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  1. Thank you for the comments about dcc. I am still on analogue and I have just tested my class 117 dmu on a Hornby trackmat with Hornby points and a minimum radius of 17". I found it hard to couple the coaches together and to uncouple them and I ended up laying the unit on its side. In the process I lost some of the tiny parts in the plastic bag. Life seemed much easier with a Lima dmu with Hornby type couplings. The Bachmann 117 ran very well. It was silent, responded well to the controls and did not stall on any of the points. I liked the illuminated cabs.
  2. You will be pleased to read that Rails have just delivered my green class 117 diesel multiple unit ready for the Swanage to Wareham service next year, These units also visited the Swanage Railway in British Rail days and went on the Weymouth to Bristol service and on the last train to Bridport in blue livery. I enjoyed travelling on them and looking into the driver's cab.
  3. I remember a penny in the slot Tri-ang layout at the Children's shop in Orpington High Street in the 1950s, There was a transcontintal diesel switcher on the outer loop with grey standard track and a TT gauge jinty with a couple of coaches on brown track on the inner loop.
  4. While Hornby have been inviting pre-orders for their Dublo Diecast range another useful addition would be an Oxford Diecast 76BD022 Bedford OX Flatbed LNER trailer which Oxford also made in British Railways livery. This was a similar concept to the Dublo Dinky Toys 066 Bedford Flat Truck and 072 Bedford Articulated Flat Truck based on a later prototype. These models have excellent play value on a model railway as you can unload containers from flat wagons and load them on to the flat bed lorries.
  5. Dinky made the FX3 taxi in yellow, mid or dark blue, two tone yellow and green and black. I only ever saw them in black which is why I bought that version. A motor cycle combination can form a focal point in a model railway layout. Dinky Toys made three versions in the 1930s to 1/48 scale . 44b was the AA motorcycle patrol made from 1935 to 1940, back again from 1946 to 1950 and 1959 to 1962. 43b the RAC version appeared from 1935 to 1940. 37b was the police motor cycle patrol with a policeman in the sidecar and Dinky made them from 1937 to 1941 and 1948 to 1951. Accessories included AA, RAC boxes and figures and number 751 Police Hut which, with its association with Doctor Who was the best known Dinky of them all. There was an excellent article about these in the HRCA Magazine issue 552, April 2020 pages 12 to 21. I once had a larger scale AA motorcycle patrol with working steering and an opening tool box. In their 1/76 scale range Oxford make as 76BSA001-3 an AA, RAC and Royal Mail version. If they were in the Dublo Diecast range they could attend a broken down vehicle or appear in a remote rural post office scene.
  6. I have received my Heljan D6515 Lt jenny Lewis RN. If I had not read some comments on this post I would not have noticed that the window surrounds and the stripe should be off white rather than white. The roof on the prototype also seems to be a lighter grey than on the model. I have noticed that the Swanage Railway tends to paint its carriage roofs a light grey colour to reflect the heat during the summer. When the Swanage Railway hired the London Transport 4TC the roofs were black which absorbed the heat and the passengers got too hot.
  7. I live in Swanage and I ordered a couple of items from Hattons on Monday 11 May that they sent straight away. By Wednesday they had arrived at the Ferndown sorting centre and i got a peculiar message saying parcel was incorrectly addressed and they were forwarding it to the right address. Nothing happened until Sunday and then I got a message saying that it was at the Dorset Royal Mail Centre which is at Poole and about five miles from Ferndown. Finally the parcel arrived at 11:00 this morning and my address was correct. It looks like the Royal Mail is a bit hit and miss at the moment.
  8. A taxi rank graced most stations so a taxi would be a useful addition to the Dublo Diecast range. Dinky Toys made their Austin FX3 taxi from 1950 as number 40h in their 40s series of 8 post war cars. It was to 1/48 scale which is fairly close to 1/43 scale for 0 gauge trains. Renumbered in 1954 as 254 it remained in production until 1962 in various colours but ended up black. The Dublo Dinky 067 model in blue and cream was a 1/76 scale version of the Dinky Toys model and was made from 1959 to 1967. Morestone, Matchbox and Classix made other 1/76 scale FX3 models but Oxford never produced one. Classix also made a model of the hire car. From 1972 to 1980 Dinky made model 284 of an FX4 London taxi. Oxford followed with 76FX4001 - 6 which is also in the Hornby catalogue as R7123. Austin made the FX3 from 1948 to 1958, the BR cycling lion era, and replaced it with the FX4 that remained in production to 1997 covering the BR late crest era to BR sectorisation. The Oxford 1/76 scale Austin Low Loader taxi 76AT001 -5 is suitable for grouping layouts and Oxford and Classix make models of ordinary cars used as taxis. The pictures show the Dinky FX3 taxis, my collection of mainly 1/76 and 1/43 scale taxis, Oxford FX4 and Low Loader taxis.
