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  1. Oh dear. I was starting to get near to needing more Low Riders, how many would you recommend for 6 carriages?
  2. Look up P4 New Street for inspiration And all the different manufacturers IC colour schemes seem slightly different.
  3. Seen quite a few trains so by memory appearred to be 10 or 12 vehicles, this is all early 80s 87 BG TSOx4/5 Buffet FOx4/5 BG B4 bogied NEA TSO/FO 3A like Jouef Buffet RB like the Mainline model or a RBK (15xx numbered one, Comet sides, or whole kit) 86/2 with similar but mainly 2F rather than 3A 2F do tend to occasionally replace 3A in 87 rakes. I am building a Lima 87, bashed BG, Jouef 3A/Lima 2F Comet RKB set
  4. Modifying a roof for my DMU sides. Thin the edge down to 20 thou and cut through for sides.
  5. Those DMU sides are coming along ok. The GWR stock bodies nearly complete.
  6. Interesting that, my steel joining has been either fixings or welding, Ithought it was judt too hard to solder, but then I had forgotten I have braised it at school.
  7. How do you do such neat steel joints? Even my MIG is pretty lumpy but strong (wheel arch repair for a Scottish hot hatch (not the hottest)
  8. I am keeping my Mainline one for my third rake of aircons
  9. Hmm BRs type 3s, 3 designs all great. Only power range with no real junk. All 3 were very capable.
  10. Looks like a TW special in BRM this month!
  11. I just need one more Lima DMBS body then I can Sillouette a 114 set of sides. High Level will be needing to sell me some more Low riders, will go in 120 DMBC and the WR IC intermediate power cars.
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