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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be likely to take up production of the TT300 point motors and also the colour light signals and control boards which seemed to be rather good. I've had a number of TT300s on the go on my layout for quite a long time now and part from one odd DoA, they continue to perform well. John
  2. It's nothing to do with the controller. You need to change the settings in CV29 on the decoder. VERY useful guide and calculator here: http://www.2mm.org.uk/articles/cv29 calculator.htm John
  3. As part of my compositor's apprenticeship (many, many years ago) I was taught to proofread with great care. In those days it was the ultimate sin for anything to be printed containing an error, whether spelling or grammatical, but the sad reality is that now most magazines do not employ proofreaders and rely totally on the person doing the keying and AutoCorrect. I find some of the errors which appear highly amusing, some can be seriously misleading but most are just simply annoying like the erroneous use of apostrophes and the now almost universal "fed up of". John
  4. Been getting some of these again, this morning's example: John
  5. This is not the right place for this question. If you ask Andy nicely, he might move it for you.
  6. Interesting, but not really what the thread was started for. Some lovely old block instruments in the film, though. The original subject of the thread was about signal box sounds to load on a decoder, which could be played as required using DCC F commands to activate the sounds using normal F numbers. I've been working on other aspects of the layout I am building but I am ready to pursue this idea at any time. John
  7. JJGraphics

    Ratio Signals

    They also work well with a servo. John
  8. The Collectors Club Lounge at the larger shows is also very good as you can get very close-up views of new products and a chance to chat and ask questions of the staff. There is usually a welcome free bottle of water, too. John
  9. Railway-related auction sites are another place to look for photos of these.
  10. One thing that is important to understand is that you cannot print white unless you are using the silkscreen printing process or have access to highly specialised commercial inks which do not work in normal inkjet printers. I've prepared artwork for several people on RMWeb to print their own decals and they have done so successfully, but results will vary considerably depending on both how you go about creating your artwork and the capabilities of your inkjet printer and it's working condition. As has been mentioned, fonts can be a problem but, if you look around online, there are many fonts available to download for free. Have a go and see what you can achieve! John
  11. Interesting . . . I'm in a different location in South Africa now. Tried RMWeb on the guest Windows PC where I am staying and it seemed very slow and laggy. Logged in on the nine year old iPad I carry on my travels and on WiFi it absolutely flies. Make what you will of that! As is usually the case all the other sites I checked went really quickly on the PC and on my iPad. Interestingly, not that it is that important, the location data which the forum software collects is often completely wrong. My home iMac is shown in a number of different locations in the UK when it has never left my desk and my router has not rebooted to get a different IP address in months. My current location in South Africa as shown is about 700 miles wrong. It also thinks I am logged in on my old iPad when I am currently back using the guest PC. I know that location data collected in this manner is not especially reliable, but what the Invision software records is rather crazy. It seems that despite all the hours Andy is putting in to try give us the best possible experience on RMW, his efforts are being partially thwarted by a combination of different circumstances which are unpredictable and random in the way they affect browsing the forums. I hope he does not feel that people on here are ungrateful, it is just very frustrating when the forum runs well and then plays up completely at random. John
  12. I'm down in darkest Africa at the moment on a very slow connection and the site is running much better than I would expect in the circumstances. Let's hope it stays that way!! John
  13. CAD is a good option, but some of the programs are fairly expensive and take quite a lot of effort to learn to get good results unless, like chuffinghell, you come with that skill set from your working background. A bit like chuffinghell, I bring a specialised skill set to my railway modelling as I come from a printing and graphics background and also, many years ago, learned how to draw to scale accurately with paper and pencil and scale rule. I combine the two skill sets and use a graphics illustration package (used to be Adobe Illustrator but now I use Affinity Designer which does not lock you into monthly fees) which gives me excellent and precise results for layout planning and I can print out at whatever scale I need. I have spent some time playing with Rail Modeller Pro which I originally got into to help a friend who is also a Mac user. I think it is an excellent 39 quids-worth and if I did not do things the way I already do, I would use it. Rail Modeller Express is a cut-down free version of Rail Modeller Pro which is a good way to get the feel of the full package before you buy it. I can see both sides of the argument for paper and computer layout design. In the end you should do what is easiest for you. John
  14. You could Hide two of them yourself by using the Moderation tool: Options > Hide at the bottom of the frame. John
  15. I would not let Chrome or anything from Google or Microsoft anywhere near my Mac. The same goes for Adobe Flash! It is possible to configure Java to run the screen view of the ECoS on a Mac, but it is complex to do so and using VNC is easier if you really want to do that. However, the throttle response is not especially good when running the screen view via the browser or with VNC. Everything else seems to work quite well. Throttle response on iOS and Android via VNC is also not very special in my experience. TouchCab throttle response is normal on iOS and the App is very stable on the latest version of iOS/iPadOS. The standard installation of Java which comes with macOS is fine for JMRI and JMRI throttle response is very good in my experience. John
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