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  1. Now we have seen pictures of a green and maroon Princess Coronation class locomotives I enclose a picture of my new blue one. My new R3857 6220 Coronation ran very well with a rake of six free running old Coronation Scot coaches as did my old tender driven Coronation. I am sure that they will both be able to cope with nine new Coronation Scot coaches when they come out.
  2. I enclose a picture of my collection of Coronation class locomotives and coaches. I think that the maroon coaches are mainly fictitious coaches although there is a maroon Coronation Scot coach in the National Railway Museum. I think that the coaches with metal wheels on the top three shelves are an improvement on the other coaches with plastic wheels. The headboards on the blue coaches represent separate boards that are attached to the coaches whereas the headboards on the maroon coaches represent letters painted on. The blue coaches had painted headboards by 31 May 1938 with white letters o
  3. R4218 brake end was 5052 and was made from 2004-05 and as part of R3092 train pack made from 2012-13 The prototype 5052 was a brake first coach in set 1 but I am not sure if the model was, I cannot see any reference to 1075 as a prototype or a model so perhaps it is a collector's item,
  4. I think that the Hornby Dublo Stanier coaches have not been surpassed until Hornby made their recent models although the Mainline Stanier coaches were not bad. I also think that the old Hornby Stanier coaches look better in Coronation Scot livery and they sold well. Judging by the numbers of pre-orders for the new Hornby Coronation coaches it looks like people are prepared to pay in anticipation of accurate models even though no-one has seen the finished products.
  5. While waiting for the new Coronation Scot coaches there is an opportunity to see what improvements we can hope for to the earlier models. The previous models are dimensionally accurate and the livery looks correct. My brake 3rd coach from the R836 train set is 5792 from Coronation Scot set 2. Hornby also made the brake 3rd 5812 and brake 1st 5052 from set 1. I also have corridor 1st 1069 from set 1 that Hornby made in 2001 and again from 2004-2005. The brake 3rd has the correct number of windows whereas the corridor 1st has seven large windows whereas it should have five and a
  6. When Hornby first made the Coronation coaches in 1992 I think they were only available as a set of three in the Coronation Scot train set. Hornby made the individual Coronation coaches later but until recently they made them as R4906 which was a set of three. I think it is an excellent idea for Hornby to produce sets of three Coronation coaches so people can build up a train of six to nine coaches. The picture shows my R836 Coronation Scot train set dating from the 1990s which makes an effective display with just three coaches.
  7. The open coach seems to be out of stock at Hornby.
  8. It looks like the Tri-ang TT range had locomotives with the late British Railways crest and the coaches were in late British Railways regional colours.
  9. Thank you for the information about the Royal Mail coaches. Another model that can be compared with Tri-ang 00 and TT and Hornby Dublo is their restaurant car. They were all flagship models as they were the first British coaches to have detailed interiors and the 00 gauge models appeared in 1957. The Tri-ang 00 gauge model was made in BR green, crimson and cream, maroon and chocolate and cream whereas the TT version was green, maroon and chocolate and cream and the Hornby Dublo version was produced as D21 brown and cream, D20 crimson and cream and D22 in a horrible red colour whic
  10. Hornby has sold out of the L&MR open third now. It is a bit silly limiting the numbers to 1,000 when the demand clearly exceeds that figure.
  11. Sorry I meant mail bags. I have altered my post.
  12. I had a Tri-ang mail coach set and I used to play with it for hours with a Tri-ang green Princess and a maroon suburban coach. I thought it was strange having a midland region set with hoardings advertising Margate. I lived in Kent, my main interest was the Southern Railway but Tri-ang and Hornby Dublo hardly produced anything for the Southern enthusiast but the hoardings suggested that it was a midland region train visiting Kent. I sold the mail coach a long time ago but they are still readily available second hand. The Hornby Dublo mail coach set came a few years later and were
  13. I don't know why Tri-ang and Hornby Dublo stopped including bottles of oil with their locomotives and sets. Since then I have had problems possibly caused by using the wrong type of oil. A Wrenn City of Liverpool and the locomotive part of several Hornby tender driven locomotives have seized up possibly due to using the wrong type of oil and the gear wheels of some Hornby locomotives have worked loose possibly for the same reason. If oil is supplied with a locomotive as it was in Hornby Dublo and Tri-ang days this should not happen. I have still got a tube of Hornby Dublo oil.
  14. Another Dublo and Tri-ang 00 comparison is the Hornby Dublo Duchess of Atholl set and the Tri-ang Princess Elizabeth set. Tri-ang did not make any Princess Coronation class locomotives in TT gauge so there is nothing in TT to compare them with. The Tri-ang set included a controller and some detailed instructions on the box lid. The track and coaches have warped a bit but the locomotive runs very well. I am not sure that the Duchess of Atholl is in the correct box but the engine is worn out. The valve gear seized up on a test run and the rear driving wheels are loose on their axle
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