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  1. I ran the Baldrig the other day . Weathering is more or less done, and a few teething troubles sorted out, in particular unreliable automatic draincocks, now removed. I was undecided whether to fit them in the first place as I’ve had trouble before, and after much fiddling with different ball sizes they still didn’t work properly so now they’re gone. Otherwise, with good steam coal it works well, and in the warm weather little more than a faint haze from the chimney, so photographs not that impressive!
  2. Thanks. Working on the weathering for the steam loco at the moment.
  3. You’ve so many other things on the go, Paul! I thought you had a TT kit?
  4. 08 640, Reading West Junction pilot, 4th December 1986 (with Reading driver Denzil Evans).
  5. A while since I last posted. I’ve been working on a coal fired conversion of an Accucraft Ragleth chassis, with a Mike’s Models Baldrig body kit, which I started in late 2011, but had been stored away for some years……. The chassis was steamable by the end of last year, since when I’ve concentrated on the body work. RC being fitted at the moment with batteries, receiver, servo etc mounted on the underside of the cab roof. A picture taken on a cold winter’s day in steam without bodywork, and more recently on a sunny day posed with my Tin Turtle.
  6. 1105 at Alresford in the condition in which it was delivered to the MHR.
  7. 47 287, Banbury 15-9-83. This is the first I remember seeing.
  8. Not strictly on topic but a notice below regarding additional restrictions for Kings in the Birmingham area. Were there similar restrictions for other classes? The Stationmaster mentioned sidings. Ian Working of King Class Engines 1953.pdf
  9. 4 CIG 7345 at Ash Vale on an Alton train, 9th February 1985.
  10. 59 001 appeared at the GWS “Didcot Diesel Day” on 24-10-87. Picture below of the 59 alongside D1010 “Western Campaigner” masquerading as 1035 “Western Yeoman"
  11. Another at Ardley. 1M61, 17.53 Paddington-Banbury approaching Ardley Tunnel 29-6-87
  12. 50 013 on 08.20 Liverpool Lime St. - Paddington at Banbury, 3rd December 1983. This train ran via High Wycombe due engineering work between Oxford and Didcot. and 50 005 on 08.50 Paddington-Glasgow/Edinburgh (conveyed a portion for each) at Ardley, between Bicester and Aynho Junction, 4th December 1983. Also diverted via High Wycombe.
  13. Birmingham New Street, 1978, and a Class 317 at Kings Cross Midland City Station, 29 October 1984.
  14. I recently came across this picture currently available on EBay, presumably a tank from Torrington: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fremington-Railway-Station-Photo-Barnstaple-Instow-Bideford-Line-L-SWR-7-/262766841135 Ian
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