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  1. I am finding HMRS Livery Registry no 3 LSWR and Southern difficult to follow on this topic. Electric sets had grey roofs. It looks like the other coaches had white roofs up to the early 1930s and grey in the later 1930s. I think coach roofs were grey during the 2nd World War so they were more difficult targets for the bombers. It looks like olive coaches had white roofs but not all coaches with grey roofs were malachite.
  2. My LSWR five compartment third class and brake baggage coaches have arrived today from Kernow in Cornwall via Birmingham and Bournemouth. This has enabled me to display them by my model of the original Swanage station.
  3. Thank you for the information about the kitchen car bogies. You will be pleased to read that I have now received my full set of Coronation Scot coaches. I bought the Coronation locomotive and two coaches from the Swanage Station shop and the remaining coaches came today from Kernow in Cornwall via Birmingham and Bournemouth.
  4. With all these Merchant Navy Pacific engines coming out it may be an opportune moment to view my collection. My favourite is the air smoothed blue East Asiatic Company with the Pullman coaches.
  5. Thank you for the video. I went along that route on my way to Rudesheim in December 2019 to see the Christmas market.
  6. Perhaps someone could ask a well known marketing manager if he had tested the Coronation to see if it would pull nine Coronation Scot coaches and if it would be a good idea to produce a Hornby Dublo version with sufficient weight.
  7. Thank you for the information about the kitchen car bogies. You will be pleased to read that Hattons have now got all three versions of the R4965/A/B LMS Stanier D1981 Coronation Scot 57' restaurant third opens in stock.
  8. Following this interesting discussion about whether Hornby is honouring its commitment to retailers I am finding it better to deal with my local model shop. For example I ordered some Coronation coaches from the Swanage station shop and some other Coronation coaches and some LSWR four wheel coaches from another retailer with a large mail order business ( not Hattons or Rails). Last week the manager of the Swanage station shop sent me an email to say my Coronation coaches were ready and I walked down and collected them with the same 10% discount I would get from the other shop. On the same d
  9. Thank you for the pictures of the LNER coaches. A new book about Harmans Cross Railway Station has a chapter about the restoration of LSWR six-wheel 5 compartment composite (body only) built in 1891. After Mrs P Bayley donated the coach to Dorset Council the original intention was to restore the coach to working order. Unfortunately the railway had to abandon this aim due to damage done on its move to the end of a platform at Harmans Cross. Despite this the panels damaged by the ravages of time have been repaired, the coach has been repainted malachite green and passengers paint
  10. Possibly an Ivatt 2-6-2T chassis with a hand built body.
  11. You will be pleased to read that I have picked up R4961 BFK and R4962 FK from the Swanage Station shop before I have received any notification from Kernow for the rest of the Coronation coaches I have ordered. The new coaches are a huge improvement on the old Hornby coaches. The roof detail is correctly moulded, the windows are flush glazed with blue ventilators, they have curtains, smoking and non smoking labels, guards look outs, windows at the back of the coach by the guard's compartment, guard's door window surround picked out in brown, blue seats and brown tables which are clearly visibl
  12. Dorset County Council did purchase the Swanage branch up to Northbrook Road Bridge at Swanage and Swanage Town Council bought the rest of the line both including the buildings a few years after the line closed. At the time it was doubtful if they would lease the track to the Swanage Railway as Dorset wanted to build a bypass on the trackbed and Swanage Town Council wanted to build a supermarket and health centre on the Swanage Station site. I don't know how they calculated the price. I think that the whole area at Corfe Castle looks like a model and you may be interested in a plan
  13. The East Asiatic Company saga is an example of the problems of pre-ordering. Ordered from Rails 13 April 2018. Rails fell out with Hornby and cancelled order. Reordered from Swanage Railway Shop in 2020 which is a ten minute walk away. Available in most shops 19 March 2021 but arrived at Swanage Station shop 15 April 2021 due to a delay by Hornby. I would have been better off just waiting until it was released and then I would be able to cherry pick the supplier. Despite this I am pleased with the result because I got a 10% discount and there was no danger of the model getting dama
  14. You will be pleased to see that my blue East Asiatic Company arrived at the Swanage Railway shop yesterday and is now on display with my other Merchant Navy locomotives in various colours and with red or black nameplates. From top right to left: 21C 3 Royal Mail 35022 Holland America Line 35023 Holland Afrika Line 35024 East Asiatic Company 35027 Port Line. As soon as I had renumbered and renamed Clan Line Hornby brought out: 35027 Port Line 35028 Clan Line
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