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  1. Does anybody have the dimensions of the base? I’ve ordered one and need to figure out placement on my layout. Thanks, Malcolm Calgary, Canada
  2. I think there are a couple of issues here. There is less capacity as many airlines have suspended international flights. Here in Canada, Westjet and Transair have parked their airplanes and Air Canada has drastically cut back service. Which means any parcels from the UK are going to take a lot longer to arrive. Even in normal times, a parcel from say Hattons or the US takes 2-3 weeks to come. Parcels seem to to be held up by Canada Customs for screening and whatever else they do. Couriers are faster at a higher shipping cost. Malcolm Calgary, Canada
  3. I was in Paris about two and a half weeks ago. We walked up to Rue Douai to check out those shops. Les Cheminots has closed. The other three across the street, Transmondia etc remain open and appear to be thriving. One sells vintage models, the second modern HO and the third specializes in N-gauge. A fourth shop, very well stocked has opened beside Les Cheminots former location. Sorry, don’t recall all the names. Malcolm Turner Calgary, Canada
  4. I used an adhesive, clear kitchen and bath sealant to secure Woodland Scenics roadbed to the viaduct. It'll work just as well with cork. Only a thin layer is needed. The sealant grips firmly, yet the roadbed is easily removed with a paint scraper. The track is secured to the roadbed with the same sealant. Malcolm Calgary, Canada
  5. Hello, I'm a Hornby Dublo 3 rail collector also located in Southern Alberta. If you PM me, I can give you a contact for a fellow in Toronto who repairs Hornby Dublo (and Wrenn). Cheers Malcolm T Calgary, Alberta
  6. I ordered a 30064 about four years ago, although I do not see my order on the Model Rail Offers website. Hmm, not to be whiney I am wondering if after all this time that the order has been lost. Which begs another question. Many of us probably provided credit card numbers with our preorders. With the passage of time, many of those credit cards have expired. Will we be contacted for updates? Cheers Malcolm Turner Calgary,Canada
  7. I have found the Sapphires do creep. The trick is to program the time and speed to stop the railcar about 10-12 inches short of the buffers which gives about 30-45 minutes of running before crashing into the buffers. The programming is a bit by trial and error. Yes, we've had to reinforce the buffers. Resetting is easily accomplished by pushing, with the large finger from the sky when nobody's looking, the railcar back to its initial position. MalcolmT Calgary, Alberta
  8. Hello, I use Hornby Sapphire decoders on a branch line shuttle on a exhibition layout with great success. The Sapphire decoder has an event programming capability so programming a shuttle is very straight forward. Programming is based on time and speed. As my length of run is about 35 feet including a steep gradient so using micro switches etc. isn't feasible. I've installed the decoders in two Hornby WR railcars, a Hornby push pull set and a Heljan Park Royal railcar. Each is programmed to cover the 35 feet in about 60 seconds with a 20 second pause between each trip. Works very well.
  9. BTW, WC Maroon is a match for LMS locomotive maroon, or at least the Dublo version thereof. TH&B cream is a reasonable match to BR cream. Malcolm Calgary, AB
  10. A huge thanks to Locomotion and Rapidio for the APT-E. Mine arrived in Calgary Wednesday night, just in time for Supertrain this weekend. Assembly was easy, took me about 5 minutes. Sound is fantastic, even running on DC and I'm fascinated by the tilt. It's popular with the crowd too. Many requests as to when it's coming around again (answer: quickly). Malcolm T Calgary, Alberta
  11. I was wondering the same and I ordered mine at about the same date. Meanwhile, patiently waiting although I'm hoping it arrives in time for SuperTrain next weekend. Malcolm in Alberta, Canada
  12. I've just tried to download the January issue. Same thing. It did not show up on the IPad app, even after logging out then back in and updating the app Malcolm Turner Calgary,Alberta
  13. The tipping range now is 15 to 20% with at least 18% if the service is good and you'd like to go back to that restaurant. A trend towards no tipping is emerging, the service is included in the bill. This is the rare exception rather than the rule. On Air Canada look for either Premium Economy or Preferred Seating. The former is available on overseas flights and the latter on North American flights. PE offers a larger seat, upgraded meals and some other amenities. It's not unlike the way economy was 20 years ago. It's not available on all flights though. PS offers more leg room. Both
  14. In between all the stuff that one can do in summer, then all the stuff one can do in winter, it's hard to find time to play trains. I'm constantly moving trains out of way so I get at the outdoor toys. Malcolm Turner Calgary, Alberta.
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