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  1. SpaceX 20.22 BST launch live on YouTube, weather permitting.  ISS over UK at 22.10, look west, low on horizon and it crosses to south east, passing beneath the moon.  SpaceX will follow 5 minutes later if it launches.

  2. From The light bar is released by removing two cross-head screws. The cab interiors are fixed to the light-bar and locate into slots in the body - spring the body sides apart and the cab interiors and light-bar will pull out.
  3. For anyone who wants to keep their modelling bang up-to-date, new stickers on the EMT HST Mk3 door windows:
  4. Good price for Bachmann 39-001 if you don't mind a tatty box: https://www.hattons.co.uk/538695/bachmann_branchline_39_001_po08_pair_of_mk1_coaches_in_works_test_train_br_blue_grey_weathered_pre_owned_lik/stockdetail.aspx
  5. Passenger numbers have certainly increased on my line, but I couldn't give any useful figures. There is talk of having to possibly queue at stations next week, but aside from how practical this would be and the various problems it would bring, the paperwork showing the agreed process between the government and rail unions (put online by TSSA) showed social distancing would be self-policed by passengers.
  6. Same unit with some tinsel on the front: 207010.1 by mike bunker, on Flickr
  7. Comment from Flickr user Adrian Nicholls under a picture of 207010: "Geoff, efforts were made to run a 'Hastings' unit through to France before the stock was withdrawn using the Dover Train Ferry. I can't remember who the promoter was but think it was the SEG (Southern Electric Group) unsurprisingly it never came to fruition."
  8. Made payment for my ARC order last night and have been suitably rewarded with those pictures
  9. For me, it's a keep this thread as-is. The Hereford Models stuff is a good example of how well it works: a few bargains posted led to lots more being discovered. As well as being good for the bargain hunters, I should think Hereford Models are very pleased about the amount of cash they've just had coming in from this! I wouldn't bother ploughing through separate threads; I like it all in one place.
  10. This cropped up while I was searching for GNER things: When Tyne & Wear Metro Met GNER. by ManOfYorkshire, on Flickr
  11. Was it ever a lighter blue or is this just down to lighting, picture age etc? Class 89 by Simon Judd, on Flickr
  12. Another good Hereford Models price on a Pullman (Hadrian Bar, grey roof version): http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=369_370_377_387_390&products_id=6107
  13. FYI in case anyone doesn't get one, I just received an invoice for my ARC wagons.
  14. Thanks for the Dapol bargains info. Have started a new layout and they're doing the OO gauge OHLE wire packs at significantly reduced prices. Got each of the five packs for around the price of one.
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