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  1. Funny you should mention the new build cookie cutter housing...as when I posted that picture, I thought to myself I wonder what that view looks like nowadays if it had been built on.
  2. Thanks Keefer Yes back in the 70s and 80s, especially when we were young money was tight. You had 24 attempts to get a picture. Perhaps stretched over a couple of trips squinting through a Zorki viewfinder or equivalent. I wish I had had more money to go north more often or do a railtour. But not having much was the norm in the 70s 80s for many of us. I made the most of it I suppose. I was young and looking back wished I had pictured more of the every day. But when your 20 something the every day is boring and you don't realise how quickly it will disappear...and you are loco obsessed.
  3. Unfortunately nothing that dramatic. Just both stabled next to each other. I was on a 47 hauled service once in the area and it failed. Was wondering what was going to appear to rescue us...they hooked a class 37 up to front, which was pretty unusual. I have numbers in my notes somewhere
  4. The last five Well I hope a few of you found the pictures a good trip down memory lane. Here are the final five random pictures. All the best Steve New Street Severn Tunnel Junction St Blazey Westbury area Reading
  5. Thank you for posting that clip. The lack of sound almost adds to the nostalgic quality.
  6. various 47s. I have almost run out of photos to post up. Temple Meads Stratford Tinsley
  7. Thank you Peter. Sorry for the late reply but I have only just caught up with the thread. I will update the database with that sighting.
  8. A couple of every day shots of rats at Milton Keynes. On a blisteringly hot summers day in the 1980s.
  9. I want to use some existing code 100 track I have for my fiddle yard and join it to code 75 bullhead for the part of the layout that will be seen. Can someone one give me any tips. Do I use code 75 rail joiners and file down the bottom of the code 100 to fit. Any advice appreciated.
  10. Final picture. I will put off purchasing another for the time being and wait and see if a class 45/1 or class 46 is produced at somepoint. Steve
  11. A few more pictures of the peak. One showing an overview. Got my eye on upgrading my class 47 fleet. Again Bachmann or Heljan? Perhaps 47012 renumbered into 47285 might be a start point.
  12. Well four years after starting this thread. Here she is. Thank you Bachmann
  13. Well I took the plunge, seeing as I started the thread on RMweb asking Bachmann to produce a flush front peak. I decided not to wait for the Heljan and purchase Bachmanns 45041 First pass on weathering. I have waited a long time to get my hands on one of these. It is about 90% done. Its a bit light in places. But pretty happy with the progress so far. Gave her a little run too, very smooth.
  14. New camera phone. So a couple of snaps. Currently weathering Bachmann 45041. And a cargowaggon, I want to recreate a 47 hauled freight out of Dover Town Yard in the early 80s. 47436 hurries through past the yard on the main line line. 31117 sits on the fuel point before being stabled. My Heljan 47s are going to be retired. Eagerly awaiting the new Bachmann one. Hopefully a couple in banger blue.
  15. I have a fleet of 4 Heljan tubby 47s. I have put a lot of work into them over the years, weathering, built handrails etc. But they just don't cut it any more when sat next to my newer models. So they are up for retirement. Two new Bachmann blue ones for me to start with. Well done Bachmann
  16. Random Black and White Processed and printed by myself, a bit of trial and error, I seem to remember. Generator at Bounds Green 33 at Swansea 45134 at Temple Meads
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