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  1. Never used anything but the original lube and Hob-e-lube
  2. Thanks, guess I'll have to dig them all out and check! super glue is holding on my 2MT axels just now, if it fails then epoxy will be used and I'll flatten the inserts out, had this with an old Airfix loco, placed the inserts between two metal plates, headed with hairdryer, left over night, flat but now too big so had to be evenly sanded down.
  3. 31-450E This loco was find last time I ran it, and that was for the Winston Churchill Train Pack video (3-4 years ago). Got her out today as she is needed for a supporting role again only to find she ran like a pig, initially I discovered that the plastic wheel inserts had swollen outwards and were hitting the coupling rod, fixed this only to discover the driving wheels back and front were lose on their axles!!!!! Opened her up and found the axles split and the middle driving gear. So cleaned them out and filled with super glue and clamped shut, she is running now but very much a virgin in a brothel She has been properly stored in her own box all the time, so upset as this is one of my favs. Any long term fixes?
  4. SECR Terrier, there is a little pack of pipes that comes with it, can someone say/show what to fit at the front to be correct for the time please?
  5. Evening all Well just to add to the fun here is our loco with large side grills both in 8 and 4 coupled guises. Make of that what you will
  6. Can I just say I don't find it ugly at all! Powerful, different but not ugly
  7. Can't wait, press on guys and stick to your plans. This will be an iconic model.
  8. Greatest respect but I don't see the point you are making? Unless you are referring to the extended side grills, added to improve cooling? For sure adding the option of 8 coupled is a compromise on some detail, but I feel it's very nice to have the option of presenting the loco as delivered with the body capturing the overall look, but then revert back to 4 coupled to be fully accurate. The option has to be applauded rather than not offered at all?
  9. Absolutely agree, don't think the differences were that vast so this 'option' gives is the chance to create both as delivered then as modified versions of the loco. Keep in mind there is nowhere to add diesel and water either! ;)
  10. Cool so the old numbers are off, but the area they were in looks polished, guess the transfers will hide it?
  11. Thanks, sorry to hear that, no I don't think I will be getting one now.
  12. Indeed so, from what I have found, left side of van will need Steam Banana, number and tones On the right will be yellow spot and tare. Top either side but not both will be a fyffes label
  13. Ah yes, once the steam heating was removed thre yellow spot was added, I am working on wagons with heating fitted and no spot. Great info, thanks
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