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  1. Out of associated interest, is the ‘track recording’ version that is being done authentic in any way?
  2. Email from Hornby yesterday confirming limited to 500
  3. These look amazing. I know you’ve said that fit and finish will be improved, so please take this in the spirit intended - the two things that stick out on first look are that the front cab handrail looks somewhat chunky, and the Chunnel polos don’t look etched like the real things, and being part of the body, will be difficult to replace with etched versions.
  4. Having visited a few museums with the kids this summer, this is the real challenge. Something that could be wonderful often needs the ‘people’ who know what they are doing to make it interesting and interactive. At first, they’re there. Later, the place for excitement becomes a room with some random objects around it that nobody quite understands what to do with (least if all the uninformed parent like me!), and we wander on through having not been captured as we should have been.
  5. Really?? When I saw the Intercity coach, I thought amazing! But I model OO so N has the upper hand there! really glad to see Bachmann re releasing older Scenecraft models. Here’s hoping for the low relief tenement again at some point.
  6. Hi @m0rris, I have a couple of your shell sets in OO and just wanted wondered when you might have the all important ‘ancillary’ bits and bobs available such as bogie frames, under frame detail or windows? Cheers
  7. Really? It’s in the new mould catalogue range and has all the detailing from the updated mould?
  8. At first I couldn’t work out whether there was a rain strip error, or just an orange line issue. Seems there’s both. this is, once again, so close to being a great model, I hope it’s not rushed from here
  9. Totally off topic but so did I - on the M6 while overtaking a lorry. Managed to bend and tie the thing down and, passing Warrington, picked up a spare from the treasure trove near the station!
  10. presumably 6205 has now been cut up and disposed of? I can see why they wouldn’t quite fit in with the image of the hotel!
  11. that’s the one! That Railfest is quite sentimental as it was the last rail show that mum came with us to. even the base loco would be great (I think it ran in that livery without the advertising), so that some nice Railtrack transfers could be added to. I’ve never been brave enough to work out the body permutations on it by this point to try and model it accurately!
  12. Railfest advertising livery with Locomotion as an option?
  13. Even better news Dutch / Dutch Transrail??
  14. Not sure about that, but you’d have something prototypical with the other left overs (47 body / 56 bogies) wouldn’t you?
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