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  1. Except they have product codes that run on from the first batch. Dapol are known to do second runs soon after the first. They may end up as the first releases if the dispute drags on.
  2. Dapol have announced a further run of O&K Hoppers in Yeoman early and later liveries, expected Q1 2022. Which will get here first, those currently stuck on the Ever Given or the next run.
  3. Rails of Sheffield has posted on their website this morning, that they will be stocking a limited number of the GT3s, from the second run, in dcc ready, dcc fitted and sound fitted forms. The update says they can be pre ordered from now with £30 deposit.
  4. The danger is are other retailers, with a strong on-line presence, facing Hornby new stock reductions, now or in the future. I and from messages on this forum, many others, have transferred their on line orders to Kernow Models, and potentially they are likely to now be the highest volume seller of Hornby products, outside of Hornby, via on line sales. They have recently opened a new processing warehouse, away from their shops. Are they likely to be the next in Hornby's firing line. I won't buy from Hornby direct, while I like their products I have for a long while disagreed with their ac
  5. Me to. All my remaining Hornby orders now cancelled, all from the 2021 catalogue, including mundane items such as maroon Mk1 RB and BCK, and Maunsell BR open third, which are hardly likely to be sold out early. Cleary there is a major issue between this supplier and Hornby. All of my seven were still available to order from Kernow who had already received my 2020 catalogue cancellations by Hattons.
  6. Apologies in advance for mentioning a competitors product, but I have ordered 3 sets of Acc pre TOPS grey 21 tonners, It's just that the TMC/Bachmann 24.5 ton type are also now in production and the two types will produce prototype mixed flows. TMC have now priced their model.
  7. Great news, have ordered two sets of early livery Castle. Hope they match the set I made using a previous late livery release, with Fox early livery transfers. I spent ages taking off the late livery printing, should have waited.
  8. Does Ben know when these will be arriving in Denmark. The Heljan advert in the June RM says they are due in May.
  9. The summer edition of the Bachmann Times, which came out a couple of days ago, has a full page spread with photos of the final livery samples of, I think, all of the versions. There are 10 wagons shown in the article. It stated that the models have been cleared for production.
  10. rembrow

    Hornby APT 2020

    Like you I've had to move my order for the APT a few times. I didn't get involved with DJM, as I didn't believe my payment would be safe. I originally ordered the Hornby 7 car set from Rails, in Jan 2020. I had to move my order when they stopped supplying Hornby, so went to Hattons. When Hattons started to cancel my 2021 pre orders, I decided not to chance the APT order and moved it to Kernow Models about 3 months ago, so I'm well down on the order date with them. I've spoken to Kernow today and although they have had to stop taking pre orders on the 7 car set, they are expecting they can ful
  11. Just received the summer 2021 Bachmann Times and there is a photo of the first engineering sample of the G5, which arrived just before the edition went to press.
  12. Just had an email from Hornby, advising that the Mk3 dvts in Network Rail and Intercity swallow liveries have arrived. Hoping I can get the Intercity, as I'm on my third retailer, due to cancellations. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kernow get their full allocation. Hornby advise both are available to order direct from them!!!
  13. I had to use modelling magnifying glasses with Mr Mgoo lenses, could only do one side per night, as I was getting a headache due to the magnification needed. The second set has arrived today and I managed to get all the 'E' s cut off and saved in a pot, so no fight with the carpet monster this time.
  14. Unfortunately the Class 24 looks like it shares the same bodyside grille profile fault, as the Class 24 with headcode. This makes sense as I assume the 24 'skinhead is a tooling mod of the version released last year. The grille edges at the body joint appear to rise at an angle, whereas they should be flat and slightly above the bodyside. The grilles are level with the outer edge, instead of being slightly recessed, these two issues give the grilles the impression of a larger profile than they should have. I purchased a SLW green class 24 a couple of months ago and am glad I did. I received gr
  15. Ordered a set of etched numbers and crests from Fox, for the class 81 to 86 electrics and they arrived the next day, great service, so I spent a couple of nights adding them to my early livery, no yellow panel, version. I had to remove some of each printed cabside number and parts of the printed mid body logos, as the Fox versions wouldn't fully cover. The numbers and letters are a bit thicker on the body printed versions. I used a fibre glass pen to gently remove the numbers and parts of the logos. The new letters/numbers have to be applied individually, so twenty had to be done, Fox onl
  16. As I'd renumbered one of mine, I checked with Bachmann about that. They advised it wouldn't be a problem as it's unlikely they will be asking purchasers to return the old bodies.
  17. Unfortunately I gave renumbered one of my two as 20307, which has the same position for the logo as 20306 - doh.
  18. I would imagine that similar to the Dapol Class 68 first DRS compass livery models, where there was a mispositioning of the logo printing, this will need to have new bodies made.
  19. I've had a very quick response from Bachmann. They have advised that they have recently been made aware of the error, that it is not what Bachmann expect and are investigating.
  20. Re the logo issue, I've emailed Bachmann to see if they are aware.
  21. That photo is of a early livery sample. The production model has the DRS logo on the engine panels, shifted one access panel to the right. The released model has one panel without logo next to the side grill when prototype photos of 20306 and 20307 show the logo as immediately to the right of the bodyside grills on the side with the cab to the left. This only seems to affect the side with the cab to the left. Unfortunately, on the model, you can't swap doors!
  22. As I posted a few posts ago, the Spring edition of Bachmann Times advised they had cleared tooling and tooling approval stages and were now at decoration stage.
  23. Thanks for getting the info from Rails. Regarding the crest, hopefully the manufacturer will alter the printing, or make new tender tops if it's already printed. If not I would hope that Rails/Dapol will arrange for replacement tender tops as an after supply correction. They had to do this with the Dapol 68 in DRS livery when first released and appear to be doing it for the Dapol produced Salmon engineering wagon commissioned by Footplate, which has too short a deck.
  24. What I tend to use is a flat piece of thick glass (the wife's kitchen glass preparation surface - don't tell her. When I put together the chassis I set it with the wheels in place, on the glass, this ensures any lack of true, that can come from the wheel bearing position, is worked out. The body can normally be adjusted on to the chassis, once the chassis is set. I use Model Supplies Plastic Weld, as the liquid glue for Parkside kits. Good luck
  25. I wanted some in the earlier Vanwide form, which Bachmann aren't producing yet, so during the first lockdown I built 4 from the Parkside kit. The kit goes together very easily and with a simple BR bauxite livery, was easy to finish. Also built some Palvans to go with them. If Bachmann do produce the Vanwide in the future, I won't be tempted at that price.
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