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  1. Ah but they did sometimes get further than Dove Holes Tunnel 25042 ManPicc 120683 During the Sunday diversions via Manchester
  2. 47574 had that 'Headlight' from 1981 to at least 1985 47574 Teignmouth 250681 47574 Man Vic XX81 ? 47574 Man Vic 211085 But do we have any clues about 47523 with the odd lamp on the drivers side. (Similar to the centrally fitted ones to some class 86/87) 47523 Diggle 120783 47523 was later fitted with a blanking plate over the lamp and a standard centrally mounted one.
  3. A couple of closer pics 50006 Doncaster 100983 A cropped one 50006 Teignmouth 030786 Were the loco handrail errors the same at both ends - all my pics seem to be of the same end ?
  4. Bob An almost identical shot at Bristol But almost a year earlier. 50038 BR 250481 You weren't on one of the Manchester area Round Robins were you ? We were ! ( Manchester - Birmingham-Bristol- London-Manchester day trip at a very cheap price - mid week as well ) One working that I had never seen in many visits to South Devon. A Class 50 Propelling an HST set 50008,43187 Teignmouth 290690 Sorry I didn't get the leading power car as the train came as a bit of a surprise
  5. Hi Mark Sorry but it is 44697 Your pic must be at a different date ? Also a prototype for a badly fitted chimney
  6. Hi Mark A photo (mine) of the same loco at Man Vicc c1963 The exact date is not recorded BUT as both signal boxes appear complete it must be c1963.?
  7. Hi Dave, Are these any help Coalville 12 July 1986.
  8. Bob, Probably the Manchester Area Saloon usually kept in the bays at Victoria or Red Bank - never saw it at Newton Heath Again as part of an empty parcels train for Red Bank 25042, DB999503 ManVic 010685
  9. It would be nice if you credited the original poster ?
  10. Be afraid Dave - he might bring his vac !
  11. As this appears to be Andrew's avatar loco It did get round more later 47544 Trans Pennine Diggle 050783 47544 Liverpool Street 140484 47544,47650 York 311087
  12. Manchester Central 24 March 1962 Strangely my shot has the front of your shot and yours has the back of mine !
  13. Hi Derek, Glad to see you are back at it ! You mentioned your earlier layouts. Does this bring back a few memories ? expoEM North late 80's - early 90's ?
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