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  1. Great minds... 2mm, 4mm and 7mm now available in response to the existing thread: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?search_str=luggage+trolley 4mm image:
  2. Here's a grab of what the later TOPS variant looks like for the MDVs (pack 4mm-6943). Pack based on useful info and images in the likes of Larkin, Rowland et al in addition to a wide variety of freely available media from around the web.
  3. The accompanying leaflet recommends to avoid MicroSet/Sol, and instead to use soluble PVA in normal tap water. Some modellers have used MicroSet/Sol ok, and others haven't. But really, unless you're bedding in over uneven detail then plain tap water will do the job absolutely fine. Other modellers have sporadically reported success with other softeners but there can be numerous variables behind the methods used from one modeller to the next which will impact the end result (not least how the model was prepared, brand of paint used, method of application etc), so the soluble PVA seems to be the
  4. Apologies for the brief diversion but the numbers aren't Railtec. Glen & Carol asked me for these but I declined this specific job (in amongst a large number of other jobs) purely for this reason, and also because I understand another large well known manufacturer already did the numbers, so I asked G&C if they minded sourcing them from there.
  5. Hiya John, each Castle plate needs a lot of design and testing as they're all different. Some are getting there but they do take an extraordinary amount of time and specialist skills to get looking right. With the exception of custom work then unless it's showing on the web site then it's not yet fully baked and not available. It'd be easy to quickly bang out something which looks "ok", but it's just not the Railtec way and hopefully people do benefit from me going that extra mile. Whilst I'm here it's perhaps a useful point at which to help folks further understand the constraints
  6. 4mm & 7mm packs for 08938 just released @tractor_37260Ken: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?search_str=08938
  7. Spooky as I'm literally just designing a test cycle right now to get the thickness of the black outline looking correct on the ED box. Once I've done that the revised design will be dropped into the mock-up already shown and then it's just a case of printing. Tedious test iterations like this are the lesser-seen (and infiinitely time consuming) side of how most of the days are spent.
  8. I'm reasonably confident it's the white balance in the photos, particularly on the latter inside the shed. In the first photo the background behind ED looks to be distinctly lighter than the black of the cab window surrounds above it. As far as I can gather from the dozen or so photos I have of the loco both in its ED and ML variants, the background was what I could best describe as BR blue. I have a couple of photos in identical positions at Motherwell. In one photo (where I would say the white balance is poor), the badge looks white on black, but in another almost identical photo it's defini
  9. I've just briefly taken it off to revamp it to include both the ED and ML variants on the same 4mm pack, and add the ED version for 7mm too (the 7mm ML version was already available). Here's a sneak preview of what the 4mm now looks like. It'll be available on the web site once it's been scheduled in to a print run. Currently anticipate it being in a few days' time. A classic case of what might seem like a simple loco pack to do, turning into a can of worms to get it looking bang on. Those hand painted ED numbers took some pain staking manual recreation of artwork (and
  10. I do pretty much everything myself (design of artwork, web site code, social media, physically making both the 2d and 3d product, development and testing of new concepts, database administration, legal compliance, making the tea and as many other things as humanly possible to keep Railtec in the air) so there's no dependency on any third party etchers for me to do the 3d work. The custom 3d plates have been unavailable since earlier in the year simply because of the continued colossal incoming volume of requests for stock items off the site and particularly for new designs. I will switch that
  11. I've done the transfer pack for the ML version for some time, and the ED variant is already in design for somebody else who has also asked for it. The ED version has a few quirky bits on it so it's not as straight-forward as what many people might initially think - at least if you want to get it bang on.
  12. That's part of the story: it's not just the profits that are being donated but the entire proceeds from the sale of the packs.
  13. Not sure if you've emailed in or not about this so I could advise offline, but the accompanying instruction leaflet does recommend PVA to hold them in place, which really should be in sufficient qty in proportion to the size of the plate and the extent to which the model is likely to be handled. Someone would also have to do something pretty extreme to damage them too, so even if one were to become dislodged then it should still be perfectly useable. When I first started exploring the 3d plates a few years ago I just applied one to a test model I have here with plain tap water - an
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