior to the pandemic to go with a set of scimitars my talented younger brother had built and painted for me. I think i remember which box they're in!!!!
  12. Lovely job. That really lifts the model. Almost a shame to load it up!
  13. The wagon feature will be particularly welcome, to me and to many others, I'm sure. Best wishes, Paul
  14. A really enjoyable edition again. I was especially interested in the UKF article; I don't think, till now, I really appreciated just how comprehensive the service was since all I really ever saw of it at the time were the Andover and Gillingham portions whilst they were being rearranged at Salisbury. I was quite surprised to see just how many locations saw traffic. Looking forward to the next part. Best wishes, Paul
  15. Thoroughly enjoying my copy - thank you, Kevin (Rivercider) for a really interesting volume. Freight trains as I remember them during my early spotting years; really good to learn a bit more about the nature of the trains and the traffic, too. I particularly like some of the shots showing everyday activity, rather than just the sometimes clinical imagery of locomotives and wagons that we are used to: one of my favourites so far is the picture on page 55 of the two gentlemen unloading sackloads of beet, by hand, from a VDA onto the back of a flatbed lorry. Seems a bit incongruous somehow; images of a bygone railway, despite the relatively young (at the time) air braked van. Great stuff - glad it wasn't me helping with the unloading! Best wishes, Paul
  16. Thanks, Rob. It's a really satisfying build and fits beautifully, if perhaps a bit over-fiddly around the under-gubbins. I have three, though whether i have the patience to build all of them straight off the bat is another issue! Best wishes, Paul
  17. Great pictures of the '432s, thank you. Some really useful detail on there, which will help me with the kit version (S&M models) I am wrangling with at the moment; might be a while till I attempt the second one for a full load, though! Great Kit but quite fiddly. Good to see the Trains4u chocks will come in useful, too! Thanks again - best wishes, Paul
  18. Andypops, thanks for the gen on CMSC et al. I thought your Sabre looked particularly impressive. The ex-Fox turret gives the vehicle a whole different 'sit' and the extra stowage also makes it look extremely purposeful, though I understand they weren't very well liked by crews? Would look very good on a KFA though. Cheers - happy modelling, Paul
  19. Good evening all, thank you to everyone who offered help and advice with my question. I have now sourced the necessary items from John Talbot and I am beginning to get quite excited at the prospect of actually finishing a wagon I started (and painted) in 1998; that has to be some sort of record, surely? A very, very long player... Best wishes and stay safe, Paul
  20. Steve, thank you - it might well do. I will start with the AME route as suggested later in the thread, but I will keep you in mind - wasn't aware of your service previously. Cheers, Paul
  21. Good afternoon all, I am repurposing an SPA open wagon for engineering use and looking for a decal for the fishkind 'PIKE' name these wagons acquired whilst in that role. Does anybody know of a suitable source, please? Don't mind whether its rubdown or waterslide. I am quite happy to mask and paint the surrounding yellow background panel, but I think hand-painting the lettering these days is a bit beyond my hands and my eyes! :-) (NB. I have considered hand-writing it with a Sharpie marker, which trials indicated was okay but not great). Grateful for any advice, please. Many thanks, Paul
  22. LOL - I'm still within acceptable parameters then?! Cheers, Paul
  23. I keep telling myself that about Cromptons, but how many is enough??? Don't need a 25 at all in my case, but never say never... Best wishes, Paul
  24. Very nice. That definitely looks the part - workaday and understated. Nice job. Paul
  25. Nice crabs. Deceptively simple-looking wagon and an easy build. I have a couple on the go currently, one the prototype with additional external strapping. Considering having a go at a clasp-fitted one too. Yours look very good. Cheers, Paul
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