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  1. would there be one? I thought they were stencilled on the original
  2. amwells

    EFE escalators

    Hi, does anyone have a set of the EFE escalators produced some years ago that would be willing to sell? I think they were produced in pairs... one will be enough for me! The catalogue number was 99621. I thought I’d found one at Radley Models but had my purchase (and another item) refunded within 12 hours of buying online! please PM to let me know many thanks, Andrew
  3. Don’t think so, although the website remains live (in parts). I emailed the other week Just in case and got no reply Real shame as there are some great products there.
  4. They are really good, no worries about them coming unstuck. I did ruin one when it became attached to itself, but otherwise found them to be perfect
  5. You guys are encouraging me here, just by talking about it. Despite lockdown my roundtuit pile isn’t any smaller though...
  6. agree that one was true. My dad bought one inadvertently on eBay and got a huge surprise when two local police (in Scotland) turned up asking if he’d bought the model (which wasn’t Wilbert but another J94)! dad ended up getting paid a couple of quid a month in compensation!
  7. Fair enough, but I’m still not sure that it’s been released, and despite the photo, the catalogue number would suggest v2 or v3 mould (the v1 mould has 33xx catalogue numbers). Link: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39237/Heljan-3441-oo-gauge-class-33-025-sultan-br-blue-light-grey-roof-diesel-locomotive the one that has been released (with v1 mould) is GM4250102: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39548/gaugemaster-collection-gm4240102-oo-gauge-class-33-025-sultan-br-blue-lt-grey-roof-diesel-locomotive-lightly-weathered- similar conundrum for Eastleigh. The version released: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39547/gaugemaster-collection-gm4240101-oo-gauge-class-33-008-eastleigh-br-green-fye-diesel-locomotive-lightly-weathered- the other one not yet? released: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39238/Heljan-3442-oo-gauge-class-33-008-eastleigh-br-green-1980s-fye-
  8. I’m not sure that 3441 is ‘the one’. Sultan and Eastleigh were both advertised (and still available to pre-order) with the 34xx catalogue numbers (which implies new body tool) at many places. However, two ‘Gaugemaster collection’ 33s have been released with the same numbers and liveries, except with weathering, under Gaugemaster catalogue numbers, and using the old tool. I’m none the wiser on whether the 34xx versions (which are also listed as slightly more expensive despite the weathering on the Gaugemaster versions) are still going to be released. I did try emailing Heljan but the email bounced.
  9. A seller can set a preset amount under which the offer is auto declined. That happens quickly. what I don’t understand is the buyers who do that and then decline offers over that amount manually, as it’s clear that’s not really their floor amount!
  10. think it’s earlier than 1998. The nameplates were black by 97
  11. This convinced me to go for this one. would still like to know what happened to Eastleigh!
  12. does anyone know what has happened to 3442, the model of Eastleigh? It was announced at the same time as the packs with tanks but hasn’t been delivered, did this get replaced by the Gaugemaster version which is of the old mould?
  13. The sides aren’t that bad as the loco has done work other than charters. But the yellow end is a mess!
  14. I built the Silver Fox one many years ago and it still looks pretty good (even if I do say so myself!), but having a Lima mechanism means it sounds like a bag of spanners... looking forward to buying one that runs and sounds as well as it looks!
  15. Apologies if this is the wrong thread but it looked like the best without starting a new one. I’ve just fitted a Hornby TTS decoder to a Bachmann 20. I’ve managed to programme the address on the decoder and all the sounds are as expected. However, when I try to run the loco, it just makes what I can only describe as a repetitive grunting sound and doesn’t move. It does this whether I have sound on or off. has anyone else experienced this and please advise what I’m doing wrong!
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