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  1. Oh go on then. But I really must get back to LSL HSTs https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4574
  2. Nice looking wagon; liking the worn look. Creating a parallel pack of existing artwork simply with different numbers such as this is luckily just a 4 minute job. Here you go, 7mm-4311 (pack B) just released: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4573
  3. Hiya Sam, just replied to your email from 45 mins ago (was the only one I could find from you). These are doable and will appear at some point, and of course will be spot printed so no superfluous carrier film and perfect print registration too. Besides all the usual jobs my attentions are diverted the past few weeks with designing and testing some of the more recent livery additions to the modern scene. If only I'd created Railtec back in the days of BR blue and there wouldn't be a new livery variant released every week...
  4. In response to the original request, a pack for the Royal Train lining is now available: 4mm-1099 https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4566 Took more than you might think to get the right shade of colour, the very fine alignment spot on and the entire thing looking right in scale. Hopefully worth it!
  5. None of what you list are constraints at Railtec. PM me with what you have and I can take a look when I am able.
  6. When time permits(!) there will be a parallel sheet for coaches to sit alongside the packs currently available for locos and wagons in 2mm, 4mm and 7mm. However I have no idea when a coach pack will be available. It'll need extensive research, design and testing. The wagon and loco packs took an excruciating length of time to R&D and test, particularly to get looking right in 2mm - which was the most challenging piece. The detail on the shadings and the crest itself though is exquisite and can be appreciated particularly in larger scales. The packs are of course spot printed (so no superfluous carrier film), don't have any halo around them, utilise the full CMYK palette and consistently have perfect print registration. Other similar pre-grouping topics such as MR et al will be expanded upon in due course and get the full Railtec treatment.
  7. A number of people have gone for this option: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4129 8 ready-made coach numbers of your choice incl prefix/suffix (if applicable), any colour you like, and you also get a spare of each. Long since gone are the days of having to cut out and line up individual numbers.
  8. Whilst I don't have off-the-shelf PIKE lettering (yet), would this offering help you? https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=3641 Steve
  9. Relatively easy one, that. Here you go, just released: 4mm-7131: BBA steel wagons https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4505 At least it gave me a brief 10 min respite from tracing JNA detail.
  10. Hiya Marcyg, is it literally just the double lining you need? Looks pretty straight-forward if so. Just trying to gauge if it's pure red, or more of an orange/red? The white balance on various images I have of the rake are all over the place!
  11. If it's custom allocation names then 7mm-9970. If it's custom allocation name and wagon number of your choice then it's 7mm-9971. Link here: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?search_str=997&gauge=7mm
  12. Hi Mark, I post to Canada quite frequently so no issues there. In fact to some addresses so frequently that the Post Office staff say, "Oh, you've sent a few to him before...!"
  13. Thanks David. Indeed it would need to be quite hi-res and in colour too, as I believe there was a lot of subtle colouring in the original. The tech has the full CMYK palette at its disposal (beyond what can be distinguished with the human eye) so it'd be good to take advantage of it and be able to recreate the original in all its glory, if such an image exists.
  14. The L/L numbers I can bash out all day long via this customisable item here: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=3190 Any L/L number you like as one easy transfer (and you get a spare). Most importantly, I use photos of the original loco and trace the numbers to get the spacing bang on (incl any wonky digits), so your model looks like the real thing. In the case of 235 above, you'll notice how there shouldn't be a gap between the 6 and 2, for example. Naturally at Railtec they're spot printed so there's none of that superfluous carrier film to fight with. As for the crest, unless somebody happens to have a perfectly square-on hi-res photo of this, then that wouldn't be feasible unfortunately.
  15. If it helps, here's one recently done by Andy Small:
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