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  1. Yes it is annoying when bits fall off, but I am sure you are right in valuing running qualities above everything else. Cosmetic repairs are something you get used to - the number of times I have broken details with careless handling (!) - but I have always found that you can put up with a cosmetic repair or two but a badly running loco will forever 'offend the eye' and should never be tolerated from new.
  2. 90rob

    Little Muddle

    'The Stone Age Railway' ....... something for next years 'Great Model Railway Challenge'.....
  3. Well the description is honest enough, but I don't think it does Hattons reputation any favours to offer such an item at such a price - after all, it is virtually scrap.
  4. Yes if you search on their email address "[email protected]" you will find that they have set up other dodgy sites, the latest identified just two days ago....
  5. 90rob

    Hornby repairs.

    Agree... I've got a Schools and a King Arthur sitting in the repair drawer, and I am sure they will never get done. It is for that reason that I no longer buy the larger Hornby locos.
  6. I had the same problem while trying to buy a camera many years ago. Having a thick 'ampshire' accent (very much like the engine drivers on the DVD of the Hayling Branch Line) I went up to London for the day and asked to see a Neekon. The assistant looked at me, puzzled, and then asked if I meant a Neyekon. I eventually found the correct way to pronounce it...Pentax.
  7. 90rob

    The Engine Shed

    ...although you had to keep well clear of the platform edge when a BoB or WC went through at full tilt...!
  8. 90rob

    The Engine Shed

    Absolutely not condoning the behaviour - but how times change. I seem to recall that during the 'Flying Scotsman Goes South' tour in 1966 our local station was so packed with sightseers that the train was held up for quite some time while people flooded over the tracks. I remember the porter trying to get people back on to the platforms so that the expected service in the opposite direction could pass....
  9. Even though many engines in the 60s were absolutely filthy, I've always thought that models which have been 'heavily weathered' just don't look as realistic as more lightly weathered examples. I'm aware of colour scaling effects - do similar rules apply with weathering?
  10. Enough...enough already! I'm going back to my usual territory and reading 'Little Muddle'. 'A nod to Brent', 'Castle Aching', 'Bleat Wharf', 'Sheep Chronicles', 'Cwm Bach', 'Hembourne'. 'The Farthing Layouts' and a few others, where I feel much more at home. Then I'll do a bit of modelling, and maybe look in again in a week or two and see what the final outcome of all this is...!
  11. Oh dear. I might be in the minority but I am actually quite concerned for DJ – he must be in a pretty bad place right now, and I think his announcements must have reflected some desperation. I do hope he can sort all this out and consolidate his business into something smaller and more manageable, and something which plays to his strengths. The guy must be very hard working to have turned out the portfolio that he has. I only have experience of his 14xx, but I thought that that was really very good – if only he had realised at that stage that there were some engineering limitations in his designs and then gone for a much more limited range of highly detailed wagons and the like and built the business up much more slowly ...it just seems to me that he over extended himself.... .... and DJ, if you read this, take a couple of days off and get some R & R...!
  12. I just keep thinking of a certain film....
  13. The few that do turn up second hand seem to be very expensive. It might be worth contacting Lightmoor Press to see if they can be encouraged to do a reprint as they did for 'BR Steam in Dean'. I would buy one!
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