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  1. It does seem odd one rule for exhibitors and another for visitors,a lack of joined up thinking? Andy.
  2. The Lewin was done by Impetus but that range is moribund.I must admit mine looks good with a rake RT cauldrons.Andy.
  3. They were certainly at Perth,as i managed to pick up a Dunrobin and coach kit from him,Andy.
  4. From an exhibitors point of view Warley wins,Ally Pally always seems slightly disfunctional,ie you are presented Exhibtors badges which are just a bit of card with nothing to wear it with and my favorite a room were exhibitors can get a drink but has a key pad which they don't tell you what the code is and no these are not one offs as i've done Ally Pally about six times and Warley 12 times.Andy.
  5. Yep two have enlarged cutouts on the rear for working the branch ,can't remember which off the top of my head,bear in mind they only worked cab first tetween the mines and Arigna.(Been there done it modelled it)Andy.
  6. Bear in mind the cab backs are wrong check photos for your loco as there are 2 types.It would be worth checking with Neville as he now has the Backwoods Irish range and has already released some of the rolling stock kits.The C&L kits makes up nicely(having done three) apart from rectifying the cab rear issuse,guess which drawing Pete used ! Andy.
  7. Which red wagons opens or vans? Worsley do the opens ex Castledergs,Unit models did the van bodies the chassis on the prototype were various Donegal wagon chassis hence the variety of brake gear the Ninelines chassis is suitable .Andy
  8. L Gardner and Sons started in 1868 and were well known for their high quality diesel engines,they were taken over by Hawker Siddeley in 1977, and sold to Perkins in 1986,Andy.
  9. Try Wizard Models as they do a selection and their mail order is very good.Andy.
  10. Best thing to do about the spring hangers is to remove them and bin them,then get suitable tender axlebox/spring castings from Wizard remove the axlebox and apply.Andy.
  11. If its for 00 its still narrow gauge,Four foot one and a half anyone? Andy.
  12. Courtmacsherry making its first appearance full stop.Andy
  13. Lynton and Barnstaple's "Lyn" and Bilston Ironworks Shay,Andy
  14. The Great Western inherited 2 from the Manchester & Milford Railway,1338 lasted until 1915.Andy
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