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  1. 31466 seen at Holyhead shunting an empty parcels train on 14-6-90. I Cuthbertson collection (slide) by Ian Cuthbertson, on Flickr Afternoon parcels. by John Whiteley, on Flickr Bradford Forster Square 50012 - Hayle by Syd Young, on Flickr The Red Bank by RobT653, on Flickr Heaton
  2. Shore Hall, Thurlestone Hull Newton Heath Arpley Junction, Warrington
  3. Afraid not. If you click on each picture you'll see what info the photter has put on Flickr, which sadly in all 4 cases doesn't show the date the photos were taken.
  4. Apologies for non-EMU pic but it's more or less on topic? I assume the 12-car Hastings sets were normally M-F peaks? I could never get out for them. However there was a regular Saturday morning working which arrived at Hastings around midday. I hoping the southern men can tell us why this was. Unit 1018 leads such a pairing approaching West St Leonards July 1985.
  5. 4CEP 1500 ready for the Hastings electrification at Charing Cross May86 in the short lived jaffa cake livery.
  6. 24Feb 2001 pics (and a modest donation made)
  7. Not a lot happening with No.1 records since the last update, as Elvis stayed at the top for 8 weeks: 03Nov 1960 It’s Now Or Never – Elvis for 8 weeks 31Dec 1960 I Love You - Cliff Richard and the Shadows for 2 weeks 14Jan 1961 Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson also for 2 weeks Despite this update covering a fairly short period it’s clear with hindsight just how much the ending of the colonial era in Africa was moving ahead, not to mention the situation worsening in Vietnam without us really appreciating the gravity. 08Nov John F. Kennedy i
  8. Old Castle (near Llanelli) Colchester Normanton Normanton
  9. I was surprised how popular the pics of the 501's were. They generally went about their business un-noticed and unpublished (as far as magazines were concerned - no internet then of course). 501.151 at Camden Road March 1985 in the era of Peter Parker's 'crumbling edge of quality' 501.135 at Euston April 1985 - an everyday scene until it wasn't....
  10. Thanks for that. I've not been back since early 2014 when we moved to west Wales. At that time the up side had been completely rebuilt but not the the other things you mention.
  11. Can you tell us what it is pls?
  12. Neath Riverside pic on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neath_and_Brecon_Railway#/media/File:Neath_Riverside_station.jpg And a more recent view 29Nov19
  13. I've been getting this for over 10 years now. A good little read. Curr subscription is just £17.58 (for UK, in ordinary enevlope) for 4 issues. Well worth supporting IMHO.
  14. Feltham in the early 90's, since rebuilt somewhat.
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