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  1. You can tell your friend that mine is a very strong and delightfully smooth runner. Useful details about which version to go for posted by Glenn at the link below, showing Laira's 77161 based on a nice photo of her in the GWRJ. Don't make the mistake I did and buy a Western Region modified version with the fire iron tunnel and clack valve cover added - quite a bit of research after the purchase suggested that these modifications weren't added by Swindon til '48/49. In '47, most WDs on the GWR still seem to have had the original air pumps fitted, so I ended up buying the Army green version that had these:
  2. I did Robin or rather I very nicely asked a certain @toboldlygo to work his magic on one for me based on a photo - below is the result photographed by the man himself. There's a great 3-part GWR Journal article by John Copsey on the GWR RODs, it's in Vols 90-92, I think it's part 2 or 3 that covers our period (immediate post-war GWR) - there's some great shots in there including the one of 3046 that James worked from. I think they were earmarked for scrapping but then the war broke out and they were kept going, so were in a generally poor state - this makes it hard to see any livery details but I'm pretty confident from looking closely at the photos that they didn't get treated to GWR on the tender. If you are thinking of getting a Bachmann model to work from, the best bet is probably to get the BR black version rather than the GWR green version - the former has a later smokebox door which most seem to have acquired by the end of WW2. It means you need to scrape off the BR smokebox number but it's not too tricky.
  3. Yes, I think the GWR Journal article I mentioned above has all the details of where the Swindon-built 8Fs were allocated from new and until when. There's also a chapter on them in the David Maidment book on GW Heavy Freight Locos, which I seem to recall has an appendix with the allocation details. I'm away from my GWR Journals and books at the moment, but I picked 8427 as the number for my version both because there is a good photo of her in the aforementioned GWR Journal article and because she was the last to leave Laira to 'go back' to the LMS, I think from memory c. Sept/Oct '47. I do have an e-version of the 15th June '47 GWR shed allocations to hand (who doesn't?!) and 8427 is the only 8F allocated to Laira by then (none at NA by that time). They were of course replaced by WDs, something else that would be very fitting on ANTB although I understand Robin feels they are aesthetically challenged
  4. Black, yes, but LMS on the tenders - they were turned out in the standard LMS livery of the time with the exception that they had GWR-style buffer beam numbers and GWR cabside route discs. They were officially only on loan to the GWR. The photos in the GWRJ article mentioned above show that Hornby was right with this depiction of the original livery of the Swindon-built 8Fs (except that the GWR route disc should be blue): https://www.hattons.co.uk/10006/hornby_r2394_class_8f_2_8_0_8453_in_lms_black/stockdetail.aspx
  5. That's interesting. The photos of the Swindon built examples in the GWRJ article mentioned above show the full length pipe - was the shorter pipe a later modification?
  6. Yes, this is the one: https://www.hattons.co.uk/10006/hornby_r2394_class_8f_2_8_0_8453_in_lms_black/stockdetail.aspx If I remember rightly (I'm currently socially distanced from my layout) it has GWR Swindon works plates on the front frame extensions and tender rear. They even added the GWR route disc but sadly it should be blue not yellow!
  7. There's a very interesting GWRJ article on them, with some good shots from our period - issue 51 from 2004. I don't think there were any significant differences on the Swindon built examples, at least not that would show up at the level of fidelity of the Hornby model. I think LMS connoisseurs see some limitations to the Hornby model, but to my GWR blinkered eyes, the model looked enough like an 8F for me to ask Toboldlygo of this parish to renumber one to a Laira example, with weathering based on a photo in the aforementioned GWRJ article. I'm sure he'll share the pics if you ask nicely
  8. Those will be the 8Fs built at Swindon during the war - something that would be a nice addition to ANTB
  9. Thanks Miss Prism. My understanding is that the GWR instructions were to avoid branding going over rivets so Dapol is right to put the GWR off centre to avoid the central vertical rivet line on the tender. But I'm pretty confident all the prototype photos I've seen have the W placed behind the central rivet line rather than in front. This is the clearest photo I can find online at the mo - I appreciate it's an oil burner but I don't think that makes a difference as this is the GWR placement I've generally seen on riveted 3500g tenders: https://www.alamy.com/gwr-loco-garth-hall-1946-image7219546.html
  10. Thanks to everyone who has posted shots from Warley. They're certainly looking good. Just a few queries on the green versions: 1) shouldn't the wheel splasher tops be black? 2) shouldn't the tender tool boxes be green? 3) the postwar 'G W R' branding looks a little undersize and while it's correctly off centre to avoid the vertical rivet lines, I can't recall seeing a prototype photo where it's placed forward of the rivets, it's usually behind as far as I can recall...
  11. Thanks for the photos, it is looking the part. Not a huge issue but shouldn't the water filler cap and tank vent pipe be black?
  12. Hornby have done a couple of 28xx in GWR green with curved front ends: https://www.hattons.co.uk/60199/hornby_r3106_class_28xx_2_8_0_2807_in_gwr_green_as_preserved/stockdetail.aspx https://www.hattons.co.uk/60225/hornby_r3210_class_28xx_2_8_0_2811_in_gwr_green/stockdetail.aspx
  13. As seems to be the case with these examples: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbsh2494.htm https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbsh1368.htm The Great Western Way and a couple of other sources also note the absence of numbers, and in same cases any form of branding including the crest, on some wartime repaints.
  14. I think it’s a C15 - originally a composite but converted to an all third later
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