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  1. Hi all thanks for the ideas etc. I do have another paint on order, an Emerald Green that looked good on the colour chart however here is the loco done with the SECR green. It's close but no banana I guess, is it acceptable, I think so at the moment. The patch on the tender looks much better than the black gouge that was there.
  2. So far in the colour patch tests I've been doing from Precision Paints S.E.C.R. Wainwright loco green is the closest match! Think some of dad's paints have gone off sadly, BR loco, GWR and Maunsell Olive all look poo brown
  3. Thanks I'll see what paints are in dad's stock, no varnish however.
  4. Hi I am trying to find a match for the original green as painted onto the L1 by Tri-ang. Thought it would be Malachite but it seems not. Can anyone suggest a better match please?
  5. Thanks kindly both. Ah how interesting. I suppose that's nice having a bogof loco lol I just need another BR logo for her as one has faded otherwise she is as she always has been and will be
  6. Looking at the Hornby R080 class 29 D6110. I’ve had this loco since the early 80s and she runs and looks like a dream. I’d never alter anything. However I am aware that D6110 was never a class 29 and in fact D6110 was scrapped in 1969 as a class 21. This was due to overheating engine etc. So I wonder if Hornby actually intended this to be a class 21?
  7. So then thanks to those splendid new photos we can all settle down safe in the knowledge that KR knew what they were about and the models will be brilliant. My only complaint is HURRY up..................................
  8. Many thanks indeed. As an update, direct from the ever helpful Gaugemaster, this location is where the power transistor is located and yes they can warm up when working hard, nothing to worry about
  9. Hi I have recently swapped over to my Model D and of course am very happy with the performance. Of very slight concern is the heating in the area circled on the photo, when operating locos drawing more than 200mA or so. And older Triang draws 400mA and the area gets what I would say is uncomfortable warm. Is this just the location of the power transistor in the case? Does yours get warm here? Thanks
  10. Hi I am looking for some thin black wire like the stuff Hornby and others use to wire up locos and to go between tender and loco. Way smaller than 7/02. Does anyone know the specs and where I can buy a few metres please? Is it for example 24, 28 or 30AWG?
  11. While taking suitable precautions! I am going to observe that across multiple subjects on RMweb forums of late I have noted a number of very sad, rude and prickly comments! Surely if we disagree with something posted we can find a way to (a) say nothing (b) politely explain the alternative view point. I mean is this how you would conduct yourself face to face? This is our hobby, a release from the relentless stresses and strains of life, could we at least try to interact with a bit of mutual respect?
  12. When I stripped mine down for a service this is what I found. Tiny drop of plastic safe oil on front motor bearing, Labelle 102 is good. Same on worm, and gear train not forgetting gear wheel bearings. The tiniest smallest drop of oil on the back bearing of the motor.
  13. The KR Fell will be without any doubt at all the very best R2R Fell loco ever made! Oh wait! KR will have done research, in fact I know they have and will give us a model that will look and feel like a Fell and no doubt for those that like new fangled dcc stuff, it will sound a bit like a Fell as well. However, the purests need to keep in mind that we will be running it on our HO track, will be making it run with variable DC voltages and not diesel oil and (I know this is going to be hard to take so sit down) It will not come with a tiny live human crew to drive it either. What will happen is we will delight in that ungainly looking locomotive that was a fantastic proof of concept and a creation the like of which we have not seen again, it will run with all 8 coupled or for those of us who want to 2X4 coupled. It will be a remarkable model. Will it be 100% accurate for every date that the real thing existed? nope, but then who can tell as there is not too much to go on. I honestly can't wait for mine.
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