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  1. So Mrs Durham is away! Shh, don't tell, it is so nice and warm in the dining room! More soon!
  2. A quick update from the Test Valley, firstly a show invite! Yep a show debut at Basingstoke in March 2022, all being well, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that, so i'd better get myself in gear and focus on finishing a few things rather than starting yet another kit. I will post more details at a later date and of course you can always check out the BNHMRS website. As for progress in recent weeks, at the left hand end the gardens are starting to grow and other detailing including dustbins etc are finding their way into the gardens and the population of modelu figures and a few cats are currently in the paintshop along with the second ofmy class 33s which I stripped backed to bare plastic again as I was far from happy with the finish. I hope i don't get them mixed up! At the right hand end the field adjacent to the yard entrance has grown some scrubgrass and some signage has appeared. I have also picked up a number of road vehicles that are going to be reworked, so they may well get thier own post at some point. The G6 chassis is now running quite nicely and the bodywork slowly coming together. A number of wagons are now progressing towards the collection of those that are finished. One thing I have to do is set up some sort of lighting, I have a temporary rig over the layout using a string of LEDs bought from a pound shop, I have 2 of these,they plug into a USB and I have some thoughts for making a lightweight structure to fit them to. It has to be small as it all has to fit into my silly little car for transport. Thanks for looking and more soon hopefully. Alan
  3. Any chance of this layout coming south? Would love to see it in the flesh!
  4. Not sure if I have mentioned this here, but Thames Valley Sidings has also had an invite for 2022, I never intended it for showing and like you I have got think about how to show it! One thing I have given some thought to is lighting, but I won't hijack this thread and will update mine for TVS at some point. Glad the buildings are of some use.
  5. It's worth remembering that TV producers film lots of fill in shots, whilst these may be related to the topic of the programme they may not relate directly to the specific subject. I can imagine the director asking for a shot recording a steam loco in good light or the right angle etc - your Bachmann standard my be safe for a while yet?
  6. Elbow Lane and Yellow Ridge Uranium Mine were my personal highlights, as well as Pontfadog - a bit too small a scale for my liking but full of admiration of the skills required.
  7. So I have been after one of these little beauties for a while, I have been wanting this for so long - it is basically Medstead station which is a personal favourite of mine for a whole number of reasons. It arrived today and I have over the past week or so been giving some thought to Cliddesden, learning from my experiences with TVS. I am thinking about how I can erect Cliddesden again and maybe I will rent a storage unit to store some of the other associated toys to make some space. I have decided that there will be some changes, not in the track layout but with platform arrangements and other scenic items, with possible more buildings than I originally envisaged. The other thing that will definitely happen is that the existing fiddle boards will be scrapped and replaced with traversers I will need some help with these though as my woodworking skills are probably not up to building traverses. So it would seem that my enthusiasm for Cliddesden is returning and hopefully soon I will be making some progress, once TVS (for which I have received a couple of expressions of interest to exhibit at local shows) nears completion.
  8. I use the gaugemaster version successfully.
  9. It can be a bit fiddly, but once fixed to structure I've had no issues. I glue it to whatever I am using to make the structure of the building, e.g. Card, plasticard etc. The hut on the left was a freebie from RM iirc, I figured that the roof was too shallow to be tiled, as depicted in the kit, so I simply covered it. Of course foil is easy to rip which can be useful to make individual sheets or depict corrosion. And of course if you want to be thrify (or tight like me) it's free - nobody misses a bit from the kitchen!
  10. My personal preference is silver foil with corrugations created by pressing into the rim of a marmite or coffee jar lid.
  11. You could potentially make an approximation by using the diameter of the telegraph pole?
  12. I have a habit of keeping magazine giveaways along with articles of particular interest, I will have a look through the many folders at the weekend and if I have it I can post to you if you wish. Post script - I have just found the full article and also a low relief railway works, I have no use for either so I will get a suitable envelope tomorrow and send over to you in the post.
  13. Have just come across this topic, having just visited Rocks by Rail earlier this week and become totally fascinated. I know very little about the ironstone extraction and the associated railway infrastructure, being a "southerner"! Can you recommend any suitable reading, with plenty of pictures Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more.
