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  1. Cheers for the replies lads,its the half way sign with the pointed arrows i was trying to find access to Cheers
  2. Does anyone know if its possible to get to the old sign,london/Edinburgh one just north of york? Just to get a photo of it? Or is it only accessed through private land or railway property? Cheers
  3. Hi jeff,i havent been on here for a while,going through a lack of mojo myself at the moment but the layout is still in the loft and not going anywhere! At first when i seen your photos of KL2 being ripped up i was very surprised! But after reading your reasons it all makes sense & of course is a no brainer! You built an even better layout whenever youre ready pal,plus you’ve already learnt from building KL2. All the best jeff Cheers Ben
  4. Definitely dont block the thread jeff!! It keeps me going! Although I haven’t done a thing to my own layout in the last 6 months! Working 70 hours a week and having a 3 year old daughter doesn’t really help progress! Lol Sometimes i get disheartened with my own layout in the loft,as I would have liked to have built it a lot wider,its only 3 foot at the widest parts of it,and to have built it using an open framework method but i was limited to space in the loft when i started the build. But then i think not everyone has a loft with unlimited space. Cheers Ben
  5. Instantly recognisable as kirkby stephen jeff. Fantastic work! The road surface towards the goods yard is very convincing and realistic mate. Cheers Ben
  6. Hi jeff Just had a look at the recent progress,fantastic work,especially those walls! Really is coming together nicely Cheers Ben
  7. Loving the latest progress jeff,& it looks a lot better with an actual train in the photos! Lol Cheers Ben
  8. Nice work jeff. Regarding the signal box... I have the midland ratio kit one in its box,i never even started it as i bought the RTP one then just weathered it (pictured) If you want,pm me your address & you can have it for nowt pal as i have no use for it. Cheers Ben
  9. Nice weathering on the locos,sorry to hear about the scum of the earth who broke into your house. Cheers Ben
  10. Great work & i know the location quite well as im from billingham so not that far away. I was at the south end of the road bridge down that little path heading towards the river about 18 months ago,getting some shots of flying scotsman,its a good location but due to the curve you dont get much warning it's actually there! Keep up the good work. Cheers Ben
  11. Cheers mike,look forward to the new bit of detail! Ben
  12. Nice photos as always mike,like many others,its such an impressive layout it never becomes boring viewing the images you share. Can i ask about the point rodding in front of the box if you dont mind? Is it the wills stuff or is it scratchbuilt? Looks very good & detailed. Cheers Ben
  13. Cracking photos mike,that a2 is a lovely looking engine. Cheers Ben
  14. Looking good that jeff,i used the same wills sheets on one of the bridges on ais gill... Did you find it difficult to cut? I certainly did! Took a few passes with a sharp craft knife. You done a good job with it around the smaller parts such as the windows. Cheers Ben
  15. Finally started to have a go with static grass on one small corner of the layout using 6mm fibres. A few pics but nothing really exciting!... Cheers Ben
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