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  1. Nice chart (where the vessels are). On the map (I.e. land) bit, isn't Heljan's factory and base somewhere in there? John Storey
  2. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have updated on a number of their projects including that the "Cowans Sheldon crane is in development with more details to follow". I suppose any of us could have written that for them, but never mind! They haven't forgotten it! As I've already said ....... I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. !! Thats me over and out now! John Storey
  3. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have wished readers a happy New Year, and that "things have not stopped here at Oxford and projects are progressing. We will shortly give an update on the date for future announcements". There are short updates on the Pilchard, GER box van and the Cowans Sheldon crane. I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. John Storey
  4. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have said that "the Great Eastern Goods Van has moved into tooling, with first engineering samples coming soon." I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. John Storey
  5. On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have said they have "received the first engineering prototype of the Pilchard for review. There are a few little tweaks, but the first shots do look impressive. Images to follow soon." I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. John Storey
  6. Many thanks to Chris for his video of 1501 departing Kidderminster with 7 coaches - gloriously spectacular! If anyone needs persuasion to buy one of Rapido's models, this should do it! John Storey
  7. During the virtual Warley this last weekend 28/29 November, one of the YouTube presentations was an interview with Peco. As part of that Peco showed a photograph of "PC-90 Our very first new Parkside wagon kit the BR (ER) 13 ton hopper wagon. Ready for production!" The model isn't the same one in Jaymz's photograph above (a year ago!), as it is painted (undercoat only?), with a black chassis. Peco also showed a painted and decorated sample of the O gauge version, which really does look superb. I don't know if anyone (Peco?) can forward the photographs to here, for eve
  8. Those figures quoted by MyRule1 are really interesting. It is good that Hornby moved during the period to a profit (note, before tax), but as already pointed out, it is small. The significant change is the move from net debt of £8.4 million in 2019 to net cash of £4.0 million - that is a HUGE improvement, and a great encouragement for any of us who wondered at one time if Hornby was going to continue. I can't see that the £12.4 million turnaround has been achieved solely through cost reductions and better sales, however: wasn't there a capital reconstruction at some poi
  9. Something like an NER 20 ton hopper wagon, which would complement their HUO nicely. John S
  10. Thanks for that photo, Andy - it is really neat when you give us updates like this. My immediate reaction on seeing the photo was "Goodness, is that a model?" Suggests it is very good indeed! John Storey
  11. On Tuesday evening 1 September Oxford Diecast made their September to January 2021 announcement, which is largely new variants and new liveries on existing tooling (the Coronavirus effect). Except for a rather magnificent Aveling and Porter road roller and associated tar spreader in 1/76! The tar spreader looks like a cute little model - I very much hope it will be available separately in due course. It would be useful on many model railway layouts! Here is the link to Oxford's website https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/blogs/news/september-2020-january-2021-announc
  12. I'm intrigued by these photos from Kings Cross. Was diesel siphoned off the top of these tank wagons the main source of supply for class 3s, Deltics and whatever other diesel locomotives were serviced at Kings Cross? In which case woud a new lot of tankers be needed every few hours? It seems a remarkably quaint way of supplying diesel in the quantity which must have been needed. Surely a case of the old railway struggling to keep up with the new? I'm sure some of you will be able supply the answer - I'm amazed at the recollections and information appearing in the po
  13. Thanks to Cor-onGRT4's helpful post above, the current Mobil release of Oxford Rail's tank wagon is in Mobil's 1955 logo. Enlarging on an iPad screen the photo Clive has posted, there is one tank wagon in that siding which is smaller than the others. I think this is what Oxford's Rail is modelling, as I understand their model is smaller than those we have from Bachmann et al. Could someone give us a photo or two of Oxford Rail's model alongside a tank wagon(s) from other manufacturers, please, so we can see the difference in size? John Storey
  14. Another vintage edition. For those who have waited years for Thompson A2/2 and A2/3 locomotives rtr, this edition is a delight and a feast for the eyes - here we have first photos of tooling for these. And there's lots more beside - GWR 51xx/61xx, Bluetooth analogue control system, an Electrotren railcar, and more images of forthcoming Terriers and GBRf Class 47 locomotives. Excellent! John Storey
  15. There's a new Engine Shed up today https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/news/the-engine-shed/dining-mk1rb-testing-advanced-passenger-train It covers the Captain Tom Moore Class 66 locomotive, the BR Mk.1 RB coach and the APT-P. These get more and more interesting! The photos of the original APT especially so - both Hornby's photos of it from 2019 at Crewe, and the original BR publicity prints. Looking out of the cab of this ultra modern train, and there's an original Mini! And the photo below - there's a Rover 2000. These road vehicles are reminders that the APT didn'
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