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  1. Blimey, thats some seriously rapid progress.
  2. Thats a , there were a few bits I could have done with too. A lot of the good ON30 suppliers have dissappeared recently. Anyway, best wishes to their family and hope things work out for them. I would also love to see the range taken over.
  3. I used to use XtrakCAD, but prefer to use SCARM now.
  4. There are two at Sellafield. https://goo.gl/maps/s37mhYTq7AmMYKJN8
  5. I have been looking fondly at the Kiss 0-4-4-0 mallet and I agree it is a delightful and very well detailed model. But at over 2 1/2 grand, my credit card quakes at the mere thought of it. https://www.kiss-modellbahnen.de/spur-1/die-bayerische-bb-ii-br-98-7-zuckersusi/ My Dapol Terrier in Southern region lined green is a stunning model for less than 10% of the cost of the German offering and as such offers incredible value for money.
  6. Excellent. I do think narrow gauge locos look much better as "miniatures".
  7. The first Maplins in Southampton did pretty well as it was based in student land and catered very well for people building amplifiers, PA speakers and radio equipment. There was another electronics emporium just up the road that was known as "stoneheads" due to the fact he didnt open until 11.00 and closed at 4.30. He was the "go to" supplier for project cases, transformers and monster capacitors.
  8. Wll that was an epic read. The new core laser is calling to me and I havent even started drinking yet. Has anyone use Visio as a drawing programme, or will I need to get my head round yet more sopftware?
  9. Have to echo previous comments. Stunning work and the Sentinel is epic.
  10. Night Train

    Dapol 08

    Apologies for the overtly selling nature of this post. I have a set of laser cut wipers made by Giles for the Dapol 08 if anyone is interested. I purchased these some time ago, but they are unused and still stapled to the instruction sheet. I would like £4.50 posted. Thanks.
  11. I would love to have an old caboose as a man cave.
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