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  1. Many thanks, most kind. I struggle with the lighting to be honest, getting something that works within the living room environment is hard going so its nice to hear you feel it to be good
  2. So to rebalance things (see what I did) Kernow sent my replacement loco today and I have to say it is lovely, could not be more different than the one I had or the one Sam's Trains reviewed. Just shows how important consistent quality control is!
  3. There are a number of observations here, regarding the EFE Well tank and responses. Firstly you all know mine was leaning to one side and I made the mistake of asking if there was a fix. Well later I have discovered there might have been, another YouTube channel had the same issue and found the wheel bearing had not been fully pushed home in the chassis. So in case this might help someone else I am recording the idea here and now. I have read all the comments about a younger YouTube reviewer. For me, his points were perfectly valid from a ‘new to the loco’ person.
  4. Seems ok, I replaced the ball bearings with 1/16th ones, I wonder if these are a wee bit too small? With the brushes out and the adjuster set for a fraction of slack, the noise comes when pushed forwards which is when the armature moves downward slightly. Think I might just have to concede lol
  5. Thanks very much, Mine is back on the bench today to see if i can suppress that noise a bit more.
  6. This is a big question you raise. It does not 'have' to make money. However in some cases and this is one of them, it's how they make a living, many YouTube channel owners make a living via it. In my case (and I am yet to see a penny) I carry minimal ads and only have the partnership because it brings with it many helpful tools and support. If I ever see anything back from it, it will go towards the ISP charges. Should get my first payment in about two years lol
  7. I think Sam represents the general modeling public, he self admits he is not an expert in technical historic detail. If EFE sells to the public then they can expect the public to have an opinion.
  8. Hi I noticed recently that my Hornby GW Toad was dragging randomly and badly at times! Obviously I oiled the axel boxes but this did not help and depending on where there wheels were you could hear it dragging. Eventually I discovered that the brake rigging bar that is fitted on the underside of the chassis was too close to the wheel tread, more so if there is any dirt on the wheels. In the photo here you can see where they have been dragging. A bit of wet & dry soon fixed this and now my toad is free
  9. This is a most informative thread thanks. Just discovered my Oxford Rail Dean goods has a coreless after servicing it. A real pain as I had run it with an HF 1 track cleaner. It seems ok. The OP wanted to set up a database of locos with coreless. Could I suggest a Google docs database that everyone could get sight of?
  10. Well I never! Had no idea this existed, just look at the 470uF cap, huge, now little more than the size of a pencil eraser! Anyone got a video with sound of these? My 42 is at the stage of stripped gears etc, very sad as love the thing!
  11. Hi Due to the sad passing of my father recently I have come across a lot of well stored magazines from the 60s onwards. Mostly Railway Modellers. If anyone who can pick up from the Havant area of Hampshire is interested please contact me. Thanks, Mike
  12. Help needed. I just took delivery of a Kernow EFE Beattie Well tank in SR lined black. She is lovely and even runs well. But I can not get past the fact she leans noticeably to the left, or right when seen from behind. Sorry about the out of focus shots but you can see my issue. I have tried to encourage the running plate up, and had the body off but it looks somehow that the chassis is the issue. I am super scared that they won't have a replacement for me and this model has great sentimental value as it is the last one dad arranged for me. Is t
  13. A good point, I suppose that is possible
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