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  1. I do 4mm so have no axe to grind. I can't see this on the orginal press release on Apr20? Might be a good idea to make clear any bits and bobs which aren't on the CAD but which ARE available?
  2. BR 0-6-0 Class J37 (ex-NBR) is seen coming off the Waverley Route on August, 1960. (K M Falconer/W D Yuill collection). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr Ex-NBR goods shed and platform at Bowling Green Street, November, 1966. (W D Yuill collection). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr Coal staithes at ex- NBR Bonnington goods yard with the Sugar Bond (now flats) in the background, November, 1966. ( W D Yuill collection). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr Another view of Currie Goods Yard. (Copywright G. N. Turnbull). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr
  3. Yes I did get the recording overnight on Sky.
  4. I normally record on Sky something like 4:30am on a Friday. It's a bit annoying that both broadcasts are so close together if one goes belly up for any reason - there's not a fallback position a few days later.
  5. Hertfordshire Railtours ran the Malt and Hops railtour with 50.026+50.032 29Oct 1988. Myself and my late wife were on it. https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/80s/881029hr.htm
  6. I've had a lot of pleasure over the years rehabiltating old Airfix, Mainline and occasionally Lima offerings. It also gave me a chance to try and develop weathering skills on cheap pieces. IMHO the Airfix B set coaches scrub up reasonably well. I don't think I bothered with interior colours as they should(?) look dark anyway. I did paint the window surrounds black and install Flush Glaze. I also added passengers and window decals, plus respray and weathering. Below are Airfix coaches in unlined maroon and crimson, and for comparison the latest Hornby Collett in crimson. (I couldn't bear
  7. Truro Shed's grubby WR 2-6-0 Mogul No. 6300 hauls a van train into the Terminus Station at Penzance. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr Oxley's BR Standard Class 5 No. 73028 waits to depart Birmingham New Street Station with a parcels train for Wolverhampton. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr Cardiff Canton's new D1613 is engaged in crew training hauling 3V28, a short van train through Barrs Court, Hereford. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr 47628 Ruscombe 27 Sept 1985 by Robert Phipps, on Flickr
  8. Gloucester Barnwood's BR Standard 5MT No. 73021 Toils up the 1 in 37 Lickey Incline at Vigo with a Northbound freight. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr Saltley's Fowler 4F No. 44092 hauls a southbound coal train comprising of 16T mineral wagons through Barnt Green Station. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr Tyseley's worked stained (WR) Hall No. 4954 Plaish Hall passes Brickyard Crossing, Saltley with a Southbound freight. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr Bristol Barrow Roads BR 9f, 92007 stands at Blackwell station. by Anthony Haynes, on Flickr
  9. Not sure this is madness, but very odd at least. Unfortunately I don't have access to a HIAB lorry so I'm out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124686794282?hash=item1d07e97e2a:g:q8YAAOSwfuBgfFBZ
  10. Has anyone tried to contact Falcon Figures recently? (Sorry can't remember the gentleman's name but he was a pleasure to deal with). As I live in west Wales I tend(ed) to but in bulk say 10-15 packs. I think my last order was 16 packs a couple of years ago. I tried the number 01428 741426 and it seems to be unobtainable. A sad loss to the hobby if he's passed on. Edit: For those that don't know he was old school. No website, just phone snail mail and cheque (or attendance at model railway shows in the SE) but an officer and a gentleman, used to send me
  11. Can't say I'd heard that before. Surely the Archers theme tune is Barwick Green from a selection of country music? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barwick_Green Dick Barton didn't air until 1946 but the country music had been around for yonks before incorporated into a work in 1924.
  12. RBN22-13A by Robert Catterson, on Flickr - Derby Unknown Clayton seen running through Blackford Hill station, 1968. (W D Yuill collection). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr Another view of BR Class J35 No. 64510 (ex-NBR) at Duddingston, date unknown. (R W Lynn collection). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr BR loco No. 77009 on a coal train is seen in Millerhill Yards on 9 May, 1964. (Collection of W D Yuill). by Kenneth G Williamson, on Flickr
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