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  1. Come on Bachmann please make it https://www.railmagazine.com/news/network/gb-railfreight-unveils-thank-you-nhs-livery-on-class-66
  2. Thank you for your reply, I agree that the shed looks a bit wrong there, as I imagine it would need more space around it to 'fit' into the surroundings. If i can space the sidings out I will look at a much simpler, smaller covered shed, possibly over just one track, so the poor workers and volunteers can get out of the worst of the weather. Something like corrugated metal. I have seen a company called Railway Laser Lines make a refueling shed kit, and it is not too big. I have 2 sidings on the fiddle yard to hold a 4 coach train each, and by using a shunting loco i can fit 4 coach
  3. Hi Zomboid, Thank you for your thoughts. For me the main enjoyment is in the planning, building and scenics. Trying out new methods and new products. For example i have only used set track before on the previous layout, so now time to move to streamline and electrofrog points. I am also going to be adding lineside details like point rodding, maybe drainage structures etc. The idea for Leicester North being a base for the layout is I have some spare resin buildings which are very suitable in size for a station like Leicester North. Also as the boards are nar
  4. Hi mdvle Many thanks for your reply and links to pictures. I have placed a car park on there as have a few oxford cars I would like to display but looking at it the car park is quite big so may reduce it. I forgot to mention after I drew the layout I decided to switch viewpoint so the car park and station are now the front on the layout. I will look at a possible carriage siding. Regarding a signal box I could add it at the end of the reduced size car park, I might try one of the laser cut kit models and build 3 walls and half the r
  5. Hi all, I have been using the time at home recently to start building my first working layout based on a heritage railway. I have built a small depot layout on a single board before but never anything this big - any help would be appreciated. I have designed the layout as 14 feet x 18 inches, to hopefully be able to have running sessions in the house before it can have a permanent place in the garage. It is a OO scale layout, running DCC with NCE Powercab. The points are going to be either wire in tube, or motor powered, with wiring changed and a Gaugemaster
  6. It might be an idea to have Bachmann service dept take a look and get the loco serviced and running sweet for you under warranty if it is economical for you to get it to them
  7. I am planning a layout based on preservation so will always be interested in loco types if preserved examples are produced, but otherwise these classes of locos are of no importance to me. I think Hornby are missing out on sales if they ignore preserved locks!
  8. Hi I have just spoken with Bachmann about this and have been assured they are continuing development of this model and will update the press as developments continue
  9. The sound decoder in the 158s is a Zimo chip I believe
  10. Definitely getting a set in maroon and cream, then if budget allows a set in one of the other colours as well! Great models, especially in the flesh!
  11. Great start to the board, I really like the sweeping curves on the track. What size is the board?
  12. But why would Bachmann want to design decades old technology in a brand new model??m If we stopped the manufacturers back then from making progressively better and more advanced models we would still be using very basic and, to me, very poor models/toys. Our cars/vans/trucks we rely on in our daily lives would be cheaper without the advancements in technology and quality, but would we want to go back to wind down windows, manual chokes, rubbish heaters, small interiors, endless breakdowns etc etc. If we all look to the past in this hobby, it won't have a future.
  13. Olivias make their sound files match Bachmann's??
  14. It says November 18 on Bachmanns website
  15. The last link has not quite gone. I think a few bits from Tags are now in Panda Models so the history will hopefully carry on in some form, a great shop and lovely people as well. They need and deserve suport from the modelling community (not just model railways either, they have slot car products and many plastic kits)
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