  14. Thank you, I did wonder. I was a little confused and the RBR website appears out of date but I could find no record of 207103 when I searched.
  15. Hopefully this link should work okay, it's at the Rutland Iron Ore museum. Unfortunately there was nothing running today, but I will have to return at some point to see some action! I found the place utterly fascinating. https://www.rocks-by-rail.org/exhibit/rh-411319-army-110/
  16. @brightspark I came across this today, I believe it is ex military rather than a dairy workhorse!
  17. That's quite a choice of structures, do you want to keep the micro small in all directions or will you be happy with the additional height of the Walthers models? For my micro I put a back board on for back scene and then after a couple of months playing and pondering took 3 or 4 inches off to lower it. The net result is that I can just about get the whole layout in my Tigra with the top down should I ever want or need to do so. The two boards are joined face to face by pieces of ply on either end and the fiddle sticks easily fit behind the seats in the car itself. With the top up the boot is positively cavernous so no issues in that respect, and as for the Mazda, I don't think I have ever seen a sallon with such a cavernous boot, I think Swaynton would fit in there! Anyway I digress, my personal choice is height is not an issue would be the Walthers option or if I wanted a more rural feel then something smaller. I like the gate, that is a great idea for the end of the scene. The crossing gates on Cliddesden are of Peco origin IIRC, to which I fitted some mesh and then hinged them for operation with servos - that was a real labour of love.
  18. Noooooooo! As a huge M7 fan this post is far too painful for me! Seriously though well not too serious as it doesn't pay to be too serious in this hobby of ours. Whilst this sort of modelling isn't really my cup of tea, I do love to see it and just how imaginative people can be. I still have a Dapol pug which is a pseudo industrial - can't remember where the chassis came from, and I "hobbled" together various things in the 70's which was the norm back then and whilst my current modelling is not as imaginative as it was, this taught me a load of skills which I still use today both in kit building and modifying/detailing r.t.r. As a teenager I had a number of Airfix Battle of Britain's on a whole plethora of chassis, not forgetting a Lima 4f that I bodged into a Q in n. This of course was even out of scale against other n gauge models. I would probably be excommunicated these days by the rivet counters and purists, come to think of it they would probably still excommunicated even for my current efforts.
  19. Hi guys, I'd like to jump on here f I may. I think I am probably being a complete wally, but I have in the past managed to add a link to my signature, but I have tried in vain to add a second. I have used the chain but can only add the link to the body of the post and not my signature. Can somebody advise where I am going wrong please? I am using a tablet and mobile phone, should I use a laptop or PC? I probably need a step by step breakdown
  20. bodmin16


    Testing 123
  21. http://Test Valley Sidings https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/166441-test-valley-sidings/ Corner of Expo EM for micro layouts?
  22. A few more pictures, the railway cottages were previously seen as just a bare structure, on Cliddesden. The timber hut was a giveaway with one of the model magazines, I modified it by putting the corrugated roof on , using silver foil shaped on the ridges of a marmite jar lid. I figured that the roof is too shallow for tiles as per the original model. The brick built hut was another magazine giveaway, and the black motor behind is Bec kit picked up at a bargain price on a certain auction site. The loco is under going identity change from Southern to BR, hence the patchwork look. The 4th image is the "control panel". Finally a view along the layout, the tree is from the Gravett school of tree modeling at Pendon and the brake van is another of those bargains. It is a converted Hornby model. I really must stop buying stuff. Like many I have drawers and boxes full of kits and stock for building or conversion to EM. I must confess I am fascinated, maybe even addicted to wagons and love building them. Thanks for looking.
  23. A couple of quick posts to show a bit more of Tes Valley Sidings, doing so because I don't know how to compress images on my new tablet! This first is an aerial view (hopefully). There are also 2 fiddle planks , 1 for each end, which are not currently fitted. The stock in view is all wip, including the chassis for a G6 and a Q, both of which I am trying to fit pick ups to. I am not having much success and I think I need to rethink my original fitments.
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