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  1. Can I justify 2? 97651 Yellow PWM654 Blue Then I would have 3 PWMs all cleanish as my period is around the time PWM650 was repainted.
  2. Cuttings through Plymouth Really need a 50 on the sleepers. The 16CSVT echoing off the cutting with 14 Mark 1s behind is a sound I will never forget.
  3. People smoked or had a bike.. Few had both
  4. I have a Sue, she has her hobbies and we both tend to have creative ones. And she did not moan when I blew £150 on Hornby HST trailers.
  5. I am of the age of supercar posters on bedroom walls. I had two posters a Countach and a Deltic. Us non smokers worked out the smokers were going to burn more than the cost of an Italian Supercar with their habit. My money went on my bike, trains (model and real), live bands and records (NWOBHM), the rest wasted. I was late to cars but 80mpg at 80mph* bikes were cheap to run. * Achieved on the middle section of NYMR to Gloucester.
  6. It is not inaccurate for the few FOs with 2D style aircon kit. It is in Mark 2 book
  7. No point really, not a bad model at all, but limited use. But plenty of others to do. 1 - Fix Lima 101 cab and rerelease as a 3 car. DMBS TCL DMC, possibly add TBSL as new 2 - One of the cross country sets. 119 or 120. 3 - BRCW 104 big missing one. Anything else is too specialised if new 110 why not 107?
  8. My A3 runs an Airfix 5 pole. I do need to finish the tender lining. Boiler has daylight now. And wire handrails. Yes the old Triang Hornby model as the preserved one.
  9. I like Lima as they are cheap to bash into something else. 50 is a nice moulding with a few inaccuracies and rubbish bogies. But it gave me some class 50s. One is running on stretched bogies using spares box gears, brass strip and WM bogie frames (suspect MTK). 47 is not bad, but I think the Hornby model says 47 a little better. 117 is a good base for suburban DMUs, for about 80-100 you can have a really good DMU model of a 116, 117 or 118. I like the Western.
  10. Actually you do not need to do an actual Colonel Stephens railway as the IOW railways were not that far removed anyway, and using Terriers and LSWR O2 along with pregroup SR coaches would really say Isle of Wight. Read about it and look at the IoW stock Terriers, LSWR O2, perhaps an 05 Diesel shunter with D2554 on it. Rolling stock is basically ancient pre grouping SR stuff. SECR LBSCR and so on. As to models Bachmann SECR stock, a few Terriers, the O2 is limited stock as the manufacturer has gone. Have a look at the Isle of Wight Steam raiwlay web site for inspiration.
  11. Lockdown I was the only employee (as opposed to director) to NOT be furloughed, been manic from March to now. Got all the others back now, they get rattty when I asked about their holidays.
  12. Are you going to run an A4 really fast today Tony?
  13. I am just a bit of glazing and finishing the motor bogie away on mine
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