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  1. engage


    Hi Paul Please take care with ur chopper ! Cheers John
  2. Hi Ben....Glad to hear a good time was had by all last weekend and that the doors worked as planned however I notice that the once green light for go on the warehouse door has turned white, sweet paper ! remember ? I like the bit about Paul's super free running Class 66, the one with the fitted Digitrax chip, :-) Cheers John
  3. engage


    Hi Paul Not a very pretty sight at the mo, hope you didn't do the work in the dining room Looking forwards to seeing it after a bit of Fettling has taken place and to hear if it will be staying or if it has to go. I must add however that I think it looks the part so we might be OK. Cheers John
  4. engage


    Hi Paul Yeah , I'll go along with that, it's quite a good write up actually. Just one question, What are U going to use as a table when U start work on the scenics ? :-) Cheers John
  5. Ref #86 pic No 1, Many more comments like that might find you carrying you own tackle in and out of the hall at the next exhibition Mr Stivesnick :-) and in any case this bidirectional working can get very confusing as the man with a cup of coffee in the hand will testify. Cheers The Operators
  6. Cheers Ben, very nice pics, very nice layout and a very nice day out. Considering it was the first time out the minor electrical fault (bad contact through a couple of points on the factory branch) was not really worth a mention. Cheers John
  7. Hi Nick Looks like you are cracking on now and the model is beginning to look more like a railway. With the nights drawing in and with Autumn approaching you should make the debut exhibition next spring with no trouble. Don't forget to tell your followers that we will be at Newark on the weekend of 21/22nd Sept with Horseley Fields and invite them to come and have a word. Cheers John
  8. Hello again Ian As well as can be expected would be a fair answer, old father time just marches on and on but that's life :-) I am rather surprised by your answer but as expected if you have done anything along these lines then it has no doubt been tried and tested and will work....Yeah ! please let us know if two 66's will work back to back.... I don't think this gluing-in has been mentioned on our coupling thread,so another little job for you. but might be better to wait until you have the full picture.....Thanks for quick reply. Modifying stock to take Dapol Easy Shunt magnetic
  9. Hi Nick ............I would put it all down to bad planning,....we could do one of two things, one lower the road...,two lower the bank then the boards might fit as intended..... I think the Carpenter said he was going on a long holiday in the not too distant future so I am not sure if you will catch him before he sets off........ Looks like we will have to buy still more plywood ! Cheers John
  10. Hi Nick ........Thanks for the update,looks like you are making good progress. Due to its comparatively large size I think that the warehouse will look quite impressive when the smaller details are added......Yeah! I like it a lot...Keep up the good work. Cheers John
  11. Hi Mr Smudge and brother ....................................... Since you took the trouble to call in on our HF layout I thought I would take you up on your invitation and here I am. I note the date of your first posting was in August of last year and if that is when you started then you are making excellent progress. I think your varied assortment of loco's etc look very nice so can I take that the term modern image is only very loosely applied ? or does bruv slip the odd older loco or DMU on the layout when you are not looking ?...... I do so like your video's, as you will have gat
  12. Thanks for the comment Mr Smudge, we do try our best. If you can get to see us we will be in Newark on Trent, Ramsey Camb's and Southend later in the year so why not come and say hello,you would also get to see our sun bathing Beauty on top of the narrow boat in the flesh so to speak. Cheers John CE to HF
  13. Hi Mr Bulleid ...............Glad to hear that you find our contribution to the RMweb fascinating,.......... I have not heard of it being done but I can see no reason as to why the couplings would not work although if they were fixed too high from the track there might be an uncoupling problem because they might be too far away from the magnet. Do you intend to try them with OO ?..... if so please let us know how you get on. Cheers John
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