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  1. Hi I’ve used them on the old TPM nuclear flash wagon and can take you a photo tomorrow when the light is better. I am currently waiting for them to come back into stock for a different project. You could also look at item 2-394 as the photo shows them with the castings attached. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi When I bought mine that’s what they were called but I guess now they are just Parkside manufactured by Peco. Edit on searching it would appear they are still made by Dundas not Parkside https://www.hamodels.net/2mm/009-metal-wheels.html Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Parkside Dundas wheels now made by Peco are what I use. Cheers Apul
  4. Hi Unfortunately its not that simple as colour doesn’t scale well plus the underlying substrate is different so the colour will look different. Colour is also subjective and what looks right to one person may look wrong to another. The company I work for has spent a lot of money on software and spectrometers so we can guarantee printing our customers products within specific tolerances. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi The sides are plain brass and require painting so you could do any livery you require. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Not sure why but if you go the the Worsley Works website and click on the N Gauge kits menu item there is a link on the right. http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk Cheers Paul
  7. Hi This is my 2 HAP built from sides from Worsley Works and Taylor Precision Models MLV ends overlaid on to Farish MK1 coaches http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/Image-Pages/Image_N_2HAP.htm Cheers Paul
  8. Hi If you look to the right of the image in the link you posted you will see the link to the 4mm version. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi Did you tin the tip before using it? To tin it you apply solder as it’s heating up wiping off each application of solder. This should then leave a coating of solder on the tip. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi If you’re a member of the 2mm SA then they do the chassis (2-380) along with N Gauge wheels (2-027) on 12.25mm axles to suit. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi I use these for small circles they are not cheap though 0.5mm to 2mm in 0.1mm steps https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/punch-and-die-set-rp-toolz-rp-pd/ 2mm to 4.5mm in 0.2 steps to 4mm then 4.5mm https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/big-punch-and-die-set-rp-toolz-rp-bpd/ RP Toolz also do hex punches. No connection with the supplier other than as a satisfied customer. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Plus N / 2mm, please Cheers Paul
  13. Hi It’s a bladed item hence why you need to be over 18. Cheers Paul
  14. Hi I would have said possibly as the 2mm SA did a chassis etch which is what I used on mine but it seems to have been discontinued. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Its possible to update the NGS kit if you are so minded Cheers Paul
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