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  1. This doesn't seem to be in an engineering possession though with a high powered lens you can't see much of the surroundings
  2. Pretty certain the Piccadilly line stopped using 4 car rakes off-peak in 1955 and then it was 7 cars all day. Am guessing with the District it was around the same time.
  3. Pic of Reading route learner here at Doncaster works late 1987
  4. I think we're all hoping for a home delivery
  5. Might be worth posting a link to this thread the RC section?
  6. The District Line ran to Hounslow (in peak hours) until 1964 - IIRC the line was originally the Metropolitan District railway and the Piccadilly took it over in due course. Also (peak hours) the Piccadilly and Metropolitan Lines still run Rayners Lane to Uxbridge I believe.
  7. Thanks. Needless to say Google's way of handling this is complex and half-hearted (why am I not surprised when they think I'm a target for Equipe Rouge) but I've discovered Ad-Blocker Plus in Firefox seems to do the trick.
  8. All of a sudden I'm getting adverts in posts for a major political party. It's not Conservate or Liberal or Brexit. Can you guess which one it is? Rmweb is no longer a politics free zone!
  9. Is it really the 1st of November we had the last update? Time to put that right! 66.114/131 on the 3S62 MG-MG circuit this morning, reversing at Llandeilo Junction and pausing at Neath N&B Junction cabin before starting the climb to Onllwyn rev 66131_114 3S62 MG-MG Llandeilo Junction 29Nov19 by Sarah S1ddons, on Flickr rev 66114_131 3S62 MG-MG Neath N&B Junction 29Nov19 by Sarah S1ddons, on Flickr
  10. Nothing is. I assume Mod4's diodes have worn out. He's been very quiet of late
  11. I believe it's significantly cheaper and faster? (Admittedly I don't have figures but recall tv execs discussing the need to be very critical when authorising top quality CGI)
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