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  1. I have used the odd drop of engine oil. Plastic compatible one. Still seems ok. Well the plastic cased injectors have sat in it over 20 years. But only used on axle bearings steel and brass.
  2. Apart from domestic video, I do not know of any Sony lenses. My HDV is Carl Zeiss vario sonnar. The 4000P was Sony branded. Not sure where I put it as the tube has worn out. The recorder still works. 42 years old design.
  3. That top one is like post cataract vision with lowish light. As i was trying to explain.
  4. Depth of field is great, with fixed focus it is essential. Eye based bright sunlight i can read number plates. And down to 250mm. Still short sighted. Night time lots of grain and no focus. Just amount of light and my own irises. You get really good at understanding optics with a number of eye conditions and using glasses. Also found the smaller the sensor the greater the depth of field. 35mm, 2/3 in tube, down to CCD and whatever my newest HDV thing has. Depth of field gets deeper.
  5. My Discovery 2 is getting rather grotty on the chassis, a footstep is rotten, and a rusty seam under bonnet where it got pressure washed a year or so ago. Footstep will be welded, if it fails mot new chassis.
  6. As usual Guerilla up for technical acheivement. As far as I am concerned they deserve it. I was a big player of Killzone 3 multiplayer, it looked absolutely stunning. I saw some footage from the first Call of Duty for the XBone / PS4 era and this will shock. It was the same resolution and looked worse on Bone, than KZ3 on PS3.
  7. Steve from Railtec has come through 2 custom sets for Pool 7603 MSVs Ordered the 47 to go with them. Will be my 34 minerals next and my Clayliners.
  8. Will send when next on pc as details not on my phone
  9. I did not hear back from you,i will look up my notes and take it from there, since i havve ordered quite a bit as well from you. May be isp or email issue Got 34 minerals now to sort out as well. The 2p looks great
  10. For my minerals i noted down type, tops layout, tare, number. Had one anomaly a Morton equipoes labelled MCV not MXV.
  11. I wanted custom MSV, about 18 of same pool, won't do them. Prepared to pay as well. Got the details somewhere. Actually have two complete rakes of numbers. But only want 7603 set.
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