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  1. So it becomes a personal responsibilty/let the buyer beware sort of thing...
  2. Yes I really think we need a new thread on making more of what we already have (particularly engine wise) - it could be called something like 'Parsimony, frugality and downright stinginess'! Having said that, it is probably not just the money involved - it is the sense of disappointment we all seem to experience when the package arrives and it contains something which looks great but just will not perform in the way it ought too. I know I have dug out my old reliable panniers, collett goods and 45xxs - high time I made more of them...! I'm ranting - I have decided what I am going to do, and that is to not buy any new engines unless I can go to my local model shop (Alton for me) where I can have anything that might tempt me test run! Oh, and avoid the online 'bargains'...!
  3. 90rob

    EFE Gate Stock

    A good excuse to let 'Rule 1' apply! More details at https://www.rmweb.co.uk/pollfiles/004bGuide-SR-PCCS.htm
  4. I honestly think it is a non starter - but if anyone was to go in for it then I think a couple of basic complete train sets - one diesel and one steam - might be the way to go - and both in TT! It would be interesting to see how the Dragons Den crew would tear the idea apart...
  5. ...and talking of spotting, if you have the DVD it is worth looking carefully at the last five minutes or so of the film to see if you can identify the two or three engines which are visible in the scene, from parts of their names and the like...!
  6. 'Activities in certain locations not licensable (1)An activity is not a licensable activity if it is carried on— (a)aboard an aircraft, hovercraft or railway vehicle engaged on a journey,...' https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/17/section/173
  7. Great minds think alike! Mine was to be a sort of mirror image, but after a lot of thought I decided that if I ever got round to it then would have to run with 03s and class 22s. Shelved the idea.
  8. My two are still going strong - both DC and good smooth runners. I would not build a layout based around them though - nowhere near rugged enough I suspect, a nd no way to repair when they do pack up. As you say, back to the drawing board....
  9. Attention Hattons! There should be enough time to get together with EFE/Bachmann to turn out a revamped DJM 14xx as 1401....
  10. My three are pretty worn - I wonder if we will ever see a 'combined volume'...?
  11. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but there are three clear colour photos of 469 in 'J15 Remembered' by R H N Hardy et al. together with a good history of the class. Originally published in 2014 by Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society it might still be available new. I reckon that that description of it's condition is just about right - if anything it might even be a bit cleaner than that...
  12. Living only ten miles or so from the former Hayling branch, I have long considered the practicallity of doing something based on Hayling - but it always comes down to doing the thing justice in a smallish space. The recent appearance of the upgraded terriers though has made me look at it again, and, taking inspiration form the superb Farthing layouts, and how to 'eat and elephant', it occurs to me that the bay at Havant would certainly lend itself to something that might fit into the average garden shed - it could be viewed either from the north, looking across the platform and with the warehouse in the background, or from the south with a representation of the platform with perhaps a 2-BIL beyond that as as backscene. Must find an old envelope to do some drawings on the back of....
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