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  1. This has been discussed on and off before. See: John
  2. OK, thanks. I'll have apply and see if I can make sense of that. John
  3. But that does not explain the other issues that show up randomly such as the dwell when something has been marked read and the black banner sits for ages at the top of the page . . . John
  4. Possibly straying a little bit from the OP, but I have a question about the display of CVs in the list in DecoderPro. I use DecoderPro on my Mac connected to my ECoS 50200 and it pretty much meets my needs when tinkering with my locos which are all fitted with ESU Loksound V4 decoders from various suppliers. I have been able to do things like adding the auto-uncoupling shuffle, move F keys around to make things as consistent as reasonably possible across my stud and make various adjustments to "fine tune" the running and sounds using the various setting panes without difficulty. I believe I understand that CVs above 255 are indexed and I know that if for example, I want to change CV451 (Random sound volume on a particular project) via my ECoS that I set CV32 to 1, change CV457 to the value I want and then set CV32 to 0. What I’m struggling to get my head around is the relationship between CVs above 255 and the numbers I see listed in the DecoderPro CV list such as 16.1.451, 16.2.451 and 16.3.451. Can someone explain in straightforward terms what the relationship between actual CVs and the index values is, please? John
  5. Just logged-in on my iPad and got the "something went wrong" error message . . . but I’m logged-in and reporting it here. Seen this a few times now. Forum is running medium-slow today. Some long pauses after marking thing read. John
  6. Not sure that is the issue as it's only RMWeb that seems to misbehave for me. John
  7. Hi Andy, The slow loading problems seem to come and go. Sometimes the Forum is fairly fast and then the slow loading issue appears. It will be like that for a while and then gets quicker and then gets slow again and so on. Some days the Forum is fairly quick almost all day; on others it is slow all day. The log-in issue also comes and goes. One time the login will occur after a couple of seconds; another time it can take upwards of a minute to respond, again on the same day. There does not seem to be any correlation between the issues and time of day or day of the week, nor to the type of computer or mobile device or OS as far as I can observe. When posting my previous reply, it took almost a minute with the Saving . . . button showing before the Forum became active again. I usually visit the Forum in the morning and afternoon, but not in the evening. I'm on a very fast connection. John
  8. Yes, I've noticed that it can take a very long time for pages to load sometimes. In particular, if I have just marked a topic as read, the black panel at the top of the page confirming will sometimes sit there for up to thirty seconds before the next page loads. I have also noticed that it often takes a very long time for the to sign-in to take place after entering my name and password and even occasionally delivers an error message, but signs me in anyway! I'm also a Mac user but have several contacts who are Windows users and they report seeing the same things. John
  9. Hopefully they won't disfigure any rolling stock by doing that . . .
  10. Never mind the lack of luggage space, the bum-numbing seats (which was beginning to cause me back problems), coupled with the lousy ride in some of the units (which seemed to be getting worse during the last few journeys I made) and the many other regular irritations have persuaded me to do just that. I used to really enjoy the journey to Bath or Bristol or Cardiff by train. Not any more. My regular couple of journeys a week on GWR have now dropped to zero and it will take a lot to get me out of my car (shared with an associate) and back onto those trains. I am a life-long railway enthusiast who would have chosen the train over the car just for the pleasure of it. I still continue to do other journeys by train and must say that recent journeys to Birmingham and Sheffield with XC on a Vomiter have been remarkably comfortable and trouble-free after my experiences on the IETs. I just wonder how many other people are doing the same and how many more will start to do so when they have experienced travelling in the peak season with a lot of luggage and the family? I feel really sorry for the customer-facing staff whom I witnessed to be on the receiving end of complaints about one thing or another on a fairly regular basis but I must say that they generally dealt with them pleasantly and maintained a polite and helpful manner. John
  11. You might get more help if you post this in the DCC Help section. If you ask AYMod nicely he will possibly move this post for you. John
  12. A lot of these collection companies as just a load of scumbags out to make money, mostly from vulnerable or gullible people.
  13. The point, as others have said, is that you can print your ticket and present that and there is nothing to stop a ticket being printed multiple times. It is the system that is a fault in not being able to validate a ticket immediately as is done in other countries. John
  14. That is absolutely scandalous. Once the passenger had sent evidence of the payment, that should have been the end of the matter. These officious "collection" companies need to be taught a lesson. If that happened to me and they pursued me after I had provided evidence of payment, I would warn them that they would be reported to the Police for harassment if they made any further contact and then do so if they did. I know this works from experience in helping a neighbour to deal with the bullying tactics of a collection company acting on behalf of a well-know national energy supplier after their billing system screwed up and tried to charge her more than four times her actual bill. Once threatened with the Police the collection company backed-off rapidly and she ended up with a full apology and compensation from the supplier. John
  15. Just signed in again and, despite the sign-in being successful got this:
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