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  1. it'll be vinyls .... big stickers!
  2. Haven't seen EMU's listed as an unusual prototype for modelling to Fort William yet ...
  3. I really cant see any other manufacturers wanting to tread into an area Bachmann are actively developing. There may have been a hold-up until the Class 158 etc chassis was finalised, but we've recently seen both the Class 158 and 117/121 so that may clear the bottleneck for 170s too. I'd think Realtrack will more than have their hands full with the Class 142 not to mention numerous possible reliveries on the Class 143/144/156s Cavalex must have been stung by their Class 91 and Mk4s being duplicated by Hornby and seem to be carving a niche of producing top quality wagons. I really cant see them wanting to take on a DMU another manufacturer might come at it from the Electrostar side, but doubt they'd get onto 168/170/171s before Bachmann
  4. Rails will have ordered a production run of a set amount of each pack, if one sells out to pre-orders then its sold and they wont alter production quantities. If people are buying just 1 or 2 packs then there might have been more that went for pack A as the first option rather than an even spread across all 3. Cant really blame Rails or Cavalex, just get your order in quicker next time while they're all available! ... I similarly had been kicking myself at not placing an order for the Rails BBAs, but got lucky as a few became available there!
  5. Fabulous!! and I'll have one of each of the BBA packs!
  6. I haven't heard anything of retooling it, and if so, it would be Bachmann's third attempt already at the Class 150s in a fairly short period of time. But the price is certainly in line with the recent releases of Class 117 and 158 so you could well be right.
  7. I would have hoped so, but if they had that plan in mind I would have thought they'd just have held off from re-doing 'old' liveries at the moment until new tooling was ready. Having the Oxford Rail Mk3A around might have muddied the waters though since they had previously said they were planning on doing HST trailers too
  8. There's a reason they've been well received, its because you've done a top job on them! ... ... keep producing things like that and I'll keep having space for some on my layout!
  9. I'm suspecting something will have happened to the original tooling such that it isn't available for use. But if they're wanting to continue producing the models I dont really think it too much to expect them to be able to come up with a suitable 'standard class' interior and roof for the buffet coaches ... we're hardly talking an eiffel tower made of matchsticks here, but the roof especially is such a visible part of the model.
  10. are they still a bit high if you loaded them eye-to-the-sky instead?
  11. yet again the diesel and electric modeller gets fobbed off with tosh. They never seem to do these things for anything that gets hauled by a kettle
  12. My 6 arrived this morning and they're fantastic wagons. Just a little feedback, I'd echo the comments about the NEM couplings and mine pull out a little easier than I'd expect and one wheelset was a bit stiff in turning where it looked like the brake caliper moulding was fouling the wheel slightly. Nothing a small dab of glue or slight tweaking cant fix when I come to have a working layout. These are right up there with the best RTR 00 gauge wagons I've seen and I'll definitely have a few more when you ... hint hint ... do another run of the Railfreight Red ones ...
  13. Is this not electric blue? https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p366027746/h428ee7c#h428ee7c https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p366027746/h428ee7c#hcddf21a4
  14. I would agree with that, to me the electric blue livery looks a little dark and I'd really be expecting closer to this shade
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