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  1. My Swindon 120 under construction
  2. Mark 1s, there were quite a few dual braked ones as well, usually buffets but also some normal stock. Mark 1 FO on the WR air braked and used as SOs with 2ABC stock. I am building sets with 1 2A 2D 2E 2F (3 TSOs next to each other 2D 2E 2F) 2C D E F 1 2A 2B 2C Apart from all Mark 1 sets, the only all same version train I have is a set of Mark 3s
  3. The first one I bought is fitted to a GRCW 119 DMU. My Swindon 120 can move under its own power one way, DMBC pushing, still have to fit buffers. Hope to blue and grey it next week. For other people I have 4 of them, 2 built with express gearing working 3 cars, I would not put more than 3 cars per motor bogie, the under construction WR Swindon Inter City (pre 126) is 6 car so getting 2 motor bogies. Will be cab ends of the IDMBTLs. Originally I was hoping to wait for the new ones as 3 at once is a bit painful on the debit card! They do like off vehicle running in. I still need to order a motor and gearbox for my 2P! However now I can produce Swindon pattern sides I am tempted by a 123 IC set.
  4. A common wagon missing from the usual type sources. I could do with some too.
  5. I chatted with Graeme about resin casting. I have seen the V2 mould. I use it for battery boxes, gad cabinets, DMU roof domes and the like. A very useful tool.
  6. Very interesting to see how good the resin and printed bodies are.
  7. I see what you mean. I think you will have to look at any pot less chimney and see what they do.
  8. I just had a look at that site, noticed they have lost the single bolster bogies off 25341 and 1811 & 25020 are not there
  9. He is a bit of a pollock. Frets over trousers but allows lying
  10. As I need 3 or 4 more 2C I was going to try to replicate the toilets with the Cameo 4
  11. I tend to scour Ebay for things like this. My carriage book selection is bonkers. Originally used for my prserve carriage web site details.
  12. Note that the 2C toilet windows are unique to 2C, the top is same height as a DEF and bottom as a _ABC/
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