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  1. Hatton's now have some of the Accurascale wagons in stock, though a limited number.
  2. And as per other thread, PM sent.
  3. PM sent. A real shame that this is the only way I have been able to get a response after the wall of silence I have been met with. To Andy Young and the Mods: I appreciate you allowing me some latitude in dealing with this. As my membership history will show, I have never previously resorted to such measures and RMWeb is most certainly not the place I want to do this. It should be for more pleasant things! However, I was simply left with no other choice. The responses to this thread just show that sometimes people have no idea what has been going on.
  4. This thread exists purely to hear from people who have handed over hundreds of pounds to Realtrack and who just don't know what is happening with a model that has now been released for around a year I believe! As someone who got caught up in the DJ Models episode, I am now genuinely concerned about what has happened to my money or the model I paid for. Hopefully we can find out just how many people are in the same boat. Telling us to be patient, to phone, to e-mail or to PM has long ago proved fruitless.
  5. You haven't read the detail of what I've written. I've been patient, I've spoken to him on the phone, I've e-mailed him, I've PMd him and I've left messages on the RMWeb thread. As all that produced no outcome and he is clearly aware of my order as I've spoken to him directly and he wrote details down, there seems little point in doing all that again. I am clearly not the only one being ignored, hence why I started this thread, to see just how many it's happening to a d what on Earth is going on.
  6. It seems to be a not uncommon occurrence for people who have purchased a Realtrack 156 that they are trying to get hold of their models but are being repeatedly ignored by the vendor, despite at least some of us having paid several hundred pounds in full. I've actually spoken to Charlie Petty on the phone last November, having returned a model last September, my details were taken, including my credit card details as I asked him to add sound before returning it. As we're now in February 2020 and these models have been out for a considerable time, I'm now genuinely concerned as to whether I am going to see anything for my money. Is it a case that this is simply a one man band who are a victim of their own success and who just don't seem to be able to cope with the volume of business they've generated or is there something more concerning going on? I'd be interested to hear from others who appear to be in a similar position. For Mods casting an eye over this thread, it comes from a position of concern over what has happened to my hard-earned, having heard nothing in three months, and only then getting some news because I'd done all the running. I've tried waiting, phoning, e-mailing and PMing, but all to no outcome, so it seems pointless to do all that yet again. I really don't know what else to do now.
  7. Yep, I fully expected the apologists to be out in force as DC Kits/Realtrack seem to attract those sort of folk. Indeed, the things you list are what we refer to as "life". In amongst all that, having taken people's £230s, it is common courtesy to give a quick update on what's going on. You know, one of those one minute entries on RMWeb would do just every so often, to allow a large group to be covered at once. As you'll see from my entry I, together with various others, have been more than patient, we've then e-mailed as instructed, we've phoned (didn't have a clue that any £230 model had been returned), we've PMd on here and we've put messages on this thread. Some have got no response, but their £230 or more was taken quickly enough. Utterly pathetic.
  8. To give you an idea of why people end up asking on here: My original order placed for the model was ignored despite payment of the deposit. No answer to enquiries until I asked on here. Apparently it was all my fault as the e-mail address I've had for a decade and use daily and on which they finally contacted me obviously wasn't working they said. I had to return the 156 to DC Kits last September and have the signed proof of delivery. No acknowledgement from them. Gave them a ring, they had no idea what model I'd returned or who I was, despite enclosing a letter describing the problems with the model and giving my name, address and order number. Stupidly I know, but I decided to ask them to add sound to the model before sending a replacement. They took my credit card details. It's now February and no replacement model or contact from them. So we've been patient as we know it's a one-man band that's a victim of their own success. We've e-mailed them, we've telephoned them, we've sent them PMs on RMWeb and we've asked the questions directly on this thread. Seems reasonable given I handed over £230 longer ago than I can even remember and I have nothing to show for it. So in a nutshell, we ask on here because they do great products but their customer service is utterly pathetic (and that's me being kind).
  9. I just received the news by e-mail that Cavalex are sadly no longer producing their 4mm Class 91 (2mm still being produced). Are you still considering the Mk4 coaches and DVT in OO gauge?
  10. Showing as in stock and can be purchased here: https://railexclusive.com//products.php?cat=14
  11. Sent my reply: still supporting the project for my complete pre-order of sound-eqipped 91, rake of Mk4s and DVT
  12. As Cavalex are offering the whole train, with sound if you want it, and with the quality of their work we've seen to date, I can't see people rushing to cancel their orders. Looking forward to my Cavalex 91, Mk4s and DVT, with correct Intercity beige colour
  13. Fantastic to see the APT, and a 5 car version too (hopefully with black window surrounds). Maybe the whole DJM debacle showed there was demand for the model. I'll be sticking with my Cavalex 91 order of course.
  14. If you zoom in on this picture, you'll see just the left hand tail light is illuminated. This was common on locos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/treflyn/2874836939
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