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  1. Quite a bit of the supports were still at Ashford 2004. From Google Maps it looks like they were still there 2016.
  2. 20202 by Alan Padley, on Flickr Wrawby Junction 47xxx by Alan Padley, on Flickr Manton Junction 61097 Cadwell by Gerard Fletcher, on Flickr 92098 approaching Green Lane cabin, Tyne Dock on 06.07.66 (DPH T11.05) by Dave Hill, on Flickr
  3. Llandudno Junction Dunkeries Junction Tuxford North Junction Newcastle Emlyn
  4. This is my 7th RHTT season here in west Wales and it's always been EWS/DB 66's from Margam as no-one else seems interested in bidding. Am running out of places to phot, so today tried Llansamlet (Swansea). 66.813/186 work 3S62 Margam-Margam.
  5. With the RHTT season underway, you certainly won't see this in 2020 as the Class 20's really have had their final season Choppers to the rescue! by Alan Padley, on Flickr
  6. 25209 on Parcels duty by Geoff Dowling, on Flickr Manchester Victoria W50862_W50872_W-Ealing_4-1-75 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr West Ealing 25032 010885 by Steven Clements, on Flickr Shrewsbury 25176 1 080384 by Steven Clements, on Flickr Aberystwyth
  7. Surely the Bachmann 2 EPBs were also made in China? The handrails on these seem much finer than the 2HAP (click on photos for larger pic) http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/54517/31-380-Bachmann-Class-416-2-EPB-2-Car-EMU-Set-number-6262 http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/51205/31-379-WSL-Bachmann-2EPB-2-Car-EMU-Set-number-5771-in-BR-Green
  8. Needless to say there's a prototype for everything. These near vertical faces (don't know what the material is - chalk?) can be seen on the LGV Est just west of Pagny sur Moselle, but there are quite wide trenches beside the line to catch any debris that breaks off.
  9. 37 at Wakefield Kirkgate by Dan, on Flickr 40002-_40094 at Horbury by Dan, on Flickr Penistone by Dan, on Flickr IT'S ONLY PASSING A LITTLE BIT OF TIME by Tom Derrington, on Flickr Runcorn North
  10. On Kernow's latest list they have blue-grey 2EPB for £126.99 (Rails £169.50) http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/54517/31-380-Bachmann-Class-416-2-EPB-2-Car-EMU-Set-number-6262
  11. And the timescale for the Bachmann 94xx is? (Admittedly monies not paid upfront to Bachmann but in some cases paid to retailers)
  12. IIRC he did try to sell up. A family member (I think his brother in law) used to help in the business but sadly died. After that Jim did try to sell up but there were no takers and many customers asked him to reconsider, which he duly did, and he and Elspeth tried - however I suspect it's all got too much in the long term If at first you don't succeed - become a politician.
  13. For info the local club in west Wales is £15 per year plus £3 for each session you attend to cover tea/coffee/biscuits and hire of the village hall and hopefully leave a small surplus. When I joined in 2015 we were averaging 10-12 attendees per club night and over 3 years (no thanks to me) that grew to 15-18, and the club surplus grew steadily and fairly painlessly. Normal club nights are 7pm-10pm. Sometimes we have a working session starting 2pm and going through to 10pm and people attend for what hours they can. On those days it's still £3 for the session. On occas
  14. ...and for those of us that don't get down with the kids, it means?
  15. Nantgarw Basingstoke Clayton (Manchester) Miles Platting
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