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  1. Eric I spent my youth (late 50's to end of steam) trainspotting mostly at Craigentinny but never saw any of the B16s. Having arrived at, presumably Niddrie, did they then go round the Sub to service at Haymarket? Why not go to St Margarets? Malcolm PS. Not seen you in years!
  2. I have a friend at the other end of the age spectrum, 88. He has decreed that at his funeral a recording of a Stainier pacific will be played. The recording apparently starts with just the sound of birds before the train can be heard in the distance, then battling up Shap before fading away into the distance leaving just the sound of the birds again. A very apt reflection on life. I am looking forward to his funeral but the old devil shows every sign of living long enough to get a telegram (is it an email these days?) from HMQ (or her son or possibly grandson.) Malcolm
  3. Neither was Lord Craig! Malcolm PS. Sorry for being a couple of days late with this post but could you all slow down a bit as my old arthritic body and dementia friendly brain are finding it difficult coping with the numerous changes of thread direction and the speed of posting!
  4. MacDuff 999 See 2nd post in this topic re engine at Aberfeldy. A member on here called Marly51 was researching the E&D dairy recently. He may be able to assist. Malcolm
  5. Have managed to solve technical problems at my end. Herewith Charman / Charford article index in pdf downloadable format. Malcolm Charford Articles Index - revised Nov 2019.pdf
  6. Good grief - and I thought Dundreich was a mess underneath!!! Malcolm The underside 19-11-2012comp by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr
  7. OK this is my Index to the Published Works of PDH. If anyone knows of anything that is not on the list please let me know. The list only covers articles and letters etc. written by PDH. Not included are the two appendices : - [1] Articles or other items related to Craigshire / CMR / PD Hancock written and published by others, mostly from 2000 onwards and [2] Known instances where photographs by PDH [not necessarily of the CMR] have been used to illustrate another author’s work. These are currently being updated. Malcolm An Index To The Published Works of P D H Nov 2019 RMWeb.pdf
  8. You are correct Richard, I am limiting myself to Hancock, Charman, Northwood and Hutchison. Life is too short to cast the net wider though Don Rowland and W Loch Kidston would be obvious candidates if I did expand it further. Malcolm
  9. It would appear we both used the same Charford / Charman index placed online back in 2009 by I think 'Caddy'. My Charman index has an article on Railbuilt Signals dating from 1966 and I have an expanded 'Related Letters & Articles' section three items of which date from the original publication of 'Cuddys' index. All additions highlighted in red on the attached. PD's list index of articles will take longer to check but there will be additions, eg his USA articles. Malcolm Charford Articles Index - revised Nov 2019 by Malcolm MacLeod, on Flickr
  10. David Am I correct in saying that Borchester was sold about two years ago to someone in Lancashire? Malcolm
  11. John As the E&LMRC historian I would very much appreciate learning the whereabouts of Charford (on an 'in confidence' basis if necessary). I would also appreciate scans of both articles by Phil Knife if that is possible. I have scans of many of the articles on Charford. When I started trawling the model railway magazine's compiling a list of all P D Hancock's articles and letters I took the opportunity to scan, for the club archives, any articles by the other ELMRC worthies John Charman, Ken Northwood and Sir Eric Hutchison so I have a fairly comprehensive but I suspect incomplete collection of their articles from MRN, RM & MRC and in Hancock's case some of the American mags. Eventually once I have completed my work on PDH I will go back and complete the research on the others whose written exploits are, thankfully, somewhat less prolific. Malcolm
  12. Don't I know it. Whilst we know where some items are there is a lengthy list of items we have no idea whether they still exist or, if they do exist where they currently reside. Welcome to the frustrating world of the model railway historian! Not only did he give things away he bought and sold through the small ads in the mags. etc. etc. PDH dabbled in many branches of our hobby and many an unsuspecting modeller will have in his collection a model that was at one time owned by him. Malcolm
  13. John I did not realise Charford and Marshwood had survived. I wonder if John was a like P D Hancock in that every time the layout was dismantled and rebuilt parts of the previous layout(s) were included in the rebuilt layout. Look into Dundreich and parts of Craigshire dating back to the earliest days of layout can be found. Wonder if the present version of Charford is the same? Malcolm
  14. By the time I was old enough to join the Edinburgh & Lothians MRC John Charman and Charford had moved on to pastures new. I also did not manage to get to the MRJ exhibition [young family and no spare cash to skive off down to London] so never saw the layout in the flesh. Don Rowland informed me that when Charford was dismantled John returned to him a wagon Don had built many years before for John and Charford. What happened to everything else I know not. Malcolm
  15. David As RJSS1977 points out the 7mm CMR was started in his loft but it was never completed, partly due to age but also partly due to the lack of insulation and the cold in the winter. It was featured in 'Return to Craig' in the Nov. 2001 RM. In addition to the buildings some of the 7mm narrow gauge and standard gauge stock was acquired by E&LMRC members, I myself acquiring the 7mm 'Alistair'. Malcolm
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