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  1. The few that do turn up second hand seem to be very expensive. It might be worth contacting Lightmoor Press to see if they can be encouraged to do a reprint as they did for 'BR Steam in Dean'. I would buy one!
  2. Yes, same applies with the late black. Such a shame - just compare the setup with an 08 and you can see that Hornby can do it if they really want to...
  3. Yes well said Stationmaster. I have one of the Hornby ones, and while it is good - it is just not quite there; for me, those Hex nuts spoil the look of the whole thing. The next one will be from Rails. An odd suggestion though for anyone who like me has a few of the old '20th century' terriers laying around - stick a circle of second radius on a bit of chipboard and pass a terrier on to the grand son/grand daughter - you never know what it might lead to...!
  4. Now run in and much better. I should have realised - the running characteristics of the new terrier are almost identical to those of the M7.
  5. How appropriate that the April Railway Modeller should have a picture of Gordon and Maggie Gravett's superb O gauge '32636' on the equally superb 'Arun Quay' on the front cover!
  6. OK I think I need to clarify my earlier post a bit. I've been out in the shed and compared the new terrier with my Dapol B4, and the B4 is certainly more controllable at lower speed (DC). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the terriers general running but on my setup the terrier seems a bit overeager, and to control it at the very slowest shunting speeds you need to make very fine movements of the control knob and there is a slight tendency to stall. I'll give it an hours run, and see how it does with a coach or two.
  7. Surely Hattons could have found a better example to photograph - or are they all like that?
  8. Yes point taken - my half dozen terriers are all quite old and a bit noisy, and indeed I have replaced the motors in two of them. They run very well if you constantly maintain them. The new unit is a little beauty though and does run very smoothly if a little faster than I was expecting - if anything it may be time for me to upgrade my controller and (gulp!) switch to DCC. ..
  9. There is of course a sort of ruggedness about the old model - the new one is far more delicate. The most noticeable immediate difference is the height of the side tanks and buffers. The old model is geared to run much more slowly than the new one (edit - and has a degree of compensation on the middle axle, which the new one does not have), and for that reason I am sure it still has a place on many layouts.
  10. Arrived this morning, and pleased to say it is a smooth runner straight from the box. The overall proportions are good - much less bulky than the old model. A few cruel closeups:
  11. Email from Hornby "Great news! Your BR, 'Terrier', 0-6-0T, 32636 - Era 5 (R3768) Pre-Order has now arrived at our warehouse and will shortly be prepared for dispatch."
  12. 90rob

    Little Muddle

    Very Bradford Barton...! Wonderful stuff!
  13. ...nor it seems much else that I am looking for - searched for dpdt switches and it asked me if I meant 'dust'...
  14. 90rob

    Oxford N7

    My apologies if this has been mentioned before - I haven't been right through the thread - but there is a British Pathe film of various N7s meeting their end at Stratford at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H5Cy6NqUkQ Good close up views of some of the details.
  15. Well I see what you mean, but both versions look good IMHO. The wife thought it was real until I pointed out the lack of track....
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