  9. Hattons pay for the postage. It is a while since I used their service but I printed the label, glued it onto a box and took the box to a convenience store where the courier picked it up. The whole process went very smoothly. I am going try and do a trade in next time. When you take the cost of postage into account £6 is a good deal for an old Hornby MK1 BG.
  10. Hattons are doing an online trade in service now. You can click on popular items you want to sell and they give a quotation for a sale or a trade in. They offered me £5 cash or £6 for a trade in of a Hornby BR green Mk1 brake. You have to buy something for the trade in as you cannot store the credit or use it on a pre-order. In theory the model is worth between £12 and £16 according to the 9th edition of Ramsay's catalogue but I had stands at toy fairs and model railway exhibitions and sold nothing. I offered some similar coaches to a trader and he said he would give me £4 per coach but he increased his offer to £5. I think the Hattons offer is a good deal in the present climate and I have got so much rolling stock that I am getting to the stage that if it wasn't for Hattons I would have to pay someone to take them away.
  11. Thank you for the information about Atlas and Deagostini. One model that they did not reproduce was the Dinky MG TD Midget which is similar to the MG TC in the Dublo Diecast range. MG made the TD Midget from 1950 - 1953. Dinky introduced the number 108 in April 1955 in white with red seats with number 28 and in red with tan seats with number 24. In 1957 they came out in touring finish in yellow with red seats and green with cream seats. The models were to 1/45 scale which makes them suitable for 0 gauge trains but I don't think the proportions were right. When I was at primary school a house had a collection of Dinky sports cars in the front window and I used to admire them. I liked the cars with drivers, seats and transparent windscreens which the model saloon cars did not have. Vitesse made some 1/43 scale MG TCs which MG made in 1945. These had spoked wheels whereas the Midget and the Singer Roadster had disk wheels. Oxford has produced the MG TC as 76MGTC001 in racing green, 002 in red, 003 in cream, 004 in black and 005 in powder blue. The Hornby version R7241 in red with tan seats is reminiscent of the Dinky number 108 version and is similar to the Singer Roadster number 062 in the Dublo Dinky range which was yellow with red seats. Singer made the Singer 9 Roadster to compete with the MG T series.
  12. The Dinky 942 Foden Tanker was something that I aspired to but never bought but I have recently obtained an Atllas edition. Exclusive First Editions made a 1/76 scale version. Unfortunately Oxford do not make any similar tankers so they would have to make a new casting to go in the Dublo Diecast range. If Hornby were to make a Regent tank wagon that would have excellent play value with a a Regent tanker.
  13. I book a village hall for private model railway meetings for five people and the quotation from a specialist model railway insurer for public liability for £2 million alone is almost one and a half times as much as much as my household insurance from another company that includes cover for loss of model railway items in the hall. Perhaps hiring a village hall for model railway meetings when lockdown ends is more dangerous than staying at home. The village hall requires me to be able to show them that I have taken out public liability insurance. If I don't take out public liability insurance I could loose my flat and everything, including my model railway collection. if someone trips up while carrying a layout and the claim guys pursue a claim against me. I am wondering if my hobby can be regarded as a form of relaxation.
  14. I thought that Jenny's video about the working water tower was brilliant. I think that it looks similar to the water tower at the end of Swanage station platform.
  15. I have been looking at the models of Bedford 15cwt CA Vans again and noticed that the Dinky and Matchbox models were based on the 1952 version with a split windscreen whereas the Corgi and Oxford models are based on the 1959 curved windscreen version which was made until 1969. Although the Dinky Toys models were to 1/48 scale it does not look much smaller than the Corgi Evening Standard model so it does not look out of scale on an 0 gauge layout. Oxford have made thirty versions of the Bedford CA Van in 1/76 scale including ice cream vans, minibuses, milk floats and panel vans. As well as a Dinky Toy panel van I think 76CA018 British Railways Minibus would be a good model to put in the Dublo Diecast range.
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