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  1. Happy day today as I was able to visit my local model shop. They’re located in a garden centre so I guess this is how they been allowed to open. Only one customer in the shop at any one time, sanitise hands on way in, and allowed ten minutes for buying and chatting! Made an essential purchase to keep me going slicing through acres of greyboard for my Scalescenes boxfile, and of course essential to support my local shop! idd
  2. I have never had much luck using paint or felt tips for covering exposed card edges on Metcalfe buildings. I now use artists chalks ( NOT oil based) rubbed along the exposed card edge and then finish off using a finger tip. Job done in seconds with no risk to the printed face. HTH idd
  3. Hybrid traverser, one that has a fixed track and yet can take cassettes as well? Just a thought! idd
  4. RC servo mounting screws work well. The socket head types from modelfixings.co.uk I have found to be particularly good. Cheers idd
  5. This sounds a very pleasant adventure in RC. Cheers idd
  6. Correct, but it is convention (indeed regulation) to always switch the source. This is always painfully learnt when some dork has switched the return on a mains circuit..... No I was not the dork in question and yes it did hurt, and yes I apologise now if I quoted the wiring regs incorrectly. Cheers idd
  7. If space is tight perhaps a battery/rx wagon might work? As always there are pros and cons to any approach, just a thought... Cheers Idd
  8. Do you really need a switch? I have been flying single lipo RC models for years and have never used a switch. Plug in the lipo and fly. If the current draw of the DT receiver is low when not operating I don’t think you will need a switch. For charging I would never charge a lipo battery in a model. Though I have never seen, nor experienced a charging problem with 1S batteries in many years I still do not think it is worth the risk. My preference is always battery out of the model and preferably charge outdoors. Best regards idd
  9. Timing is everything! Glad it’s sorted for you. idd
  10. You will need to put the RX in bind mode first, then turn on the Tx in bind mode. Looking at the DT site it suggests turning on the Rx first and leaving it for 20 secs, then it should go automatically into bind mode. When binding it also best not to have the Tx too close as this can swamp the Rx and hinder the bind process. This may not be a problem for DT gear but the original Spektrum DSM2 receivers were prone to this. HTH idd
  11. Great last episode with Ronald the Runaway Rhino bringing some much needed personality to a little battery loco! Absolutely bonkers British telly at its best, Sunday night is going to be a little bit dull from now on..... Well done all who took part.
  12. Really enjoyed it and again well done to all on here who took part. Looking forward to next week. Memo to self, must start saving now for a Roundhouse loco! idd
  13. Interesting developments in battery powered trains. Hope the link works! I subscribe to Fully Charged because I'm interested in electric car developments, but they cover many other electrical/renewable topics as well. Also like me Robert doesn't like the Daily Wail either!
  14. I think your on the right lines, more probably a converted Dakota C47. Quite long broad wings outboard of the engine nacelles with rounded tips. HS748 has less chord and more squared off tips. Horrible aeroplane to fly in IMHO. Remember sitting in the Captains seat of a C47 in the early 70's while an engine was ground tested at Leavesden aerodrome. Very exciting for a nine year old air mad youf! idd
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