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  1. It's been a while since I have posted anything on here but just thought I would mention that "Parkstone Goods" is alive and well and will be at Warley this weekend at stand C14, so pop across and say hello. Colin.
  2. That's interesting about the interior details. I was planning on detailing the carriage interior and making the roof removable. I have no pictures of the interior but do know that a toilet was positioned in the front left hand corner, some easy chairs around the sides with a table in the middle. I believe there was some sort of buffet facility in the right hand corner. It has progressed to a coat of primer over the weekend. I will update the post soon.
  3. I haven't read through the whole post yet so this may have been mentioned before. Not intent on highjacking the post but thought you might be interested in my project at the moment. More of where I am at can be seen here https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/2019/07/drummonds-bug.html
  4. I am aware of the situation with David Green, I hope things get improve for him. I have built a number of his kits in the past, I am presently building his lswr/Sr 10t bolster wagons diagram 1594 Kit number s/011 one of the buffer beams is missing. Wondered if anyone could help. Colin
  5. A stunning layout. I was thinking that Charmouth could become my next project after building Pine Road. I was just checking through various forums and the like to see if it had already been done when I came across your thread. I have been reading through some of the post but not all so, this may have already been said. I wondered if you were aware of how close it came to there actually being a station at Charmouth. There are plans that were submitted to parliament and the route to be taken, even a drawing of what the station building would look like if it was to be built. You may already know about this so, sorry for repeating. It's a real "what nearly was" as a "what might have been" project. As I said at the beginning, this layout is stunning, with so much atmosphere, a true inspiration to all. Colin.
  6. Hi all. It's been a while since i posted anything on Pine Road. After a long hard thought about this, i have decided to part with the layout. The only reason being is to make room for a new project. I have found this a rather hard decision to make. Being the first 'real' layout i have built. I just couldn't bring myself to break up the layout it deserves better, and would rather it go to a good home and someone else can perhaps take it further. It would not take much to turn it in to a roundy roundy or add a fiddle yard to one end, i have used its fiddle yard for something else. Perhaps this should go in the 'forsale' section of the forum but personally (getting sentimental here) i thought it deserved better! Perhaps i am trying to reach to a certain modeller that can take care of it and really wants Pine Road and can take it into the future. wouldn't it be nice to see it at future exhibition. Someone that has more time than me, that can expand on it. Yes. i have already edited it twice now. Pine Road is coming up for its 12th Birthday. It has been to a few local exhibitions and has featured in Railway Modeller April 2016. The layout is in good working order but the backscene could perhaps do with replacing. It is "L" shaped 9ft long and 4ft wide up to the thatch cottage on the left in one of the photos. You will find loads of information about the layout on here and on my blog https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/ No stock will be included. The curtain and shelving that goes below the layout will be included. The next owner would have to arrange a van or have a big estate car to collect, as a guide it will fit in a Ford Galaxy. Payment, well, this is a difficult one, Whats it worth ????. i would like something for it to fund the future project but i am not asking thousands of pounds like i have seen some up for. we are in the hundreds as long as someone has the room and is willing to give it a good home, i am flexible. bare in mind, it is not a 'Childs' train set If you should be interested then PM me and we can discuss its future. Colin
  7. Thanks for inviting Parkstone Goods. We had a really good day and lots of good comments. The show was well organised and a good location. A most enjoyable day.
  8. Hi DaD-1. Thanks for inviting me with Parkstone Goods , i am looking forward to the exhibition. Its all looking very good, hope i get time to look at some of the other layouts. Happy times ahead with Parkstone....... Colin
  9. Ooops, just seen your post. I believe the "v" tanks (otherwise known as the chevron type) came in around 1975. They were originally fitted with metal boards with the company name but where removed later. I can't find any photos with vinyls, so not sure if they ever had them as the Hornby model is depicted. A good source of information are the "working wagons volume Two by David Larkin IBSN 0-9507960-7-7. Hope i'm not to late and this is of some help to you.
  10. Hi All. Bit short notice this, but if your around Verwood, Dorset this Saturday it's "Westfest" Our 3mm Society exhibition organised by the Dorset 3mm group. we have some great layouts attending and don't forget they are all scratch or kit built no RTR allowed . So come along and say hello. We would love to meet you. What else would you get for £3.50. More details here. https://cpineroad.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/the-3mm-society-exhibition-westfest-2017.html Colin
  11. Nothing yet, Steve. I was going to build this layout anyway, weather it's up to the standard of "Finescale" what ever that is, remains to be seen. 7 years to build Pine Road, 3 years to build Parkstone, 23 months to build this one!!! At least i have got round to contacting Talbot steel works about the rail section and chairs although they did question the number of bolt holes in the chairs. Have to give it to them, clever advertising for selling a book (an extremely good book at that) There was a similar one Iain wrote a few years ago called, "An approach to MODEL RAILWAY LAYOUT DESIGN Finescale in small spaces" may be worth a look for some of you. Colin
  12. I'm with you on this one. Things have moved on and i was just trying to get some definition on what constitutes finescale wheel and track standards in these modern times.
  13. I was really excited about entering this competition, I emailed Simon about Rule No4 "The Modelling is executed to a high standard 'small but exquisite', favouring finescale wheel and track standards and a high level of detail.' So far, no response. I wanted a definition of "finescale wheel and track standards" ie; is say SMP copperclad ok , or C&L, does it have to be EM or P4. Is 16.5 acceptable. "favouring" is another big word there. so unless it's EM. please tell me. Colin
  14. Thought i would do a quick update on The Cement works. Well it didn't happen. The track plan was taken from "Parkstone station" and that is what we have ended up with. So, for those of you who haven't followed my blog https://cpineroad.blogspot.co.uk/ thought i would post a couple of pics here for you to see what the outcome was. and of course George Jennings which has since had its name plates fitted.
  15. Wont boast but had one of these for a while. So, guys, what you are looking for is one of these. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Facom-AF-Screw-Holder-For-Slotted-Head-Screws-0-5-1-5mm-/152276946970?hash=item237469d01a:g:Up0AAOSwmLlX~mDa Plenty about so no need to rush. Colin
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