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  1. Hi As far as I am aware the parcels are still being delivered on Saturdays. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Not everything on the internet is true and that is especially true of Wikipedia as anyone can edit it. I would want to see the original source material for that statement before taking any notice. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi You can buy extra long drills. I have a 0.5mm drill that is 100mm long and I bought it from Squires. http://www.squirestools.com/files/12-08.pdf Unfortunately 0.5mm is the smallest they do Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Yes you can run standard n gauge wheels on plain Easitrack. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi I’ve done this using Parkside Dundas 5.1mm dia wheels by shortening the axle to 12.25mm. You can do it with the axles sold for Farish wheels but you need to be careful to get the wheels square on the axle. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Simon Thanks for that photo and my minimum radius is the same so I’ll see how I get on. I’m using 2mm SA bogies as the middle part is already lower than the sideframes and I didn’t think to just do as you have, doh. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi I am just about to build a rake of these. Do you have a photo of the mods you have made to the underside of the flats. I have in the past struggled to get the ride height anything near correct even with 5.1mm wheels. Also what radius are your curves? Cheers Paul
  8. Hi No problem here streaming HD video over Powerline adaptors. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi I’ve converted mine to a Gatwick express set, not quite finished yet as four of the five coaches still need glazing but I think I may get them finished before the new Mk2s arrive. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi £39.99 is usually the student price for prime. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi I would be interested. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Precision Decals http://www.precisionlabels.com/colours.html?new Cheers Paul.
  13. Hi I’d always known them as Hyde Park flats, every day is a school day. Cheers Paul
  14. Hi That’s a very nice piece of engineering. I keep looking at these but I’m not sure my lathe would be big enough to machine the castings. What size lathe did you use for yours? Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Thanks. I’ve built quite a few Ferry vehicles over the last few years and have plans for a few more. I use the BR diagram books from the Barrowmore website along with as many photos as I can find in order to build them. Cheers Paul
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