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  1. Is there any railway modelling connection to this thread? John Storey
  2. Oh dear. Steve Banks's 'LNER Passenger Train Formations Vol 2. Secondary, Branch Lines and Non-passenger Services' was to have been published at the end of November, then February, then a couple of days ago at the end of April. I've just looked at Crecy's website and it now says "This product will be in stock on Thursday 31. October, 2019." Alas! I do hope this volume is published, as I have great regard for Mr Banks, from his various articles published in the model press in the past. His website is always interesting, at https://www.steve-banks.org/ John Storey
  3. Isn't this locomotive being shown at Ally Palace today in early prototype form? Has anyone got photos they can share with us, please? John Storey
  4. Isn't the 94xx being shown at Ally Palace today in early prototype form? Has anyone got photos they can share with us, please? John Storey
  5. It will be lovely to see the early production prototype. There is no sign of it yet on Bachmann's news page, nor on the relevant product pages. Has anyone seen it yet, and got a photograph or two to share with us? John Storey
  6. Skaledale is one of your missing two. John Storey
  7. Yes, I was surprised Paul didn't get a mention in the programme - I simply spotted him in the background of footage taken at a show. I was interested at how little we saw of Lyndon Davies, Chief Executive, in relation to Hornby trains, and how much we saw of Simon Kohler. The impression from last night's programme is that Simon is very much at the helm for Hornby. Interesting. And yes, we've had lots of great product in the years of apparent poor management. LNER J15, Claud Hamilton D16/3 and K1; LSWR Black Motor; and Crosti 9F (that was just their 2014 announcement!); Merchant Navy, Peckett, B12/3 and Q6 in 2016. These were good years model wise, without even mentioning coaches or wagons. john Storey
  8. Goodness, what terrific photos - isn't the paintwork and lettering exquisite? What a tribute to Hornby's research and manufacturing skills. John Storey
  9. I was looking for a list of exhibors and of layouts, and couldn't find it on here. Here are direct links to the relevant bits of Model Rail Scotland 2019's website: Layouts https://www.modelrail-scotland.co.uk/ex2019layouts.html Commercial exhibitors https://www.modelrail-scotland.co.uk/exhibition.html Societies and demonstration stands https://www.modelrail-scotland.co.uk/ex2019socs.html John Storey
  10. Excellent news for those of us of LNER persuasion, as the prototypes are lovely. And, of course, they ventured into other companies' territory. But I have seen various comments that these are difficult to build square, as Jaymz notes above. I hope the new tooling has the hopper discharge section in one piece, and that the new version will be straightforward to build. If it is, that will be a great bonus. John Storey
  11. They generally have done in the past, at least in the U.K.. To get Hornby 2019 catalogue and February Hornby magazine at the special offer price of £9.99 - see https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2019/01/07/exclusive-Hornby-catalogue-offer/ you have to buy from W H Smith high street shops, which includes those in edge of town shopping centres. The offer doesn't apply in W H Smith travel shops in bus stations or railways stations. So here in Edinburgh, you can't get the discount in St Andrews Square bus station, but you can at the Gyle and at Cameron Toll. It is a pity the special offer isn't available to model railway shops: that would have been an excellent way to support local specialist shops. John Storey
  12. Oh don't worry. March 2015 to March 2019 is 6 years, isn't it! At least, perhaps it was when we were kids and wanted it badly! John Storey
  13. I hope that on Monday we shall see photos of EP samples of the GWR 94xx and the MR 1P 0-4-4T. That would be one very good way of demonstrating that progress is being made in bringing product to market. Apologies if anyone has already said this. John Storey (Edited to correct my mistake pointed out in the post immediately below! - thank you, Simon.)
  14. Yes, that was my thought too. Accurascale have attained - in remarkably short time - a reputation for producing first class products, and seem to be able to bring them to market in months. Bachmann's relinquishing the Prestwin certainly opens the way for someone else to take it. And Accurascale seem to have a fondness for cement wagons .......! John Storey
  15. Oh goodness! I don't think I have ever come across the Hornby R502 van, but if it is based on a Hull and Barnsley fish van, perhaps I should make acquaintance. Is it, in fact, a reasonable resemblance to a H&B fish van? John Storey
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