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  1. Good Evening All. Apologies for the gap in progress - back to school and all that. The 119 is still ambling along whenever I get a minute, but I'm stuck in all those little jobs - like the above mentioned door handles - that look so small and simple, but take an eternity. Pictures always better than my waffle so: Destination blinds. Covered somewhere earlier in this threat. Same method as used for the 101. Curtains now in first class. These are an etch I found in a box of spares. I have the feeling that they originally came from a Marc Models 5-Bel set that I was hopelessly out of my depth with about 20 years ago. Match the orange and then wash over to represent the tattered grimyness. No smoking signs are now in. Excellent product from Replica (here). They come reversed, so they're the right way round when stuck inside the glazing. Door handles, grab handles and hand rails. Tedious job, but necessary. Look a bit rough in this image as they've just been done. Still need a little filing, a brush off, then painting of some as needed (most handrails will be white), then a very tiny touch up here and there where drilling the holes has flaked a tiny bit of paint away from the edge of the hole. Most noticeable on the blue and grey bands as most of the underlying bodyshells are white. Front ends have now had destination blinds fitted, glazing made (old Ferrero Rocher box - can't remember where I picked that tip up from, probably somewhere on here, thank you to whoever). Have also glazed the light lenses. A bit of a cheat / tip here. When I started adding my own lighting using the Black Cat boards (here), I used to use very short lengths (4mm ish) of fibre optic - but I couldn't really find anything quite the right diameter. Before this I used to use 2mm bi-colour lighthouse LEDs which did fit well into the Lima, Limby and Bachmann cab moulding well. So: buy a bag of cheap white 2mm lighthouse LEDs from eBay, very carefully razor saw the protruding part off and use as a light lense, keep the remaining part of the LED to use for lighting in a building somewhere on layout. All electrical bits seem to be working OK so far. Independent control of head / tail lights, destination blinds and interior lighting. Chassis have successfully negotiated whole layout as a 3 car set, but am paranoid about putting the bodies on until I've finished all the detail bits on them, just in case I don't vent any glues off well enough and end up fogging the windows. Hopefully more soon. Not sure what's on the workbench pile next. Have been slowly accumulating some Hornby HAAs for a fettling, but Cavalex's latest announcement has thrown me for a loop on that one a bit. Might have to see what theirs look like first. Stay safe folks. Rich
  2. Given that the last of new Hornby ones I've been slowly collecting for about 3 years arrived on Wednesday, I might be tempted to cry a bit. Given the quality of other wagons from the Cavalex stable though I shall find a way to squeeze some in!
  3. Looking very nice - well done. You're inspired me to get on with mine now - still in many bits and with no door furniture. Rich
  4. I use one of these for stripping body shells in IPA: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lock-Rectangular-Storage-Container-Clear/dp/B0000AN4CL?pf_rd_r=BBKTAJTHBZG5C16FVB79&pf_rd_p=15b60bc4-354f-4e4b-9ad1-7f12f925a65d&pd_rd_r=a2252132-6699-447a-ab55-4214702a77d1&pd_rd_w=n2TDt&pd_rd_wg=DfZvy&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d Fits everything I've put in it so far and clips securely tight to avoid leaks. Remember to put a little water in with the IPA - no idea of the chemistry, but neat IPA doesn't seem to work, add about 5% water and it does. Rich
  5. Yes please. Always good to see some kit bashing. I'm building a 119 at the moment, but have gone the hard way with some spare Hornby 110 bodies. Would love to see a 442. Rich
  6. Some very neat woodwork there Dale, well done. For the lift-out section on my home carbuncle I went with alignment dowels which I soldered the power feeds to. Lines up every time and means there are no hanging cables for my children to swing on. Photos below if any help. Good luck finding more wood, by local B&Q seems to have sold out of pretty much every type of wood Rich
