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  1. Yes, I'm sure that's the engine shed TMC commissioned a few years ago. The giveaway is the cut out in the corner of the separate office, where it fits into the main shed building.
  2. Well, I'm blowed! I immediately recognised that OO Hamilton Toy Museum as the toy museum in Callander in the Trossachs, NW of Stirling. It didn't seem a likely candidate for re-creation on modellers' railways across the land, but here it is! Wonderful - a lovely way to recognise a family run museum and business. https://thehamiltontoycollection.co.uk/ John Storey
  3. Ah, Graham M, many thanks! That is just the sort of review I was looking for, in my post earlier today. I checked your website this morning before writing, but you didn't have anything up then. Your review is excellent - thank you. John S
  4. There is a discussion going on here about Hornby's new bogie luggage van, but it Is gloriously abstract for those of us who haven't bought one yet! Can several of you please put some photographs of the new model, including close ups, so we can see the detail it has? Including of the underside, please? Most of us have one, or more, of Hornby's longstanding model, and we want to know if the new model is such an improvement that we ought/need to put our existing stock in the attic or on eBay. In the original versions, the plank lines were protruding: presumably they are recessed on
  5. Markits modern air horns, short and long, are the second last item on this incredibly interesting page - I'm astonished to see five variations of Westinghouse pumps, detailed screw reversers, various safety valves and snifting valves, different types of water filler caps, and similarly loco whistles. Astonishing, and wonderful how detailed they are. (No connection to Roxey or Markits.) The air horns are turned brass, short and long, and are £4.60 for 2 pairs. https://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/category/92/4mm-scale-accessories-by-markits/ John Storey
  6. The VEA is definitely coming along. In the World of Model Railways virtual exhibition over 13-14 March, they showed a video 'Behind the scenes at Bachmann - Part II' which had photos of a pre-production model of the VEA. One of these showed the underside of the chassis, which is incredibly detailed. So detailed, I wondered if it was a bit over the top, since most of the time, these will be running on track and you will hardly ever see the detail. So it seemed to me. I think the photos came from the Bachmann magazine for club members. I've tried to locate the video thr
  7. Oh boys - there has been such erudite comment on this thread in the last few days, it is most enlightening and interesting. Thank you so much, everybody! I particularly enjoyed Edwardian's comments on, and critique of, the GNR and GWR coaches, and the ensuing posts. To my mind, from an aesthetic and artistic point of view, these coaches look so much better when the ends are not painted black. That allows you to see the separately applied footsteps - just compare the GNR and LNER coach ends. Much as I may need the LNER coaches, the GNR ones look so good! I t
  8. The CAD video of the 15xx Rapido have shared with us (5 or 6 posts above) is very interesting and informative - well worth seeing. All credit to Rapido for sharing it with us. John Storey
  9. Goodness, Roddy! I've almost learnt more about you from this post - about Oxford Diecast's latest release programme - than I did in years of contact as colleagues in the Scottish Office/Executive/Government! John S
  10. Oxford Rail gave details of their release 1 2021 last night on their Facebook pages. The J27 is "in production. Ready to ship after Chinese New Year" and "due Q2/2021", while the J26 is "to be released Q4 2021". John Storey
  11. Oxford Diecast have provided details of their new first quarter February to May 2021 release programme. There are various new liveries and colour schemes, but Eloise acknowledged there are delays in their programme because of Covid etc: they need time to catch up, so new tooling is kept to a minimum in this announcement. Eloise provided details about progress with new tooling from previous announcements, and had photographs of first castings of two modern Ford Transit vans and of the forthcoming scooter (wonderfully cute and detailed!). There are three new toolings, al
  12. "Finding 1:76 Royal Mail decals might be a pain" ( Jack above). I was looking for Royal Mail and Post Office Telephones transfers or decals a while ago. Langley Models do them - here's the link to that section of their website. My recollection is that anyone can't just run these up and sell them: you need to obtain the appropriate clearance, because the Crown is on the Royal Mail insignia and presumably also because these are registered logos. I've used both of these Langley transfer sets, and am pleased with the result. There are also lots of other lorry or van liveri
  13. Nice chart (where the vessels are). On the map (I.e. land) bit, isn't Heljan's factory and base somewhere in there? John Storey
  14. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have updated on a number of their projects including that the "Cowans Sheldon crane is in development with more details to follow". I suppose any of us could have written that for them, but never mind! They haven't forgotten it! As I've already said ....... I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. !! Thats me over and out now! John Storey
  15. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have wished readers a happy New Year, and that "things have not stopped here at Oxford and projects are progressing. We will shortly give an update on the date for future announcements". There are short updates on the Pilchard, GER box van and the Cowans Sheldon crane. I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. John Storey
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