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  1. Now into the Red Sea. I'm intrigued that, having brought 18,300 containers to Europe (BBC figure), it seems to be returning empty. Aren't there containers that need to be taken back to the Far East, so the factories there can fill with product for our Christmas season? Or are the comments above sufficient to explain why a vessel the size of the Ever Given is heading east empty? And at the end of the day, was there anything for Dapol (or any other model railway manufacturer or retailer) on the Ever Given when it stuck in the Canal? John S
  2. Should Sonic models now have their own section in the Trade and Products section of RMweb? It doesn't seem quite right that, with a significant announcement like this, it appears under Rails headline. They have now announced two signicant locomotives in the last week or two - n gauge J50 and now this A5: their own listing would bring all their products together under one heading. No connection to Sonic Models, John Storey
  3. I am astonished ..... and delighted! Not only are we getting an A5, but in the Hornby magazine footage in Paul. Uni's first post on this thread, we are shown liveried first examples running on Hornby magazine's layout. Watching that video, Sonic have captured the look of an A5 wonderfully: it looks superb. Not only that, it is running smoothly - no hunting in the carriages the two A5s in the video are pulling. And they are coming soon - no lengthy waiting. Outstanding! Well done, Sonic! - absolutely first class, John S
  4. Given Accurascale's proven ability in wagons, I am surprised no one has mentioned BR Anhydrite wagons, as used on the Long Meg to Widnes traffic flow, and then later in the Midlands. They tick several boxes: there's the Settle - Carlisle line interest; they have all sorts of beams and shapes that are difficult to recreate one's self (I know Macgeordie of this parish produces a delightful kit, but building it is not for everyone); and they ran to Widnes, where Hattons are located today so they could be interested. They ran in flows of 15, then 20, and later 26 wagons, so that is potentially a lot of sales ..... but I don't suppose most of us would, or could, buy a full rake! John S
  5. Probably more readily done than you might imagine! Come to think of it, have you or I never done something similar at some point in our lives? Just a pity when it appears indelibly in print, and there's nowhere to hide! John S
  6. I clearly haven't been following this thread lately, because I have just realised, Edwardian, that you replied on 16 June to my request of 15 June for more information about those photographs you posted on the previous page. Thank you for all this information about years and locations. That is a lovely snippet about The Scotsman newspaper! John S
  7. I happen to have open a link to D.G. models, who make lovely OO cars, vans and motor cycle combinations. I have a number of his cars and vans, bought second hand at Harburn Hobbies here in Edinburgh some years ago, and they are very cute indeed. Here is the link link to his website: no connection other than delighted owner of some of his cars and vans (click on the 'railway kits OO gauge' section for the full range). http://www.autocraft.plus.com/page2.html John S
  8. There is a thread in this area of RMweb titled 'Looking for suitable OO vehicles 1930s', which brought very useful responses. It was a year ago, and is now 4 pages back. BernardTPM listed various kit makers, some of whom have strong model railway links e.g. Springside, but others such as DG Models, R Parker and John Day who aren't specifically railway related. Here is a link to the relevant page: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/152610-looking-for-suitable-oo-vehicles-1930s/ John S
  9. Like south_tyne above, I have just discovered this thread ..... though over 2 years later! I've never heard of anyone modelling Coldstream before, so I shall follow this with interest. i only know Coldstream from photos - was so disappointed to go to the site and discover there's nothing left of the station. Photos show a rather delightful station and all the appurtences - footbridge, substantial signal box and even ex-LNER G5 locomotive 67303 0-4-4T of Tweedmouth Shed. I'm awaiting TMC's forthcoming G5 with much anticipation! All the best! John S
  10. Goodness, Edwardian, wonderful photos! Can you give us years when these photos were taken, please? I'm particularly taken by the three axle coach sitting in Edinburgh Waverley - third photo down - taken some time in the 1920s or 30s, I'd guess. You don't get any clues from the buildings (Forsyth's department store at left, North British Hotel, now Balmoral, to right) because they are still there today! John S
  11. Superb, Ben Alder! As a matter of interest, where did you source the clocks on the two stations, please? They are rather neat, and I could do with one or two, but don't want to buy a complete kit! John S
  12. Aha - TMC now has photographs of the engineering sample of their forthcoming G5 on their web pages! Best accessed from here https://www.themodelcentre.com/oo-gauge/locomotives-9?range=84 There are 4 photos of the 2 rail bunker version, and 4 of the cage bunker with hopper version. I imagine there are the usual caveats about engineering samples - that they are designed to ensure various permutations work together, and don't necessarily represent that particular model as it will finally be produced. I don't see any sign yet of these photos on TMC's Facebook page, nor on this thread, but no doubt that will follow. To my mind, these look superb and wonderfully detailed. John Storey
  13. Yes, I'm sure that's the engine shed TMC commissioned a few years ago. The giveaway is the cut out in the corner of the separate office, where it fits into the main shed building.
  14. Well, I'm blowed! I immediately recognised that OO Hamilton Toy Museum as the toy museum in Callander in the Trossachs, NW of Stirling. It didn't seem a likely candidate for re-creation on modellers' railways across the land, but here it is! Wonderful - a lovely way to recognise a family run museum and business. https://thehamiltontoycollection.co.uk/ John Storey
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