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  1. I have but I am patient. I'll send another.
  2. Hello Steve Any idea when you would be able to do my custom MSV stone tippler set and how much please? Thanks Martin
  3. Well a friend would be upset as his friend got kicked out. She borrowed his car once for a TV segment. And yes he was on TV in the background. All I know about Coronation Street is that Lister used to work there as did Captain Voorhese.
  4. Prefer it on Friday, so watched this morning. Was worried about disk space as well. Recorded on +1 as SD and with 3% of HDD on Strictly need to be careful.
  5. I would go with Bath Road allocated 31/4s and SR 33/0. SR sets were about 5 vehicles, usually Mark 1 with odd Mk 2 FK, all ETH fitted. If not closed I would not have been surprised if the 123s did not end up working it, but 119 120 would have.
  6. No one mentioned Vulcan, I have an 04 as a random preserved one. A1 Hunslet 05 stalled as coupling rods are difficult. And I have lost a couple of bits. This would go on a diorama but I need some London Undergrouind EMUs, luckily thr current owners sent me some nice close ups of the bonnet. Edge family (Michael told me the story) PWM650, stalled due to a lot of DIY in the house.
  7. It will be running with detailed Lima Hornby and some Bachmann blue Diesels, quite a few DMUs, taking turns with a few other steam locos hauling a cut and shut rake of Triang mark 1s converted into TSOs with Replica windows, painted in WR chocolate and cream. I was just annoyed it was not ready for the Gloucester Swindon runs but Clun Castle was an excellent runner. Nothing better to bring back memories of the WR in 80s than lots of Blue and Grey with Green Chocolate and Cream. Wagons are 90% kits.
  8. My favourite 9F is Evening Star always wanted one. Managed to save up Christmas and Birthday money to buy a Bachmann (wages go on house and boring stuff like food). Just because I bought it does it mean it means less to me than my kit stuff. You can like all sources, RTR, converted RTR, kit, scratch. They are all mine.
  9. Looks like a mix of Kirk body and DC Kits floor.
  10. So would the DMU be both buffer stools or 4 of one and 8 of other? Need to work out diameter now!
  11. I am ready for the DMU ones, will fit them to my 119. Thanks Martin
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