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  1. There might be a bit of a backlog, I ordered some on Thursday and they arrived today (travelling all of about 15 miles)
  2. Yes, they did, and I had one of those too to couple up to the set I had 156480
  3. The sound decoders have PA announcements on them that you can hear coming out the speaker. The headboard blind at the front doesn't change easily. Both the Realtrack Class 156 and Bachmann Class 158 are superb models, probably the best modern image DMUs available.
  4. They were also used occasionally on special trainload workings to Mossend/Ravenscraig from Ditton
  5. I couldn't count how many times as a kid I walked along the wall behind the back of the fence panels to get the numbers of the 37s parked up at the sidings there
  6. It looks like its the same £229.95 price for several exclusive Class 47s using the new tooling too and some of them look to be ex-BR liveries so shouldn't have licencing fees. Ouch!!! They're really easy to pass on at that price.
  7. I agree and think there are probably another couple of factors to throw in too, if you subject an HST, widely accepted to be one of if not the best train in this country for decades to the same load factor as Pacers loaded with commuters in rush hours with standing room only - I dont think you'd have the same happy passengers. And the ride on pacers isn't actually all that bad on continuous welded rail, the fact they were used on lighter used and jointed rail track combined to give the nodding donkey effect. I think the Pacers have borne the brunt of passengers frustrations with services being
  8. Do Bachmann not tend to do 3 main liveries on new tooling releases and occasionally Collectors Club add on releases? I would love to see them make use of the tooling and bring out other Class 90s especially RES and Intercity Mainline
  9. and in the case of the Class 87 its a very recent tooling with poor lighting options and limited decoder/speaker space inside. Not good enough for new tooling
  10. it'll be vinyls .... big stickers!
  11. Haven't seen EMU's listed as an unusual prototype for modelling to Fort William yet ...
  12. I really cant see any other manufacturers wanting to tread into an area Bachmann are actively developing. There may have been a hold-up until the Class 158 etc chassis was finalised, but we've recently seen both the Class 158 and 117/121 so that may clear the bottleneck for 170s too. I'd think Realtrack will more than have their hands full with the Class 142 not to mention numerous possible reliveries on the Class 143/144/156s Cavalex must have been stung by their Class 91 and Mk4s being duplicated by Hornby and seem to be carving a niche of producing top quality wagons
  13. Rails will have ordered a production run of a set amount of each pack, if one sells out to pre-orders then its sold and they wont alter production quantities. If people are buying just 1 or 2 packs then there might have been more that went for pack A as the first option rather than an even spread across all 3. Cant really blame Rails or Cavalex, just get your order in quicker next time while they're all available! ... I similarly had been kicking myself at not placing an order for the Rails BBAs, but got lucky as a few became available there!
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