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  1. Probably unlikely to have increased production numbers, it might be orders moving over to the other BR Blue release freeing up some of 25324.
  2. I dont accept thats conclusive proof of popularity between the two. The shops could have stocked more RfD than Freightliner to start with so if they sell at the same rate you could expect more RfD left. Or perhaps the RfD had sold out earlier and they restocked from Bachmann expecting to sell more. It might even come down to whether SquirrelRail is ordering a box of 10 or 20 of one for repaints - are there many detailing differences between the two which would make the Powerhaul one a better base for EWS or the various modern liveries? Either way, Bachmann has some of both left and only they'll know the sales figures and whether they consider the liveries as successful releases
  3. How are you judging the RfD one as being any worse selling than the Powerhaul one? We dont know production run quantities, but I haven't noticed the RfD one left on shelves anywhere that the Powerhaul one wasn't too. The Intercity one is obviously the best seller, but I dont get the impression there will be much difference in popularity of the RfD and Powerhaul ones. Personally, I've never liked the Powerhaul livery on any classes so I may have been interested in an original Freightliner Yellow/Green livery, but that may have been something to do with Freightliner providing help in scanning/development
  4. I'm not sure why the RfD one is being picked on here, it might not be to your personal taste, but its a decent choice of livery to produce. It will have been carried by more than half the class (90021+), in both 90/0 numbers and 90/1s for extra numbering options, seen use on WCML and ECML, passenger, freight and postal workings. Model companies can be bad for producing one-offs and special liveries, but its good to get widespread liveries too.
  5. I'm not convinced any of the current blue releases would be that good. Are you meaning 86259 in current condition? There will be quite a few significant differences - flexicoil suspension, plated headcode, headlight. I'd think you'd be better waiting for the 86/4s or 86/2s as a starting point
  6. RES has to be a big gap, that would be a big seller
  7. The Accurascale ones are simpler in terms of lights being just a magnetic reed switch for interior lights compared to a full DCC decoder for the flashing/static tail light, interior lights (and brake van lights of the BSOs) and CDL lights of the Bachmanns. Accurascale prices certainly are competitive though and compare those with how much Bachmann tries to rake in for basic Mk1s or Mk2s
  8. I would guess that they are, it'll be unlikely any other company will pick off the 90 or 158 with a model of the Bachmann quality available, but then something like the Class 31 I would think would be ripe for re-tooling. With Hornby playing the long game with that too will be inviting competition where there are big gaps in what has been produced from it over the best part of 20 years.
  9. Its going to depend an awful lot on who you ask as to whether Bachmann brought out the best selection of liveries or not. Personally I bought 3 (1 IC and 2 RfD) and I'd quite happily have more IC (swallow or mainline ones) if I could find them on sale. If the RfD one hadn't been brought out then they'd have lost 2 sales for me as I'm only interested in the BR era liveries. Whether EWS would have sold more we'll never know. I do think with the increased competition in the market that Bachmann could do with making more of the toolings they have quicker than they have in the past with normally 3 or 4 liveries in a batch with long gaps between batches. Something like Class 90s have had a large number of livery variations and while it might not be realistic to expect every single variation to be covered, there must surely be demand for more liveries to have been produced by now. Even if they split the batches into producing 50% of one number and 50% of another on exactly the same livery it could help sales at minimal cost to them
  10. would Dapol not be more likely to follow up their 68 with an 88?
  11. No question about it for me, easily the Mk2Fs ... just superb coaches
  12. The way they've produced Class 150's I just find baffling. The powered bogie looks awful being visible as a dark chunk in the interior when combined with the internal lighting and the price of them is getting harder to justify with RRPs between £295 and £320 for a 2 car unit. With the Class 158s I can almost understand the higher prices with 2 separately powered low profile mechanisms with loads of lighting functions so the complexity is higher.
  13. But there will come a point where there's already a lot of different Class 47 models to a good standard out there already from Heljan and Bachmann that while the market might not be fully 'satisfied' yet but sales will decline, especially as prices rise further. Its DMU and EMU models now that I'm more likely to place pre-orders for and be excited about them arriving.
  14. The maroon mk1 coaches dont look so bad, but it looks dire on the locos
  15. There was one spare Mk2F FO which was kept spare in case of problems with one of the Mk3A COs and it was never converted to be a CO. I thought the sets were shortened when the Aberdeens were turned over to Push-Pull working and the extra 47713-47717 came in to form extra sets of coaches.
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