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  1. Message to self...... remember to attach photos
  2. This wanton waste of good modelling time is entirely down to Rob Well you have to have a play don’t you? The Kaydee couplers do sit slightly to high on the TTAs. They couple up to the loco and the coaches but it’s 50/50 whether they uncouple over the magnets due to the metal pins sitting a tad higher than they’re supposed to. I’ll fine tune over time. Andy
  3. We no have darker rocks. I’m much happier with this shade. I went over them again but this time incorporated some umber and put less water in the mix. I did it on a test piece first, was happy with the results so set to on the layout. Still needs some detailing with dry brushing but I’m quite a happy highland bunny this evening.
  4. These are the ones that had been acquired originally
  5. For some time now I have been frustrated over the choices for platform lighting. I had purchased a pack that I thought would have to do but the lenses were spherical and just wouldn't of looked right. Recently I have been to a lot of model railway exhibitions courtesy of YouTube and came across a layout called Seven Ash which is heavily based on Old Oak Common during the 70s. I noticed the lamps on this layout would be almost perfect for Mallaig so I contacted Steve who owns the layout to ask what he'd used. They were from kits but he advised that they were absolute pigs to put together so tha
  6. Definitely need the attic windows open when operating that one
  7. Agree with David above. Hope you are now able to progress with the new control system. Would be interested to hear a little more about it when you’re up and running. Yes that Mallaig movement would make a great video if you ever get the time and inclination andy
  8. Sorry to hear you’re having a frustrating time with the new control Rob. I noticed a very brief clip popped up on YouTube. Hopefully ESU can give you the answer and it’s only something minor. more great pics again this morning though.
  9. I can't claim to have taken the photo, I just screen shot it from another thread on here but you're absolutely right, it literally oozes atmosphere.
  10. Ian, I too seem to have the same model of time machine as yourself. A recent discovery over the weekend will find you hanging out of the window of the 9th coach (yes 9th) of a train from FW to Mallaig in 1981. If you type "Fort William to Mallaig - 18/04/81" into the destination module, charge up your flux capacitor and hit go you should enjoy the ride. Sadly you will be transported back to the present before getting the chance to observe the shunt and run round at Mallaig. Enjoy
  11. Just a couple of photos of BCK 21246. Since my mate led it's restoration it would be a shame not to have this vehicle modelled on my layout. Andy
  12. Thanks to those who have commented on the shade of the rocks. I'm going to dabble on a test casting that I have that had had exactly the same treatment as the ones on the layout. I wasn't actually going to use the leopard spotting method as my initial thoughts ered towards the Luke Towen method first seen by me when demonstrated by Charlie at Chadwick on YouTube. However once one investigates painting rocks it doesn't take long for the leopard spotting to come to the fore. So my current thinking is to have a dabble on the test piece and see what can be done. I should explain that I have alread
  13. This kind of move is what has fascinated me about Mallaig since I first saw a series of photographs of it in 83. Your photos this morning are just oozing atmosphere. It's a move that so far I have been unable to replicate myself as I'm using Kaydee couplings and the NEM pocket on the Bachmann TTAs sit to high and won't couple to my locos. Modification is on the 'to do' list. I have however had lots of fun with the observation saloon. A move which if done at prototypical speed takes 15 minutes, obviously time has to be allowed for the second man/shunter to operate the groundframe, rejoin the lo
  14. Hi Rob, Thanks for the kind words. Yes I am thinking that the rocks need to be a little darker too, I even gave them a second black wash but I didn't get the effect of hoped for, I will give it some thought. I used stone grey and black as my colours and I'm thinking perhaps I should of included umber. Yes indeed the grass does cover a lot of the rocks so much of them will be covered up eventually when I move on to the greenery etc. Love the photo you attached, it's actually one I have a print of and use regularly. Yes all my coaching stock will be renumbered, in fact a few exam
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