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  1. It was good to have seen this layout today at the Wetwang show, I think you have captured the look of the warehouse very well and the weathering on the lucams was very good, it caught my eye anyway, the running of the layout was very impressive too, especially the slow running. It was also good to chat with some of the running team, I think Dave and Ian. Enjoyed the visit and though I had to cancel my participation in the event this year I hope to be involved in the next. Jim
  2. Hi Mikkel, once again a great story of life at Farthing with lovely photographs. I did wonder if the move would effect the output from Farthing but it seems not which is good to see. It reminds me that I want to reveal the diary of 'Ralph Keinton Bell' about Hemyock when it is finished so thanks for the inspiration to get out and sort my shed out once more.
  3. Filling in probate and IHT forms, I've got a headache now.

    1. ChrisN


      These things are never easy, still thinking of you and praying for you

  4. Thanks for the replies. As requested here are a few pictures of 'Brie' the rescued feral who is now a very affectionate pet. Richard Yes I have seen the redutex items and have been impressed by how they look, I don't really know why I haven't got around to buying any yet though, maybe it's because most of the rooves in the area I model are covered in slate and I just like making my own. Still hoping that I can resume modelling again soon. Jim
  5. Hi Jonathan It's good to catch up and see how the layout is progressing and I am impressed by how much you have achieved over the last few months, I shall be able to spend more time following this now and look forward to further updates. Jim
  6. Hi Chris Thanks for that link it made for very interesting reading and I now know that in the area I model in 1904 it was fine until Nov 21st and the gardens were full of flowers. A brilliant find. Thanks Jim
  7. Thanks Chris and Andy. The last few months had been difficult and modelling had ceased on all projects, the old mind though was always still thinking about future models and research carried on whenever I had the chance. One of those times was when I got roped in to catching 18 feral cats on a local farm, one of which I adopted and she is now a very loving and devoted cat to me, I do like to try and turn ferals around when I can, but I digress. As I was still in the process of farm building the old buildings that were seen soon gained some interest from myself, I asked for permission to take a few pictures to build models and this was granted. One of those buildings was an old granary that I loved the look of and thought it would be a good subject for my farm. Here are some of those pictures. Front of granary Inside the rear The stables (rear) I did like all the vents over each block and have taken closer shots of them for reference. All this research will not go to waste and as the buildings have been drawn up and just need cutting out this will be my next project once I have my room set out, a little way off yet but plans are afoot. So that is what I shall be doing in the near future using the same stone sheets as on the previous buildings, hopefully updates will start in a few weeks and I am looking forward to getting back to the bench and sharing the build as it progresses. Thank you to one and all for the supportive ratings and messages that you have given, they were and are greatly appreciated and the friendship on here is fantastic in times of need. See you soon Jim
  8. Hi Chris I'm just starting to reply to posts and find my way around, I always have a little grumble to start with over the changes but soon get used to them, like you I am just trying to get followed threads back and get used to the changes. Let's hope we can get back to some modelling soon. Jim
  9. Sorry to read your sad news Jim, All the best, Andy.

    1. aberdare


      Thanks Andy

  10. My new life starts here and hopefully I will get back to posting more regularly in a few weeks time once I have organised a new modelling room in the house.

    1. Mikkel


      We look forward to it. 

    2. ChrisN


      Hope all goes well Jim.

  11. Thanks Jonathan but I think I have a long way to go to achieve that, somewhere close would be good though. Hello Mike That's OK, however things have been on hold for a while due to dealing with a few issues here at home, my time is being devoted to my wife at the moment and probably will be for a few more weeks yet. I hope you enjoy the thread and find something inspirational as I have often done reading other threads over the years. I hope to resume modelling sometime next month as I have some demonstrations to do at a small local show early next year. There will be no more updates on this thread for the foreseeable future, the reasons are here. Jim
  12. Hi Mike My work can be found on my 'Hemyock' layout thread which can be found on the following link. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/60803-hemyock-down-on-the-farm/page-18&do=findComment&comment=3204817
  13. You are right in that urban scenes are harder, luckily for me mine is open countryside, as I have a large number of trees it has been easier to create perspective by making those at the year flatter so that I create layers diminishing in size toward the back, this also helps in reducing shadows on the backscene itself. I always view and photograph any work from the left, right and centre before fixing anything in place, view blockers are then used to ensure the perspective looks right from all angles. I usually do show the photographs to non modellers and some have thought they are real places, if I can do that then I know I've cracked it but it has taken me a long while to achieve the look I want and there are still areas to work on. Jim
  14. Inspirational work once again Mikkel, I have a number of wagons and horses to complete but other priorities in life are keeping me away from the work bench, however seeing this has reminded me I need to make time if I can. Jim
  15. A sad loss indeed, Allan gave me lots of encouragement in my work and always said he would visit one day, sadly that will never be, a great loss to us all. RIP Allan and thoughts and condolences to his family and friends. Jim
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