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  1. I want fried eggs with mine, scrambled eggs are only consumed on toast, except in emergencies.
  2. In any CAD package draw the outline of the side, draw the side centreline and the doors. Then offset the centreline, to the plank width and repeat, remove the bits of planking where it's covered by the framing.
  3. I decided to go to EM on the grounds that there was very little ready to run rolling stock for a mid '20's GW layout, so it would need to be kit built. I knew that I could build 00 track, so I decided that I should be able to build EM gauge track OK, so that's where I am. I thought that P/S 4 was a step too far.
  4. Dad, got one by opening his door on the way to work, dropped it off at the butchers, on the way home, he had it for Sunday lunch.
  5. If you have a particular prototype station in mind , have a look at the map on the NLS website. Here's the link to the 25 inch maps for England and Wales. https://maps.nls.uk/os/25inch-england-and-wales/ These maps can be imported into Templot at the correct scale, so that you can add the Tempolot templates over the top.
  6. Teign Valley, a diversionary route for the seawall. Moguls on the Cornish Riviera.
  7. '71 was when I left Horsham for the Devon, hence the question.
  8. Did you not visit Prickly Pear at EXPOEM? He had some new NBR wagons on sale.
  9. I can remember when the 405 ran from Horsham to Reigate, does it still do that? It was a LT Green Line service.
  10. You will be OK using boiling water, I use a plastic container that a Chinese meal came in and pour the water over the model, a prod or two with a coffee stirrer helps, if necessary. My kits have been through the process several times.
  11. I would use Peco medium radius turnouts, proper turnouts would be in the order of 1 in 7 or 8 B's, but I would use a 6B, due to space.
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