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  1. The problem is that any book would be out of date before it was published as things change so quickly in the world of DCC. John
  2. It does seem to remember some functions, but does not necessarily show them as active them on the display. I don't know if that is decoder-specific as I only have LokSounds; other decoders may behave differently. As a matter of habit, I turn off all the functions on the active locos and re-set the point work on the layout to a known starting position using the "reset-all" button I have created on the track diagram before I shut the controller off. That way I know exactly what to expect on start up. I had a Prodigy Advance2; that seemed to remember some things and not others. Not sure if that was decoder-specific, either! Really happy with my ECoS 50200 which I also use with JMRI from my Mac. Works a treat for making all those odd little adjustments to CVs! John
  3. Very interesting, please keep them coming! John
  4. Logged-in a few minutes ago and it took more than a minute between when I pressed the button after entering my details and the forum loading the first page. General navigation is currently variable from almost instantaneous to slow and Followed Unread is particularly slow. John
  5. It is very unlikely that you would "blow" a decoder by changing CVs. Dave's suggestion of recording CVs is something really worth doing, especially if you are making a few changes. If you get in a tangle with CVs, you can always reset a decoder. For example, writing a value of 8 into CV8 on a LokSound – and many other makes of decoder (but always check with the manufacturer's manual) – resets the decoder to the state it was blown by the supplier. You can then start over with CV changes. Contrary to things you may read elsewhere, doing a reset does not erase the sound. John
  6. If it is very loud, you may find that you have to reduce CV63 a lot more than seems logical to get the volume you'd like. With a new sound project, I try it at 96 and then adjust up or down in steps of 8 until I'm happy. John
  7. I don't think Firefox is the problem. I use a Mac and the same problems exist on both Firefox and Safari on that platform. I also sometimes use an iPad to access the site with the same outcome. I have additionally accessed the site from PCs and Macs in different locations using Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera. If the forum is going well, they all fly if it is not they all behave badly, but the situation can sometimes change for each click . . . John PS: This post added in a couple of seconds and the site is absolutely flying for me at the moment.
  8. I'm experiencing the same problems – slow yesterday afternoon with several 552 errors and definitely a bit slow this morning compared with the very fast performance I normally see at this time of day after the changes made recently. In particular I notice the long delay if I click on a Go to latest post star or button. John PS: This post took over half a minute to save first time before I could resume using the Forum.
  9. Just to add another comment in support of ECoS, (not really related to the original question) . . . the ECoS works perfectly with JMRI software on a Mac or PC to make a lot of the really useful features the ECoS has even easier to use, including the ability to "drive" from the computer if you wish. John
  10. I moved from a Prodigy Advance2 to an ECoS and I have never regretted it, but I would definitely not waste £299 on a 51113 which basically an Android phone. If you already have an iPhone or an iPad look at Touch Cab or if you have an Android phone or tablet perhaps take a look at Engine Driver. These are not the only options. John
  11. Yes, that was a typo on my part. We'll see about the 701s in due course. John
  12. At least the seats on the 450s on the Waterloo - Reading services are not like bl**dy ironing boards! John
  13. No OHLE in the city centre in the future. The battery-fitted trams are all about having no OHLE to avoid the visual clutter in the centre of a city, especially where there are older buildings of architectural interest. Quite a few cities in other parts of the world already do this for the same reason. There are also a number of cities with battery-fitted trolleybuses which run part of their route off-wire. John
  14. Fingers crossed . . . I am currently experiencing the best performance of the forums since the new software was introduced. It's been much better since Monday morning, but I did not want to speak too soon! Thanks to Andy for whatever has been done. John
  15. Bookmark is as above . . . and has been since the new forum software. John
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