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  1. Hopefully my own layout of Dunfermline Upper Shed 62C fit in this thread. Just a couple, as some work still in progress including fitment of a turntable (relocated to South East of it's real life situ due to space restrictions). 1 - A2 No. 60532 'Blue Peter' simmers on shed during railtour layover in the mid 60's, as a D11 is serviced over the ash pit in the background. 2 - Home based J36 No. 65288 sits quietly inside the shed, with a fellow shedmate B1 and rare visiting J39. 3 - Re-allocated to Fife after the West Highlands, K4 No. 61994 'The Great Marquess' stands on the backroa
  2. Thanks for the update Oliver, looking forward to the livery samples.
  3. Thanks for the update Legend and Rembrow. Perhaps an issue to flag with RoS. Why is information regarding the 812 project then being issued via Bachmann Times, but not on their own website or via email to those who have already paid deposits? Not everybody (including myself) are subscribed to Bachmann Members club, and any information regarding the build should be finding it's way to those who have already put money into the allocations?
  4. As we're nearing the end of Q3, is there a further update to the information we were provided at Model Rail Scotland in February?
  5. They look brilliant Oliver! Certainly doing the class justice. One query regarding the Caledonian liveried versions. I see the correct cab sheet lamps have been modelled, will these be available to buy separately too just to ensure the whole range of a) liveries and b) lamp codes can be covered? The latter involves different forward facing colours of white or green on either or both sides, while always showing red to the rear, to show different classifications of Caley passenger and freight workings. And now to try model a Caley semaphore route indicator!
  6. Unfortunately I'm not able to make it along to MRS this weekend due to work commitments. Would anybody attending be able to share if any further updates are being given at the Rails stand, and if even an EP version has made it (although understandable if not, can foresee a delay on that due to the coronavirus issues). Thanks in advance.
  7. Beautiful! Can I ask where you sourced the painted name from, but also what method you used to remove the original identity as there seems to be very little evidence of it?
  8. Believe it is just the BR livery version that is due soon in December from Hornby, with the NBR and LNER versions still cited for a January 2019 release.
  9. Sadly that isn't the case. 'Caledonian Railway Livery by Caledonian Railway historian Jim Macintosh is very insightful to the livery debate of the blues.
  10. Reading the 'Caledonian Railway Livery' book, research has shown that the lighter blue livery was introduced in the late 1890's by McIntosh for select locomotives (with different lining style however), but the light shade with the usual Caley lining began to spread it's way through the fleet from this point right up until LMS ownership.
  11. Thanks for the update Oliver, it's much appreciated and certainly 2020 will be looked forward to.
  12. As somebody else with two pre-orders, a possible third being considered, a project update would be greatly appreciated.
  13. One thing that isn't too clear from the images, and again could be entirely down to the prototype stage rather than finalised model, is the lack of rivets on the smokebox wrapper and wingplates. Considering the NBR version of 'Maude' is set in the preservation era, I'd have imagined these rivets would have been present on all three of the final 2018 releases having been the snap head variety on the class since LNER days.
  14. Having seen the latest update, already with 'Maude' and a single BR version on order....another two BR for renumberings may be required to further justify how stunning a model the J36 is looking to be. If Rails can match this with the Caley 812, then we Scottish based enthusiasts are in for a good 18 months....
  15. Yesterday I finally got around to ordering No. 6, having fired her at Bo'ness on various occasions during her many times of station pilot during galas! The speed at which it arrived however, on par with what is clearly an excellent model. Well done to Hattons, already seriously considering No. 10..... My only question is, has anybody had difficulty removing the NEM couplings. There's a real fear of snapping these off, so what methods have worked best so far that I could implement on my own?
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