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  1. I'm looking at the isothermos axleboxes at the moment, and I'm a bit stumped. I have photos of the front, but not of the engineering that takes place behind it. I've a poor (pixelated with high compression) photo of the side of the loco. Which I've started recreating below. The springs need replacing, but should the main box in white be cylindrical to echo the front cap? Here's the same axlebox in black. Am I over thinking this?
  2. Thank you Wagpnmaster. I managed to get a bit more in this evening. Redid the roof and added various strips. The tall thin ones (which will have bolts on them) are just behind the fan enclosure and then at the other end. I've guessed at the second after looking again at the photo of the engine being hoisted out. Also tidied up the bonnet, added some windows, and started rivets (fully counted!). I think detailing the two ends will be next.
  3. I can't leave this loco alone. I've decided to put my experience of 3D printing into building another version of the D9. I've made a start and got some of the more difficult parts done - radiator, louvres, and provisionally the roof. I'll have to tweak the roof to make the edges right. I'm putting more work in to the area between the radiators - partly because you would be able to see it below the fan, and it also helps strengthen the sides. I'm also going to see if there is any value to doing the ponies properly per the photo further up. A fair bit of this will be educ
  4. It's not just Flash I'm afraid, there are lots of programs out there that leave crud behind.
  5. It looks like there's a model for 18GBP shipped to the UK including postage from Shapeways. I think they ship from the Netherlands if you're in Europe. https://www.shapeways.com/product/WXS37KFNJ/ho-1-87-golf-cart-kit?optionId=59280051
  6. Hi Steve, is this something that @Knuckles might be interested in looking at with you?
  7. This UK reseller might be of interest to some. https://www.3dprintmonkey.co.uk/ And I enjoyed watching this video about the Saturn
  8. @MyRule1 - hi there. If you do decide to get a Silhouette at some point, be careful about the second hand ones. You may find that the older ones may not work with the latest versions of Windows 10. If possible, check out the Silhouette thread on here before purchasing. It’s great to see your first model.
  9. Wow, that's massive! I saw this morning that Saturn should be available again via Amazon sometime in Otober.
  10. There's a lot of atmosphere in your photos - some of the best I've seen in a long time.
  11. At least I’m in good company Bill gates once said that nobody would ever need more than 512Kb of memory in a computer. One other thing, You might know that I use Blender - I dream of a fillet tool! It’s looking fantastic Mike.
  12. I've already subscribed, the videos are great.
  13. You’re right of course, very inattentive indeed. I can see how it could be taken both ways! I’m still working out when it’s appropriate to use the t-square icon.
  14. Hi Matt, I dip into your thread from time to time. It’s all looking great. I’ve seen the buzz around the Saturn. A few years ago I got a Peopoly Moai, I like it generally, And I’ve printed wagons and such, but it’s a bit of a dud when it comes to dimensional accuracy, so I mainly use it for detail items. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.
  15. Looking great Al Call me inattentive, but when did the applause icon turn up?
  16. That's quite the primary you sprayed on there.
  17. Hi there, as it was Shapeways, did you take a photo of it before you put it together? When I used Shapeways in the past, on the few occasions there was an issue, I sent them an email with photos stating the problem, and they gave me my money back.
  18. Hi Al, I spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon with a beer and your thread. Doing well. It’s been a crazy few years with one thing and another, to the point that I’ve barely been on here. I’ve not done any modelling to talk of, but things are slowing down now (see above ), and I’ve just put some card backed foam down for the track bed (I can’t get thin cork sheet here) to finally make a start again on Havenhouse. it’s great to see you’re well, if not a lunatic - your stone walls are fantastic!
  19. Hi Al, I’ve just read through the 53 pages of your thread. I can’t think of anything else I would have rather done on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
  20. Thank you - I'm going to watch his other ones over the next few days.
  21. Surely only an idiot would do one of them. - think of the valve gear! That's the whole reason why we only do early GNR. In the meantime, I've been doing a bit of drawing to help Dave out with regards to the lining. Lord only knows if this is going to work, but the idea is for me to print the lining out on some laser compatible waterslide paper and send it halfway across the world to him. Please ignore the background colour, it is more to help the lining stand out than anything else. The lining itself was based on a photo Dave posted a few pages back. The red and black behind the r
  22. There are a lot of adverts(!), but it's a really interesting video. I watched from start to finish as it's what Sundays are for.
  23. It helps differentiates between thyme and ‘Mary J’ - thyme in your brownies aren’t going to have the same effect.
  24. Hi Martin. It’s a good model to do. I hope you let us know how you get on. cheers Jason
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