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    : Wokingham, Berkshire and sometimes other places on this small round thing we all live on.
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    Steam and green diesels in the North West in the 1950s/1960s. I also have a liking for big electrics, like the MSW Class 76 and 77 DC machines and the Class 92s.

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  1. I have seen the problem on my own Macs ( I have a very fast connection) and on friends' PCs, on iOS devices, iPadOS devices and Android devices with Ethernet, WiFi and Mobile Data connections in use from different ISPs so I really do not believe that the problem is device or platform-related. Sometimes logging out and logging back in again will improve matters briefly, but after a few minutes the problem usually returns if it is one of those days. The fact that the problem is intermittent will make it extremely difficult to track down and resolve. John
  2. After almost a week of very good running, the slow loading problem has returned.
  3. What a shame that using RMWeb has moved from being a really interesting, informative and enjoyable experience to a frustrating and time-wasting one. The site seems to hang almost every time I visit. I end up logging-out, deleting the cookies and the browser cache and logging-in again to try to read a few posts. Sometimes it does work but this afternoon it has been necessary to log back in several times. It never used to be like this . . . John
  4. The "Forum Marked as Read" banner is now hanging endlessly at the top of the page making it impossible to navigate elsewhere on the site. I have tried different browsers on different platforms on different connections with the same general results – although looking at the recently-used devices list on my profile you'd never know it. The forum software thinks I only ever log-in with my Mac, when I also use an iPad, iPhone and occasionally a Windows PC when I am with a friend. John
  5. The slow page loading or pages completely failing to load is definitely becoming a problem after quite a long time when the site was working really well. The problem is transient and for me is not tied to any particular time of day . . . John
  6. Very sorry to learn of Gordon’s passing. He lived not far from me and I met him a couple of times when he started using ECoS and asked some questions on this forum. I was privileged to see his layout "in the flesh" and remember the astonishing standard of his hand-built track. As everyone has said, he will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family. John
  7. Yes, and it has the built-in ability to export video ready to be uploaded to YouTube. John
  8. Especially the seats. Anything has to be better that the park benches in the 800's.
  9. Any other answers or thoughts, please? John
  10. Can't seem to reply to a comment on a post I made. I get is this and can do no more:
  11. I'm trying to establish exactly which decoder Bachmann have fitted to their latest 32-485SF Class 40 and whether it can be re-blown or not. There seem to be various opinions about this in different places on the 'net . . . John
  12. Not the right place to ask this. Ask Andy to move it to Modelling questions, Help & Tips and you will stand a better chance of getting some helpful answers. John
  13. Still getting Christmas Cards which were posted well before Christmas. Latest one arrived yesterday which was posted on the 14th no more than ten miles away. Wonder where that has been? John
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