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  1. Night Train

    Dapol 08

    If new replacement spare parts exhibit exactly the same fault, it would be very difficult for Dapol to deny its a manufacturing defect.
  2. For N gauge, I prefer Tomix. The range is equally large, but the road bed profile is considerably smaller. http://www.trainweb.org/tomix/track/tomix_track.htm Kato, Tomix, Fleischmann, Peco
  3. Shinohara do code 83 bridge track. https://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/Shinohara_Track___Pointwork__HO__Code_83.html
  4. I was in talks with Simon from Kitwood Hills about making an O gauge version. Would be ideal for a multitude of small shunting planks. Unfortunately, he was too busy to pursue the design.
  5. Curse you. I have become addicted to online puzzles now.
  6. Thats brilliant. Has everything you need in a small layout.
  7. Could someone advise the overall length of this loco with an autocoach. Thanks.
  8. Stunning work. The lining really suits the loco,
  9. Th Kato chassis' are still available on ebay. Look for Japanese sellers.
  10. I am still puzzled by the need to have forums and blogs. Surely you are creating 2 separate areas each will therefore only get half the available traffic and content. Seems that people prefer to use one or the other formats, and rarely visit the "other side". By offering a choice, the forum management have divided the population and rendered half the content "lost" to most people.
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