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  1. Are there any reviews of the Hornby Bulleid 59' coaches?
  2. In a scene similar to Appledore station in Kent my H class arrives with a couple of birdcage coaches. Travelling via Appledore to New Romney in 1955 was one of my earliest experiences of train travel. In the last leg of the journey the locomotive seemed to skip along the track and the telegraph wires appeared to go up and down outside. I remember the carriage prints and the leather straps to open the windows.
  3. Unfortunately the Swanage Railway shop has only got one BR SR brake left so when the composites arrive I will not be able to make up a complete set from my local shop. Hattons has got over 10 of each of the Bulleid 59' coaches left.
  4. I bought my model of 'Beachy Head' from the Swanage Railway shop. I am pleased that my purchase has benefitted the Bluebell and Swanage railways.
  5. I ran in my H class for half an hour in each direction at Godlingston Manor barn at Swanage. It ran very well and we were impressed with the detail on the model.
  6. I have got the Southern Style specimen colour samples for the modeller recently published by the Historical Model Railway Society. I have only got R4882 the Southern composite from Set 965 and that looks reasonably close to SR post-war malachite green. The shade is slightly lighter than Hornby's Southern Maunsell coaches.
  7. In reply to Big Herb's post I think spoon 1 is malachite green and spoon 3 is BR SR green. The BR brakes from set 968 seem to be selling best from Hattons with R4888 their 15th best seller and R4888A their 16th best seller. The Swanage Railway shop has sold out of the BR brakes and R4882 the Southern malachite green composite. I am waiting for all the coaches to come out before buying a complete set so if the brakes from Set 968 sell out I hope to buy Set 972. I don't think that the malachite green coaches will sell as well as the BR coaches so I should be able to buy Sets 965 or 973.
  8. Southern brake 3rds R4884, R4884A, R4884B & R4884C & BR SR composites R4886A also not expected until July and September from Hattons. Should we wait until they all arrive and then make an order to save postage or should we buy them when they come out? Probably makes sense to buy them from nearest model shops as they usually match Hattons' prices on coaches.
  9. You will be pleased to see that the cycling lion version of the H class has now arrived at Hattons and Rails. Rails have sent me one that I ordered on 23 March 2018 so I am looking forward to running it. I vaguely remember being hauled by one from Ashford to New Romney on our annual holidays in the 1950s.
  10. They were the same as the 59' Maunsell coaches. The toplight window enabled people to see which station the passengers were alighting from when they were standing up. It brings back memories, not altogether happy, of commuting to work to London. I wonder if Hornby will be putting carriage prints above the seats in future coaches or whether some enterprising firm will produce them as transfers together with luggage racks and passengers.
  11. Bearing in mind that the sets remained in malachite green as follows: 965 March 1956 968 December 1953 972 July 1953 973 August 1955 perhaps Hornby are correct in describing the BR green coaches as era 4 (1948 - 1956) After Nationalisation British Railways would have replaced the Southern lettering with British Railways lettering. With successive coats of varnish the malachite green livery would have darkened to match British Railways SR green which is why they chose that colour. It would therefore be equally correct to run a BR cycling lion locomotive with BR green Bulleid 59' coaches as with BR Bulleid 59' crimson and cream coaches
  12. On page 121 of their 2019 catalogue Hornby describes the BR green coaches as era 4, early British Railways 1948 - 1956. I wonder how they will describe the crimson and cream coaches if they produce them. Otherwise Hornby has written a lot of useful information about the Bulleid 59' coaches on page 120.
  13. Yes there is a prism effect in the Hornby Bulleid's glazing and I thought that Hornby had overcome this problem. I noticed that there were only two no smoking compartments in the carriage which brings back memories of passive smoking on train journeys in the 1950s. Times have changed. I thought that in Southern days the smoking compartments had red lozenge smoking signs and the non-smoking compartments had green lozenge non-smoking signs. I thought that the triangular signs only came in under British Railways. I think the detailing of the coach is superb. I can almost lower the window and undo the handle to get off the train in comparison to pulling a strap on the Maunsell coaches. I notice that the first class seats are blue and the third class seats are red. I have not seen any magazine reviews of the Hornby Bulleid coaches yet. Perhaps we need to wait for the August editions.
  14. Perhaps it would have been better if Hornby had sold the 59' Bulleid coaches in sets of three as most people would want to purchase a rake of three coaches. My local shop at Swanage Station has sold out of the BR brakes and I bought there last R4882 Southern composite number 5711 from Set 965. I don't think that the 59' Bulleid coaches ever reached Swanage but a set of three coaches looks good on a small Southern layout. I enclose some pictures to compare the shades of green Hornby have used for the Bulleid Southern 59' coaches, the Maunsell Southern coaches, the old Southern coach and a Bulleid Pacific. They are all different colours but they should all be the same colour. I think that the new Bulleid coaches are the correct shade and it will be interesting to compare the shade with the Southern coaches on the Isle of Wight steam railway and the Bluebell line and some parcels vans on the Swanage Railway. One problem with these new coaches is how to get rid of the old coaches. I paid £14.50 for my R4009C old Southern coach. After trying to sell them at a three day exhibition I sold them to a dealer for £5 each. He said they will be hard to sell but someone will buy them eventually. The new coaches are a huge improvement.
  15. The LNER apple green livery without the smoke deflectors looked wonderful when I went on a railtour headed by the Flying Scotsman in 1968 but now I prefer it in BR green with smoke deflectors.
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