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  1. Obviously you’re less clumsy than me! I couldn’t risk a coffee cup anywhere near a control panel. D
  2. Great pictures as usual. Good to see the fruits of your labours. I never like to nag when nothing happens for days, or weeks. People have real lives away fromRMWeb which sometimes take priority over keeping the fans happy. D
  3. The latest edition of BRM arrived in my Readly inbox today. Although I have followed the viaduct build here I felt that the (relatively) short summary really served to emphasise just the scale of the task. D
  4. It would have to be post watershed if it was REALLY dirty! D
  5. Looking suitably grotty! Is “late evening paint mix” a separate mix to standard day time mix? D
  6. The “pretty” shots of the viaduct are great but this is an integrated system you are building. It all deserves and merits exposure (pun intended) D
  7. Lovely suite of photos, Jeff. Personal favourite would be No.2 D
  8. Just catching up with your question re modelling activity. I am currently working on a club project in readiness for the SEC next Feb (hopefully!) with another club layout in the wings. More interestingly (to me anyway) is the box containing laser cut baseboard bits in the spare room that will become my first home built layout in ages. A simple shunting plank will emerge over winter
  9. Wet track on the S&C? Surely not! The embankments are looking great. D
  10. Let me start by saying I can barely spell perspective so this notion can be dismissed at will. You could consider a bend to the left in the extension to lead it behind the pier. This might help fool the eye. D
  11. The first picture is very illuminating (bad pun, sorry). If you rearranged the lighting as suggested it would blend in very well with the backscene! Please don’t get too hung up on colour. If it looks right to your eye then that’s what matters. Cameras and phones tell porkies - unfortunately different ones! D
  12. More good stuff. love the technical description eg “bushy bits”. underselling it again. D
  13. I’ve never thought lovely blue skies were the best backscene option given UK weather but looking at your most recent post I think in this case the greater contrast with the viaduct will work. The lane is looking really good. D
  14. We’ve had a similar weather change herein Motherwell
  15. A lovely “summery” shot for the solstice, Jeff D
  16. I don’t have any experience with point rodding but did recently do battle with Modelu guttering/down pipe fittings. They are wonderful products but oh so tiny. I could not have managed without my illuminated magnifying lamp. You are braver than me to take on this task! D
  17. The second shot works better I think. It does better justice to your hard work. D
  18. Static grass often looks dark/rich. It looks a bit dark compared to the “real life” shot but future layers will probably tone it back. The “patchwork” look is very successful
  19. You’ve “nailed it”, especially in the first of today’s new shots! D
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