  7. And door handles! Just looked at the picture above and realised I haven't done that either!
  8. Hello All A couple of 119 updates. Work is progressing, but many very slow and tedious tasks. All the glazing is now fitted. This involved taking the original Hornby 110 windows and cutting around 1.2mm off the bottom of each and filing them to shape (about as much fun as it sounds). I decided in the end not to sharpie the outside of the window pane as this seemed to highlight the thickness of the windows and bodyside. I fitted them and then brushed a tiny amount of gloss varnish on the underside and let capillary action do the rest. I've then done the toilet filler and exhaust pipes. I didn't have any handrail knobs or similar so went with the Bachmann method of hole in the end, hole in the roof and then bend wire to fit between. I'm surprised at how well this has turned out. I've never needed to do it before - I seem to have either modelled vehicles with no toilet, or just gone with the moulded ones, but having had to make the ends from scratch I had nothing to fall back on. For the exhausts I've used some Peter's Spares Lima DMU replacements (available here). They are cast metal, allowing the little bend specific to the 119s to be made at the top. Photo below awaiting a bit of filing / painting / weathering. The centre trailer is now largely complete and has been trundling around to test it's pickups. The driving vehicles will be a little longer as I still have to make windscreens and destination blinds for them. Then some weathering. I might take the Bachmann 121 and 117 into the shed for that too if I'm feeling brave enough. Weirdly, despite the hours spent on this, I'm still more reluctant to weather something I could just replace (albeit for a price!). Stay safe all. Rich
  9. Completely agree. They'll get a weathering when I've done the couplings. I'm currently a bit torn between a couple more or a few Grampus to run with them. Of course Grampus are a different colour challenge altogether. I think they were actually painted with rust somehow. As for the 73, I have all the bits to build a GLV (hopefully soon, I'm a bit DMU'd out at the moment). When that gets to the painting stage I'll strip the 73 down and do them together.
  10. It's been about 25 years since I last did, and my memory isn't what it was! I do like Cambrian kits. I've never had a problem building them, it's getting around to painting them. And I usually seem to leave it long enough for someone to announce a RTR one anyway.
  11. Was just an assumption to be honest - the yellow is exactly the same as the lemon shade on the 73 that was widely lambasted at the time of release. It was my impression that in the 80s warning panel yellow and dutch livery yellow were the same, so I assumed if it was wrong on the 73 (it's certainly a different colour to the warning yellow panel on everything else I have) then it was also wrong on the wagons. More than happy to be corrected if I've jumped to the wrong conclusion here. Wagons will get a heavy weathering anyway, but I don't think I can disguise it on the 73. Rich
  12. I'd love one if you get a chance please Mark. Don't have any OO scale cats to hand, but I'm pretty sure I could swing more than a few of them in the gap. Rich
  13. Good Evening All A bit of a room upgrade this afternoon but should make a bit of a difference to the layout. A before and after photo of the same bit of ceiling below: Replaced the single pendant light with a 6ft LED batten. Massive difference in the room - I keep seeing things I haven't noticed before (as well as the occasional ('why did I paint it that colour?' moment). Did a bit of reading around on colour temperatures (they all describe them in different ways - one company's 'warm white' is another's 'neutral white') and went for one that is roughly 4000K. Given the size of the room I didn't think I needed anything brighter. A few pictures to test. 47602 on an enterprise. 73102 on some new turbots. Note to self: need to repaint that 73. And stick the detail bits back on. And sort the colours on the turbots. And fill the handrail holes. And invent some shorter couplings. (come on Dapol!) Pictures definitely look clearer in this light though. I suppose because the camera is having to do less work with the light level. More soon. Rich
  14. Just received my 3 of these from the second batch. Dutch livery looks very neat, one of the three has handles and end steps, the issues with the incredibly long couplings remain. Lovely wagon though for the price. Rich
  15. Good Evening All A little more progress this week with the 119, although with little to show for it so far. Windows. Of course having made the window openings the right size for a 119, I then had to cut and file all of the glazing to fit back in them. Not as difficult as it sounds, but extremely tedious. Then, having done that, they all needed to come out again to have the various glazing bars painted the correct NSE blue. Also tedious, but: Fairly happy given my usual ham-fistedness. 5/0 brush and a cotton bud and thinners to hand. Next stage is possible tweaking of how they fit. I learned with the laserglaze that running a black sharpie around the outside of the pane prior to fitting makes a big difference. This is of course much thicker material. In the picture below the window on the left has had the sharpie treatment, the one on the right is as filed. Even the new Bachmann 117 has a little prism effect going on with the glazing, it's inevitable really with the thicknesses of plastic needed, but jury's still out on this. I think it looks better, but you get a slightly odd effect with the open windows where the black is reflected in the underside of the open section. Only other achievement this week was getting Edward working (yep, another Sodor resident). Picked up new on offer about a year ago but has never run properly. Finally got around to taking it apart and stripping out all the random diodes and resistors it didn't need. Hard wired the chip in and it runs perfectly now, so at the very least I've gained an 8 pin socket for the spares box. Hopefully get some windows back in the 119 this week. Going to have to make my own for the cab fronts as I remember using the original Bachmann glazing from the 108 cabs on a DC Kits 114. Stay safe. Rich
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