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  1. 47406 Rail Riders rolls through Sydney Gardens light engine.
  2. Good Evening A little running and a little tidying this evening. Having managed to move a few jobs off the workbench and persuaded the small people to put a few things away I actually had space to run a few things I wanted rather then the current favorites of my 3 year old daughter: a Hornby VIX van full of cows. They're going on holiday apparently. In calmer times (after bedtime!) a quick glimpse of a 128 sneaking under the Beckford Road bridge. (Not at all sure these ever made it to Bath though.) Meanwhile 205009 gets the right away. Talki
  3. Hi Jonny, Just chanced upon this. Looks like a great project. Woodwork looks neat and professional. I like the EMU plans too. Good luck with it. Rich
  4. Good Evening All The workbench was nearly tidy for a few days earlier this month, but the usual mess has prevailed. I do actually need to get a couple of things finished off as there are tiny detail bits floating around that I know I'm going to lose unless they get stuck on. Hoppers have been put on the side for the moment until we get some slightly better weather as I can't seem to get the silver to spray well. I suspect it's just the cold, but the shed isn't that pleasant at this time of year and I don't want to disturb the mice too much. First up is the Heljan 58. This has
  5. Some 1980s unit spotting as dusk falls. A peep over the fence finds Iris and a class 114 DPU at the back of the shed (wish my office was that tidy). And as it gets darker a quick dart to the front finds L131 'Rachel' and an unidentified 115 waiting for their next rattle into commuter-land. Rich
  6. Thank you everyone for the inspiration on here. I'm going to go Underground. Well, in fairness the station does have a model shop next door... Thanks Rich
  7. Mine is the same. Bachmann chip and NCE Powercab. Everything works somewhere on F0 to F7 but not as per list. A case of 'I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order'. Don't mind too much though, some of my own installations are a bit like that. Rich
  8. Hello All and Happy New Year, A little update. Not much change to show on the layout over the break as Christmas in our house is all about the little people and acres of plastic junk (actually we've just moved into the Lego phase so I approve slightly more). Did get a major piece of organisation done though in labelling the Modellers Mecca stock boxes. Have a large number of these and none were labelled so had to go most of the way through the stack every time I needed anything. Been meaning to do it for about 10 years! Had a bit of a rat invasion too. This seasons home
  9. Hello All Just a quick one to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Hope everyone is at least in contact with someone over the next few days to make the best of the end of a very strange year. For some reason Christmas around my layouts has always meant this: I'm not sure what prompted the purchase of the MEAs as they're more modern than anything else, but they always seem to make an appearance full of Smarties. Even nephews and nieces now in their late 20s want to see the Smartie train and now my two seem to have cottoned on to it as well, so out it comes. For my small peopl
  10. Hi Ian, Just had an enjoyable catch up on this over a cup of tea. Great to see the excellent selection of rolling stock moving, and very smoothly too. Would be great to see a drivers eye view of the full loop - do you have a camera truck? Rich
  11. I used to live in Clifton (sounds posh but some flats are VERY small - hence Oxford Road!), so I'd grab anything heading up Whiteladies Road. 1s were always good as they seemed quicker than the double deckers on the 43 and less inclined to detour around residential areas than the 8 or 9. I do miss Bristol - definitely the friendliest place I've ever lived. Rich
  12. I once raced a friend in a car up it on a bike. I did win but I think traffic was a factor!
  13. Hello Just found this and had a very enjoyable few evenings reading through from the start. I really like the depot scene (particularly when full of 50s), and I'm a big fan of anything underground. I have a tube station myself with EFE trains on a shuttle fitted with Metro Models motor bogies. Interested in the new motorised EFE version too though as mine are starting to show their age. Seeing your platforms with lights makes me want to get on with mine too. Thank you for sharing. Rich
  14. Hello Just found this and had an enjoyable few hours reading through. Really like the layout and I'm very tempted by the boards too. Fantastic level of detail, looking forward to more. Good luck with the double slip. Rich
  15. Hi Simon, Loving the update, details look great. Can I recommend neodymium magnets for the alignment - smaller and more powerful. You can get countersunk ones to put a screw through too. A quick search of eBay found these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neodymium-Countersunk-Ring-Magnets-20mm-x-3mm-x-5mm-Hole-N42-Strong-Disc-Screw/183084370582?hash=item2aa0adca96:g:BeEAAOSw8hJcWiGV But there are are loads of others on there. I've used similar to locate area s of scenery that cover tracks below. Looking forward to more. Inspired to up my scenery game a bit too!
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