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  1. Thank you Gruff. I have built a lot of kits in my time mainly Southern steam, Adams 02s etc. My second passion is Southern BR Blue and really wanting a Class 74 thought I would have a bash at this. Appreciating it's an old kit and trying to bring it up to more of today's standard, it has fought me all the way. Getting towards the finished product it has been worth all the fuss. Colin.
  2. Hi all. I have been working on a class 74 from Silver Fox Models. I have recently purchased a sound decoder from DC Kits of there new sound project from Legomanbiffo for the class 74. Obviously it's hard wired as I have used the old Hornby Class 90 chassis. The sound project has a third rail arc and crackle after installing a couple of mini Blue LEDs under the bogies. I get the " crackle" sound which works on F17 but am not sure which aux function wire to conect the LEDs to. I was told the 'violet' but this has not worked, trying all the other aux outputs to no avail. I'm guessing that one of the CVs has to be changed to assign the 'arc' to the aux out. The sound file has been installed on to an ESU lokpilot V4.0 Any help greatly appreciated ie Mr Legomanbiffo. More on my blog as to how the project developed. Here
  3. I thought today I would have ago at fixing this slight discrepancy. That looks better dosent it. More on my blog as to how easy it is. https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/2021/01/kernow-or-is-it-efe-gate-stock.html
  4. Your right, it does. I read somewhere, which I just can't find but was probably in Mike kings book that the boggies were swapped at some point, if the wheels were changed it may have happened at this point.
  5. As there is very little information out there on these, I think it would be fair to say that they still had Mansell wheels at least until 1931 when the ront end was changed and possably bogies were swapped out at the same time. Set 24 still had them in 1938, along with a few others after looking at photographs. One of those things that would be very difficult to find a definitive answer.
  6. Give Mrsoundguy a ring, he will tell you which decoder you need, a nice helpfull chap. Just fitted one into mine, good sound and its a zimo chip. Its a tight fit but will go in there. As everone says be aware of the speaker becoming detached.
  7. Hi Jack. Out of interest, would it be possible to contact the person who owns the copyrite of the photos in your blog posts.
  8. I came across this by accident as well and just put in my first order. The look impressive.
  9. As in my post above This link will take you to my blog where i have re-done the chassis with a highlevel gearbox https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/2020/08/00-works-class-330.html It will show you the amount of room there is but bear in mind that it is a live chassis ie: wheels insulated on one side only, so probably not good for DCC.
  10. I couldn't wait for my '0330' to arrive. A beautiful model but we have already made some changes. More here should you be interested. https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/2020/08/00-works-class-330.html
  11. I will eagerly await the next round of videos and photos. Especially now as more kit built stock starts to appear.
  12. Thank you for the good coments. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, Railway Modeller got it wrong on the cover and yes, indeed it is 4mm scale, 00 gauge. It was an enjoyable build. As i expect you read the layout had its own history. Colin.
  13. I really should look on RmWeb more often. I am so pleased you took on Pine Road. Having got to know you better since you took ownership of the layout, its good to know it has gone to a good home, someone that understands and realises what the layout is all about, its history and its original concept, that was my prime goal. Judging by the progress i dont think i have to keep much of an eye on it. I do apologise for the exspence involved, you deciding to keep it Southern, personally i think it was a good move but then, i would say that wouldn't i. 18 months have gone buy and it still looks as stunning to me as ever. After building 'Parkstone Goods' and 'Exton Quay' i am finding it difficult to find some inspiration for the next and final, long term project layout. Obviously its still has to be Southern, 1930s, somewhere in Devon, but what ? Come on brain, inspire me please. Thank you Ian for taking it on and looking after Pine Road. Colin.
  14. Hi Bill. Not on rmweb much these days but from memory it is seperatly cut strips cut from plasticard. Its very rare that i use wills sheet as to thick, hard to cut and are not generally not big enough to build anything with.
  15. Perhaps find an old Ks kit, buy a motor, buy a gearbox, buy some wheels, some paint, some transfers and try and build one for 130 quid!
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