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  1. GordonC

    Hornby APT 2020

    I think the APT for the record run was short-formed though, but not sure of how many coaches and presumably 2 power cars. The Pendolino was a standard 9 coach set
  2. I pre-ordered a 25324 too, hadn't heard anything about an invoice yet, but its good news if they're close
  3. This is when Oxford Rail pop up out the blue with something like a Class 442 out of their Mk3s explaining the radio silence!
  4. if they were making it easy for Hornby they'd have taken the roof vents off the buffet too
  5. It makes you think they have very little control over what comes out of the factory or that communication is so poor to identify tooling variations. Have prices doubled over the last few years to take into account making everything twice because they cant get it right the first time?
  6. GordonC

    Hornby APT 2020

    oh wow that really looks spot on!
  7. I can only think they're doing something to retool some of the faults possibly before making more use of the tooling again. Mk3s should sell by the bucketload with the right product
  8. It would be interesting to know statistics for how many models are purchased either walk in orders to shops, exhibitions and mail order. There isn't any difference in placing mail order/website orders with Rails of Sheffield or Hattons and SLW.
  9. With the kind of batches that Bachmann produce these days are they really much more available than SLW other than they may be scattered round multiple model shops gathering dust where with SLW the entire batch is in one place. Taking an example, how many Bachmann BR Blue era Class 47s can you find in shops? one of the most common diesel classes in the most widespread and common liveries and there hasn't been many production runs for a couple of years - has there been any since 47436? .... and if you're waiting for a particular version of the Class 24, I'm sure you could phone up or
  10. Possibly, but it'd still need to be someone that could afford the £150 to spend on the Bachmann one in the first place. If I'm spending that much anyway, I'd much rather pay the extra £35 and get the SLW one for the accuracy and detail.
  11. £100 for coaches is expensive, but to be fair, I dont think its 'that' bad bearing in mind the quality and lighting features of the Bachmann Mk2Fs. I find the price of the Mk1 BGs at £50+ worse when there's essentially a single-piece interior, no lighting, no electrics, minimal detailing and however many thousands have already been produced for tooling costs to be long since paid off. I also find the price of Bachmann Multiple Units worse where things like the Provincial 2 car Class 150 seems to have reached £320 - is there really all that much thats changed about the tooling since
  12. its got to be said, you dont half make a lovely job of those repaints you do! They look fabulous!
  13. I'm surprised that there seems to be a view of SLW being some kind of different league to the other manufacturers, perhaps on detail but not on price because the additional cost is minimal. Bachmann Class 24/0 DCC Ready - £180, DCC Sound - £280. SLW DCC Ready - £185, DCC Sound £295. Bachmann models tend to be available at a 15% discount, but even so if you're spending over £150 to start with its not an awful lot more for the extra detail and accuracy
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