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  1. Thank you so much ‘Ben’. As I’ve mentioned before these are all first time experiences for me and I’m really enjoying it. Kind words like that serve to encourage. To be honest I’m happier than I thought I would be with it so pretty chuffed. Also thanks for the tips regarding making this great forum work as it should. It seems alright at the moment so fingers crossed but should it all go to pot again you’ve given me good information to get around it. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ads were relevant but the worst is not being able to use the site. Thanks again. Andy
  2. Ah, it appears I’ve spoken to soon. The top banner is back covering the icons. Back to the drawing board.
  3. Ok Andy but just to give some feedback from this side it all looks and behaves as it should. Nothing against adverts I get that they are a necessity to fund the operation but it was so frustrating having them covering such an important part of the forum. Thanks for the hard work. Andy
  4. Normal service seems to have resumed. Thanks Andy.
  5. Yep same here too. Happy days. And a Bute Road video to watch when I get in from work too. Good stuff.
  6. Thanks, I was really to scared to start it to be honest so spent the time collecting materials. Must say how much I’m enjoying it now though. It’s really rewarding seeing the layout come to life. I’m pretty pleased with the results and surprised myself somewhat. I'm answering via the notifications icon so dare I believe it might be fixed? Hopefully. Thanks for popping by. Andy
  7. That’s what I’m getting Ian. The white band blocking access to the notifications. I can see I have notifications but when I click on the link they are just hidden. Hopefully this will be sorted soon. Until then I’ll just continue to mutter obscenities to myself. Fingers crossed normal service will resume. Andy
  8. Can’t see my notifications on either the mobile site or desktop version today. Both being viewed on my iPhone. Hopefully this will get sorted soon as it’s spoiling the enjoyment of this site. Yes I get the site has to be funded but surely not to the detriment of actually being able to use it?
  9. Agree Andy. It’s a complete pain in the proverbial. It’s just winding me up now. Andy
  10. Same here Graham. I’ve been changing to the desktop version to get around the problem but now that version has the same issue. It’s getting to much of a faff now.
  11. Seems back to normal now (unless my phone has defaulted to the desktop version) It appears to be the latter.
  12. My 3 dots seem to be bottom right but still had the desired effect. Brilliant. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Thanks for your response. I can still navigate around the site but I have to do it bathe hard way and check the threads I’m following via the search feature. The notifications feature is great but obviously only if we can use it. I can’t get access to my DMs either. I’m guessing/hoping that Andy and friends will remedy this and we can all go back to the user friendly version. I’m sure we’re not the only ones. Thanks again
  14. Hi All, Has this site got a bit of a glitch this weekend? I’m struggling with it on my phone. I can’t access my notifications. When I click on them they are hidden on the next screen by an advert and when I X out of the advert there is just a blank box there still covering my notifications. I just wondered if I was struggling alone? Andy
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