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  1. Stunning work. The lining really suits the loco,
  2. Th Kato chassis' are still available on ebay. Look for Japanese sellers.
  3. I am still puzzled by the need to have forums and blogs. Surely you are creating 2 separate areas each will therefore only get half the available traffic and content. Seems that people prefer to use one or the other formats, and rarely visit the "other side". By offering a choice, the forum management have divided the population and rendered half the content "lost" to most people.
  4. I generally dont read the blogs. Prefer the forum layout.
  5. I still havent found an acrylic that works well when brush painted.
  6. A lovely layout and one I have admired. I linked to it on here before to show what can be accomplished in a small space. I did see the layout on ebay about 18months ago, so its still out there.
  7. That looks loads better. What "coal" did you use?
  8. I think you need to have the slips and points with the same radius. Also, Y points need to be the same radius on each side, so all are compatible with each other and no adaptor tracks are needed.
  9. I think you also need to have one siding set along the quayside. Just a quick & rough sketch.
  10. A couple of goodies from the ACWR. https://www.railpictures.net/showimage.php?id=663381&key=4335825 https://www.railpictures.net/showimage.php?id=648463&key=4335825 https://www.railpictures.net/showimage.php?id=647908&key=4335825
  11. I have just mailed Peco and asking if there will be a Y point. And more importantly, will its radius be compatible with the medium radius points. With the 83 range, the Y is only compatible with the very large radius points which rather spoils things a bit.
  12. That plan doesnt work. THe R600 bottom left is only 160mm long. Not long enough the get a loco and wagon into the sidings bottom right.
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