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  1. Not a problem. Happy to help decent people with their modelling. Life's too short to be lining up individual digits!
  2. Very simple. If it's literally just ready-made numbers you need: 4mm-9990 https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=3186
  3. No. Whilst multi-layered rivets are do-able (I've tested some) - what you're showing me there is 3 different layers of profile with quite a unique design, which would take a disproportionate amount of R&D. What I DO have the resource to knock out very easily is conventional single profile rivets, so long as someone is able to tell me exactly what head diam and exactly what spacing between centres, assuming there's not something already in the vast catalog: https://www.railtec-transfers.com/rivets.php
  4. I believe I still have it. Will reply there.
  5. I can make these any head diam with any spacing you like, any colour and any pitch. One of the many (many, many) numerous tasks on my to-do list is to write a new page on the web site which lists out all the rivet packs ordered by head space and/or diameter. At present, they're listed out by scale, here: https://www.railtec-transfers.com/rivets.php But, it's one of those topics where the scale is (for the most part) largely irrelevant. If you click on the 1:16 scale you'll see that you can get packs where the spacings are over 6mm for example. Does this help or do you need them greater than that?
  6. I have a few recently-made new packs to upload onto the web site. They'll appear shortly.
  7. & @KNP Hiya both - please could you re-send? It transpires there are a number of messages not reached me over the past weeks/months and similarly some of my outbounds not reaching their destination, despite nothing being indicated to the contrary in my email client. What I do know is that my inbox is constantly teetering either side of above the permitted limit (it does have some leeway above the advertised limit) on account of constantly receiving large attachments day/night, and it's not uncommon that I have to take out 2 or 3 hours just to clear down particularly heavy attachments just so the inbox can continue to - allegedly - function as normal. I apologise for that.
  8. Not true. They adhere to brass, factory plastic and much more. If they didn't then my inbox would be lighting up for all the wrong reasons! Here's a good example: @Philou if you're using Railtec ready-made strips of 3d rivets then the concept is pretty straight-forward, though I appreciate if you haven't done this kind of thing for 55 years as you say then it may not be immediately intuitive. All you need to do is: 1. Cut off the desired length and place roughly in situ (still on its backing) on whatever it's going on. 2. Gradually apply plain tap water until it starts to show signs of releasing from its backing. I just use plain Derbyshire tap water though in my experience of having lived in your part of the world, the stuff that comes out of your taps will likely be infinitely purer than what we get here. If you flood it or let it soak in water for too long then, like any transfer, it will start to dissolve the adhesive. 3. Carefully manouevre one end of the strip off the end of the backing paper so that it's where you intend it to go, then, still holding it in place, gradually remove the backing paper. It's a bit like the table cloth trick but without the drum roll. This should give you a ready-made row of perfectly spaced crisp 3d rivets in literally seconds, without any filing or other such labourious task.
  9. Oh go on then. Here you go; just released. I decided to put the AWS sunflowers on there too. 4mm-1212 https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=11358 Great to see so many familiar faces at the NEC this weekend. So much for having today off...
  10. Oops! Don't know why I had TT on the brain. Compounded brain fog developing more packs as well as prepping for the NEC next weekend. Edited accordingly. 3mm catalog currently at 2334 items. Hopefully something for (almost) everyone.
  11. I also did the full scale hand painted numbers on the real thing in that photo! DRS wanted the original thing replicating, albeit they weren't going to try to replicate hand painting the numbers as they were in the 80s so approached me to see if I could do them as vinyls. They were sat on top of my wardrobe for a good while before they were needed at the RTC, and of course I very happily delivered them in person so as to get a "tour". Well, who wouldn't. It's fascinating to watch the 3mm story evolve.
  12. Really?? I seem to recall something around this from eons ago but acc to my notes it closed off for non-response. Can you msg me?
  13. Loving the backscene as well as the rolling stock. If it helps, when you come to do a similar project then the "complete loco pack with your choice of number" series will save you having to cobble bits together. For example here's the pack for a 44/45/46: https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=2247 Similar packs for other classes/liveries here: https://www.railtec-models.com/catalog.php?type=5&gauge=4mm&theme=11
  14. 4mm-2029 https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=2672 £2.90 a set.
  15. In an ideal world where resource is infinite then yes I would love to. But the reality is that in order for Railtec to continue doing what it does, setting more time aside beyond the monstrous amount of time it already takes to carefully design each unique TOPS panel to laboriously list what livery each wagon carried at a specific point in time (and they would evolve, let's not forget) would potentially be hugely time consuming = fewer new releases = higher costs for everyone so the business can continue to stand on its own two feet. In the case of the MEA packs as your example (c.f. 4mm-6072), I believe they're all in EWS colours as they have the accompanying EWS branding. And in some cases photographic evidence may not even exist anyway so there would inevitably be gaps in the info I'd be able to provide. I generally find Flickr to be the go-to resource (for me at least) when searching on a specific wagon number.
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