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  1. TBH Rob, you'd be hard pressed to detect any evidence of either company in Radvegas these days. I do get to walk next to the remains of marble arch at least once a week, right at the end of Waterloo Road though.
  2. Interesting photograph that I can't quite place. Possibly the up platform with Railway Place? (now under the sorting office) behind. Top stuff, thanks 👍
  3. LSWR Type 1 Goods Shed: Slow burner this one, which I'm sure some of you have seen before. Valance and windows from the excellent York Model Making, I have their slate strips to add to the roof too... when I get a round to it. Goods Store: Not entirely scratch built, more a butchered kit that started life as a Wills Goods Store. Trouble was, there was nowhere for a sitdown and a brew, so I added the 'office'. I just need to build the steps for the end door, most likely from the ratio kit. Cheers 👍
  4. I reckon that'll be the LSWR Corridor's Rob, in a nice presentation box as we've come to love from EFE. Perfect to go behind that T3 from Bachmann 😜 But I'd be happy with one of Mr Bulleid's Dia 2406 BCK's please Mr Bachmann 👍 PS: Who's doing the G6 ? 🤔
  5. I remember on almost every railtour (or 'mystery tours' as my dad used to tell us) there'd either be no or very dodgy worms. ISTR there was a panel with two buttons to push to restore the coach glow worms sighted in the vestibules?
  6. Who were the original company, big four or region of BR for the station? You might find that one of the societies or groups (even Facebook groups) for that particular railway company may have track diagrams and building plans? Perhaps the Midland Society might be of use? Is there anything in Mr Castens Emporium of railway literature that might be of assistance? Good luck, I find research one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby.
  7. At least two, 'cos I'd have one 😜
  8. Will there be plant milk...
  9. Absolutely, I will only buy true prototypes for my trainset (even if I use them un-prototypically). I don't mind paying for the uniqueness / quality either, Toplights and Cross Country Sets as personal examples. Top stuff 👍
  10. Order placed, looks more "fun" than the Slater's alternative 👍
  11. Oh yes, that's where the cider comes from! They do the occasional tour of parts of the castle that aren't normally accessible to the gp, lots of tunnels and the odd hidden door/ passage into rooms and the old kitchens etc.
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