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  1. Very pleasant day today working on the platform. Can't seem to find any YouTube tutorials on the way I'm trying to do it do I'm winging it somewhat. Happy with progress tho. Went through the drawers looking for the lamps I'd purchased so I could have a look and see what modifications were needed. Nothing similar seems to be available. Before I found them I came across a couple of sound chips I'd purchased at Warley a couple of years ago so I decided it was time to give 37 112 her voice. Fitted the chip and put her on the track to see how she sounded. A high pitched whistle followed by silence doesn't bode well does it? My modelling is generally 2 steps forward and one back but today was definitely 1 forward and 100 back. Pretty cheesed off but we go again tomorrow. All of the platform coping stones have now been cut and painted, the platform surface is glued in place so tomorrow I will fit the coping stones. Going forward decoder fitting will now be carried out by professionals. I'll happily pay £20 extra to save £100 wasted on a blown chip. Bit disheartened this evening. I'm sure food and a couple of nice drams will cheer me up tho. Andy
  2. Thanks Rob. After watching your clip a few times I was on the net looking into it. I came across the roads and rails option. I wouldn't have the skills to do that myself either but would definitely consider getting them to do one or two of my fleet also. Thanks for your evaluation of cost Vs quality. Useful information. Like you I hope that the accurascale 37s sound that good. Thanks for posting the clip. Andy
  3. That's awesome Rob. Where have you mounted the speaker? Andy
  4. Hi JP, Thanks for your kind comments. Hopefully my layout will turn out as good as it is in my mind's eye. I will look forward to watching your version develop too. Best of luck with it. Exciting times. Andy
  5. Please do. I'm building Mallaig in 4mm so would be interesting to watch your layout develop too. What era are you going for? Andy
  6. Keefer, you are a star. Lovely map, very clear. Useful for me to for the roads on the housing estate. Good luck with your project JP. Will you be doing a thread? Andy
  7. I was only watching this train feature on a dvd the other night (not a 27 on WHL tho). Id like to do a version for my layout based on the one in Tom Noble's Mallaig Extension in BR days. Looks great and more cracking photos Rob. Andy
  8. The view from another angle. Very basic mock up but it's a start.
  9. Very Very early stages of the mock up for the oil dock today (amongst other odds n bods). I think I've got the size and position there or there abouts. Pouring over photos but it only really appears in a photo of a train. Could really use a whole album where it is the subject. There is a second slightly higher level at the rear where 3 (different) tanks sit vertically so I'll have to see what's available and what looks right. I have some spare drain pipe which I think is right for at least one of them. I have photos taken by myself but the tanks have gone but in a way that's handy as I can see how the land lies. Just got to find them now. There are a lot of photos of houses on the same disk so I need to locate it. I had it a couple of weeks ago so it won't be far. Fortunately I won't need to build the whole estate but a couple of social housing bungalows and the rear of some semis in low relief will be adequate. The small block of tennament flats overlooking the whole scene will be quite prominent and important to get that right. Low or half relief I'm thinking. Andy.
  10. Platform face weathering today but while it dries one thing leads to another.... Perfect excuse to play trains while enjoying a brew. This is normal right?
  11. RSH BR blue with cutaway skirts is all I'm missing now coz I need at least 2. Hopefully good things come to those who wait. I'm ok with the slight delay to Q2 as post furlough there's a little bit of financial catching up to do. Can't wait to see them in the flesh. Andy
  12. Just been up to the attic and although I'm chuffed with the results I agree Rob, they need more sleeper grime and black. I think I've taken twee railway prettiness and weathered as I've dated. However Mallaig's platform faces although a thing of beauty were absolutely filthy and I need to be a bit more ruthless. I came on this site for guidance and it's been given. Thank you. Andy
  13. Hi Rob, thanks for your input. The platform faces have had the Everard Junction treatment with the sponge. I painted them a light grey with a couple of coats then added a darker grey and went mad with the sponge. In the pictures they actually look lighter than in reality. Sometimes I look at them and love them, next time I think another coat and a thrashing with the sponge. The pic you have put up they are filthy and I'm now thinking go filthy and go mad with the sponge. I have that pic and a few others and I think you're right. I think I'm just being a bit causatious. They look great in the flesh but not like the photo. Oo I know you're right. Dirty em up more. Input very much appreciated. Thank you. Andy
  14. Lovely looking layout, great starting point. BR blue in Scotland? I'm in! Good luck with it Matt. Andy.
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