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  1. This morning there appeared to be four cars on site. The two in your photo (well one and a bit!) which I assume are both 005 + two to the left of your photo (could be seen over the wall rather than through the gate), which was either idling or had a shunter present, which I assumed to be complete 044
  2. I’m looking for two white ones, but as noted, only the oak ones listed this year it seems
  3. Missing an 84 as well, but that’s covered by the NRM (if they still own it) on loan at Bo’ness. It was in the custody of the ACLG at one point and must have been a good reason to pass pack to the NRM...
  4. not that it is linked at all, but N gauge 17?
  5. Fight it and beat it. Easier said than done but keep your head up and you have our best wishes. And if a Hattons 66 helps to stay happy, then don’t dismiss it!
  6. Variety of view is great! I wish they’d done 37116 in Transrail blue as Sister Dora!
  7. Not sure I understand the point. The tooling may be older, so has been used for two runs rather than one like the 800, but I can’t imagine that there’s been any appreciable change in moulding quality. If it’s a cost comparison, the BP has had a change to the front end tooling which costs money and the BP has interior lights which the 800 doesn’t. I also suspect that the number of separately fitted parts are far higher on the BP than the 800. I have both and they are individually great models.
  8. Kernow advertising these as back in stock in today’s newsletter http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/100/Newsletter-Current
  9. Interestingly I got a letter from Nationwide today explaining that they had managed to ‘recover the funds from the retailer’. Likely to be a template, and yes grateful for the refund, but why bother saying something that I would think highly unlikely.
  10. Nationwide now refunded my APT claim
  11. Very useful column. I see that some people have written PayPal, or PayPal so no refund option. I paid via PayPal from my Barclaycard and Barclaycard refunded. Don’t give up, it’s worth asking your card provider even if PayPal themselves are not interested.
  12. No wonder the business was in trouble if this was the sum of the orders! Yes, I know that there may be many people who are not on rmweb that ordered, indeed there may be many that don’t even yet know that DJM is sunk.
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