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  1. Thanks to all for their help and input so far. At great risk of inviting a deluge by chiming in here, I just wanted to acknowledge the thread and to say these are still very much on the radar. Once I've had the opportunity to collate all the info, I may chime back in asking for any more clarity on the finer points if needed, and then it'll be on to the graphic design so that they can finally be printed on the spot printed tech. Usual disclaimer - if something isn't on the web site then it's not fully baked yet. Anyone who braves the Facebook madness and/or keeps an eye on the Railtec site will
  2. I will be in due course. I already have many of the artwork elements and will need to scrutinise images particularly of 274 to get all the unique detail designed/tested. They'll appear on the web site once they're ready. Usual disclaimer: if they're not on the web site then they won't be fully baked yet.
  3. Hey 54, still very much here? PM me on here and let me know the email address that you've used to email in on as it may not have reached me. The inbound inbox has sporadically got very full over the past few weeks with folks emailing in huge attachments which temporarily puts the account over its limit and consequently unable to send/receive mail. That, in addition to consistently being behind in replying to many inbound emails, IMs across multiple platforms, txt msgs and voicemails anyway, as well as processing more orders than ever on the web site, and trying to continue to develop new produ
  4. When time permits I'll be replenishing the dry rub-ons, but at present I can't say when that will be. Meanwhile, if it helps you, I've just created a parallel version of this pack as completely filmless waterslide: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4369 Ok it's not dry rub-on but as the alpha numerics are filmless then there's still absolutely zero carrier and you get the wiggle room of being able to manoeuvre the digits into place before setting, unlike the rub-on of course where you have to get it right first hit. At least now there's another option for y
  5. It's a cross-over, and a concept pioneered by Railtec which I've gradually been refining over the past 4 years. I'm one of those who constantly wants to push boundaries and a new concept such as this are one of the fruits. As adb968008 says, there's no filing off the sprue (so no risk of damaging), and my own personal opinion is that the relief both on the plate itself as well as the text and border is more true to life, which can be adjusted to suit, and particularly noticeable on those cruise liner class 40 plates which stand even more prominent from the bodyside. They generally
  6. If it's literally just the numbers you need in 7mm and nothing else for the loco, then yes, custom loco numbers have opened back up again. Class 20 numbers at this size would be covered by 7mm-9991. And as you're in one of my old stomping grounds of WA then now you'll get them even cheaper as you won't pay VAT (one of the various elements which had slowed everything down for a bit).
  7. Which bit? Custom loco renumbering? It's here: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?type=5&gauge=7mm&theme=33
  8. Indeed, pretty much any loco number you like can be made via one of the (4mm) options below: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?type=5&gauge=4mm&theme=33 They're spot printed of course so there's no superfluous carrier film, and I also research photos of the loco in the specific livery being modelled to get the spacing as per the real thing, in addition to replicating any digits which may have been applied to the real thing at a slight angle. I'm not mad (honestly), just have a keen eye for detail! It depends how they're applied (an
  9. Hiya Jack, not something which is in the Railtec catalog (at least yet anyway). Did you try looking at @cctransuk CCT?
  10. You're in luck @Legend. These were already in design and have now just been released after some considerable effort. Bit of a mammoth pack to cover all that detail across 3 vehicles and it's one of the largest packs in the Railtec catalog. Luckily I'd spent a bit of time living in Inverness and crawled all over these with a tape measure and a camera so even all the seat number configurations are there. The 156s/158s will be re-released imminently too. 4mm-2154: ScotRail Saltire class 170 Turbostar For those with an eager curiosity, the above Marks are of co
  11. @NickL2008 This 4mm customisable offering should get you what you need: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=2251 Choice of set number, side numbers (prefixes & colours made to suit based on livery and era), depot codes, and you get the corresponding TOPS class and code based on the EMU selected.
  12. Hi Dave & @PaulCheffus, let me take a look. I'm sure I should be able to come up with something. Just to give the wider audience a bit of context about upscaling / downscaling existing packs: unfortunately it often isn't a simple and straightforward case of resizing existing artwork and then hitting print, although I can fully appreciate that's how it might appear. It's not uncommon that tweaks have to be made in order to get things looking right to the eye in a smaller or larger scale, and in some cases it can involve a surprising amount of time spent revisiting the drawing bo
  13. It's ok - you're not going mad. On every customisable product page (i.e. complete steam loco where you can have any number / 3d shed code you like etc) it should say in bold red letters at the top of the page that I'll email you once the order has been placed to ask a bunch of specific questions so you get exactly what you need. I test the web code and give it a good kicking as far as I possibly can but If that bold red text doesn't display on your browser (or specific version of browser) then let me know. Here's an example of a customisable item: https://www.railtec-models.com/sh
  14. Hi there, yes unfortunately they've been out for a while but they will return. If you haven't done so already then if you click on the Notify Me link on a product that is out of stock and pop in your email address, then it'll automatically email you with a link once it does return. Frustratingly, making these requires me to block off several solid hours at a time, as the process is as much of a black art as trying to remotely manoeuvre a delinquent potato through the rush-hour North Circular with a ZX Spectrum. The range will also grow. Meanwhile resource has been slammed refining
  15. Hi John, Railtec has had the license for EWS trademarks for some considerable time. A number of the EWS trademarks (incl large beasties) have been available for several years on the web site although the small cab side beasties haven't as yet found their way into a pack on their own. I've done them before on a custom basis and they look great. The larger 3 beastie offerings can be seen here: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?search_str=3+beasties Is it just the small cab side beasties that are needed @JonKing? To come to a few of th
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