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  1. Such a shame. I'm from Swad where Jack lived for it's working life. (John Knowles Number 4 is my avatar) I saw him out of steam a few years back now. Beautiful locomotive.
  2. A simply incredible model. I've always loved Standedge Tunnel, ever since I watched Pennine Steam in the 60s.
  3. We could also speculate both theories. A tipping dock and a gunpowder store... after all with a limited area like Glenfield one would try and combine the two. By 1960 I beleive a lot of disused sidings were being lifted. (in fact according to my own sources this happened across the line, hence the loss of the siding into the gas works by the late 50's in Swadlincote)
  4. Fantastic looking stuff Jerry, if this is even half as good as the Colliery then it's going to be one of the best layouts at Warley!
  5. Wow Jerry that's some incredible work there yourself!
  6. Afraid to say I am not 100% sure! My own books on the matter simply refer to it as a "The old pattern rails and chairs on an extremely sharply-curved private siding in a small yard are worth inspection." Which suggests to me that, whatever it was used for, it used original L&SR chairs and rails until the line's removal. Because of its extreme angle I am wondering if its at all related to the needs of a Mr E. Childs and the stone traffic... but again I am not sure.
  7. The Golden Dragon? That's the name of the one up Alexandria Road! (quite a good chinese that actually...)
  8. Loved this layout when I went and saw it at Stonleigh. (I was the portly bloke in the grey coat). Genuinely hope to see it and yourselves on the circuit more this year! Edit: Also, I humbly put myself forward to help cover you at another show if you fancy a break. The Stonleigh show was fantastic!
  9. Rats definitely handled the back end of traffic on the Swadlincote loop line when it was truncated due to the degrading state of the Midway and Woodville tunnels and they had to treat them like two seperate branchlines (A Rat with the demolition train was the last to travel the whole line) Not 100% sure if they'd have fit in the Glenfield tunnel without a series of loud bangs though.
  10. Hi Chris, just found this little thread part of yours. There were in fact four or so locomotives kept specifically for the Glenfield line right up until the late fifties based at Coalville shed, traffic was handled exclusively by Johnsons 2Fs (passenger or goods) due to being small enough to handle the narrow Glenfield Tunnel. Confirmed numbers under BR that used the branch line were 58143, 58182 and 58148. 58138 and 58163 were also based at Coalville, but wether they ran on the Glenfield branch I do not know. In later years the traffic was handled by a Standard Class 2 "mickey mouse"
  11. So pleased to have discovered Union Mills here on RMweb... especially as the 2F, 58153 regularly travelled from Burton, Via Swadlincote onto the Glenfield line as these older locomotives were the only ones which could easily get through the Glenfield Tunnel when accessing the yard at Leicester West Bridge. Means I can actually build a model in a much smaller space and acheive a very long term goal (now 10 years and counting) of building a model of Swadlincote Station.
  12. If he's good, he's good. It's just a shame I haven't a clue about what his actual products are!!!
  13. Haha, thanks Alan. I'll see if I can get myself a catalogue of some sort then...
  14. I'm curious about Union Mills as they do some stuff I might be after (2P, for instance) but I cannot seem to find a website for them? Seems a bit odd in this day and age.
  15. Then I know to ask you if I ever see a lovely American N gauge layout with an RMweb sign on it As it stands it's all a bit pie in the sky thinking as I haven't even begun to look at costs for such a layout. I am leaning towards an 8x2 layout giving me a good four feet on each board for the necessary trackwork. A lot of the coaching stock would be shorter in the form of the suburban stock available and trains were rarely longer than 3 or 4 coaches, or ten or so four wheel wagons in their prototypical length due to the steepness of the grades, so 8 feet seems sufficent.
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