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  1. Hi I shortened some Parkside Dundas axles to 12.25mm and used their 5.1mm wheels to do mine. Edit Another option would be to use the 2-047 axles for RP25 wheels with the Parkside Dundas wheels. You would have to carefully open out the axle hole to approx 1.6mm in the Parkside wheels using a broach but that would be easier than turning the Parkside Dundas axles. I did this for some coach wheels when the 2mm SA ones were unavailable. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi If you’re a member of the N gauge society then there is a kit for this wagon. https://www.ngsjoin.com/kit-16-br-21t-hopper-wagon-htohtv-ngsk0160-626-p.asp Cheers Paul
  3. Hi We’ve been here before. How many times do you see I want such and such in this livery that the manufacturer doesn’t do. The reply respray it followed by I can’t do that. Cheers Paul
  4. Hi You can view the range of 2mm SA products here http://www.2mm.org.uk/products/ Shop 2 for wagons. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Are you sure it was dry ice? I worked for a company over twenty years ago that developed a smoke machine that would give the same effect as dry ice but without the residual mess. cheers paul
  6. Hi I believe there is a Judith Edge kit for this http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/catalogue/judithedge BR Horwich 0-4-0ST 47005-9 This is the BR version of the LMS Kitson 0F 0-4-0ST, built at Horwich in 1953. Prices: 4mm scale £60 + £3.50 p&p Cheers Paul
  7. Hi When I attach etched sides to plastic coaches I tend to use Araldite Rapid as this gives a little flexibility and also allows fine adjustment before it dries. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi I've posted this elsewhere but thought it fitted in with the general make it yourself theme 1/148 scale Belgian slab sided Polybulk built from various thicknesses of plasticard and microstrip with etched and strip brass details. Transfers are from Railtec. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi I hope its not the same 10 year timetable I'm working to. I started in 2002 and 17 years later it hasn't progressed very far. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi Dont be afraid to scrap parts you feel are not up to scratch. If you leave them they will always draw your eye and you will regret leaving them there. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi There are details on this thread The link above shows the finished model Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Someone mentioned scratchbuilding a Fell therefore I thought it a good idea to point out that a kit exists that was all. Cheers Paul
  13. Hi Are you aware Mike Edge (Judith Edge Kits) has recently released a kit for the Fell? Cheers Paul
  14. Hi In stock qty at bottom left of each item. https://www.ngsjoin.com/kits-338-c.asp Cheers Paul
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