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  1. Paul Bartlett in his early years of photting wagons. Sadly magazine editors weren't interested in wagon shots in those days, so the rejection slip would inevitably come back saying "no leica". Hat...coat.....
  2. Berney Arms has eightfold increase! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-59418071
  3. I thought Halloween was last month..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284536450092?hash=item423fb1ac2c:g:jskAAOSww51g4B6L
  4. 'Will be dismantled for collection' ..... how exactly? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334226508889?hash=item4dd173cc59:g:mq4AAOSwEHJgKEhI
  5. Mirfield Mirfield Leeds City Junction Peterborough Ardsley
  6. Another Cathy Cat one but a repeat already. The one about the dual mode vehicle which they disappointingly kept calling a world first despite the pre war (don't mention the war) existence of the LMS Karrier road-railer https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/lms_ro-railer.htm
  7. I have some very light kitbuilt wagons I've bought over the years to which I've added small metal wights but decided they need more now my layout is seriously up and running. The trouble is the original supply came from C**percr*ft and I'm struggling to find anything similar. The plates in the past were something like 1" x 2" and I'd like a load more. Do people have anything ready-cut they use? TIA
  8. Am just in the process of changing over to Hunt couplings. (Leaving aside kit built items and others I might have to bodge). My curves are quite generous (mostly 3' but some a bit sharper) am mostly using the close couplings. Where rolling stock has sprung buffers (especially if both adjacent vehciles are sprung) I am using ultra close. A game changer indeed! Edit: should have said I'm using the Elite ones so no need to worry about polarity as long as you put all couplings in the same way up.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224674440162?hash=item344fa3e3e2:g:s3oAAOSwGZlhX~IG
  10. Just had a fresh email from KR Models in the last hour - the link worked fine and I signed up. Also just had msg via Fb quoting link: https://www.krmodels.co.uk/products/oo-gauge?product_id=80
  11. Just sent then a msg via Facebook (something I don't normally do). Had a response in just a few mins saying they're aware of glitch and working on it. Well done KR.
  12. Not shown in today's deals but some Collett suburbans in both BR and GWR liveries for £30.01 (I have enough!)
  13. Did you guys actually get the link to work. I just had email but when I clicked on the link it said 'product not found'.
  14. Hattons showing these in stock https://www.hattons.co.uk/315603/parkside_models_pa34_nem_coupling_mounting_points_to_allow_nem_couplings_to_be_fitted_to_non_nem_rol/stockdetail
  15. Are these any help? (Note he's away at a show until Tuesday so unavailable to call or get a quick response to email) https://www.westhillwagonworks.co.uk/hunt-couplings-c-2/coupling-accessories-c-25/nem-sockets-to-fit-Bachmann-Hornby-10-pack-p-242
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