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  1. From the footplate, if the lubricator stopped working (not unknown for a clevis pin to wear and drop out or bend the drive rod) then that small bar with the bent ends told you straight away. If it was rotating all was well as it was atatched to the plunger drive shaft.
  2. Have a look at Corbs "of this parish" Railway Mania 3D printed Kits, he is also on facebook. He and Adam FW sell a very nice printed kit for an Avonside 0-6-0t to fit the Hornby 0-6-0 Pecket chassis. Ruston has done the build of one on his thread.
  3. I had a look at a photo of 4154 at Banbury in the twilight of its life. The photo is on Flickr. The Hornby model looks like 4154 so it does it for me ; I'll also add its one of that class I fired a number of times. Mick
  4. Hello John, Albion Alloys are good for bar and sheet stock in brass/ aluminium. Useful books; The Compact Lathe by Stan Bray. pub; Special Interest Model Books. ISBN 978 185486 227 3. Unimat III Lathe Accessories by Bob Loader. W.shop practise Series No32 pub; Nexus Special Interests. ISBN 1 85486 213 8. The Book of the Unimat by D.J.Laidlaw- Dickson pub; MAP technical publication . ISBN 0 85242 591 0 Looks like you have the full set of kit there! with quite a new machine, mine is much older and I have fewer accesories. All three books have been useful
  5. A lovely build of a very distinctive vehicle. Cracking!!
  6. A J19? it looks like a bitza this and that. I'm sure someone will tell me all about them 'cos it's a new one to me.
  7. My name is Mick Whittle and I posted the photo so pass on details if you wish. Ron had given me the photo a long time ago and I found it looking for other "stuff". Sadly Ron passed away about 5 Sept this year nearly making his 95 birthday.
  8. I do admire your progress Andy and putting a layout in one of those modern truss roofed houses must be a real pitb! Still you could always get a second income stream by being a contorsionist!!!!! I do hope you have some sort of insulation in the roof? and dont forget the airflow around the insulation. I did and the remedial work was another pitb! Enjoy, be safe please keep posting. MIck
  9. Irish Metro-Vick Diesels by Barry Carse Published by Colourpoint. ISBN1-898392-15-3. It was £4.99. mine has proved very useful . The guys on IRM.net may prove helpful. I find they always are. Locomotives of the GSR by Clements & McMahon is a very interesting book about the steam side of things but its final chapters does point to reasons why Milne's recommendations were not taken up. Mick
  10. Not like those finger pinching doors fitted on LMS engines. With a damn great spring to keep them shut. Yes I did and yes it hurt!
  11. Oxford 1952, for me it illustrates the simplicity of WR/GW signaling with the post to the left of the line it refered to. The carriage sidings to the far right and the loco yard behind them and continuing to the river bridge. Brought back mainly happy memories.
  12. Saltley seagulls, turned up everywhere. Even back in the '60's some things never change!
  13. I also just spotted this post. Tragic news and I shall miss your posts. For me your modelling created a picture of Ireland which your trains brought to life and sometimes made me think "that's a good idea I can do that" I know not what I believe but thank you and God bless you. Mick
  14. I volunteered on a well known narrow gauge railway in Wales for 15 yrs. Worked on the full time staff for 10 yrs. I did'nt do any modelling during that time, although I made some base boards which I gave away! I suppose I had 12" to the foot to play with! When I left Wales I started making models again. Wonder what Freud would have to say about it?
  15. Thank you Paul, very entertaining videos and the offer of help is much appreciated. Mike
  16. Dave thank you for the swift reply. Of the sounds Paul posted I like the Dorman best. Paul, thanks for those sample sounds I think its the Dorman with the gear changing that does it for me. Of sounds, its a pity non were fitted with a Commer TS3. Although I know Foden 2 strokes were fitted in Planets. Need bloody good ear defenders in that cab!
  17. I'm building an 11t Planet what sound would be good for this loco please? Its the Nonneminstre Models kit. I am thinking Gardner, Perkins or Ford 4cyl diesels is this wide of the mark?
  18. The blocks arrived at depots in steel drums with a plastic bag type liner and a clip on lid Nafloc printed on the drum. I'm certain it worked well, not at all naff, judging by the sludge that came from the blowdown valve. Corbs that is a very interesting photo, the PBA must have been a very enlightened operator.
  19. Adam, it was the Redruth and Chasewater , don't know why I made that little blunder! Without wishing to sound pedantic I think the water treatment was called Nafloc. When I worked on BR we also used it, Banbury 84 C was a hard water area, it looked like brown cup sized blocks that used too get tipped into a special meshed holder,where they slowly dissolved, that held 20/30 lbs of them. We only put them in 9f tenders. 9f's seemed very prone to priming when the boiler got dirty the Nafloc put the solids into suspension so the water looked creamy in the gauge glass. When the boiler was blown do
  20. Adam, that looks really good and the tutorial shows just how easy it is to build. I hope they fly off the shelves! You should be very proud. You mention the Redruth and Cambourn 4ft gauge , funny, I looked at an Ian Rice type small layout using it as a basis I was very surprised at how much info is out there about it. Lots of photos on the Cornish memory website and Robert Tivendale did several articles on it in Practical Model railways in the 1980's. I thought about using the Hornby/Ibertren 0-6-0t as a basis for Miner. Hope thats of interest. I realise that Irish Baldwin
  21. Thank you Headstock and Tony for the explanation of " blood spitters" you both painted a beautiful mental picture. Funnily enough it was a Woodford man that told the tale!
  22. The B16, a very appealing loco, long boiler, commodious cab and I like the look of the motion and connecting rod driving on the first axle. Avery attractive machine which I never saw! But I am sure I read somewhere they had the nickname of "blood spitters" is it true and if so why?
  23. Very impressive, your method of printing gives a very clean body and any striations are very hard to see from the photos. Can I be a bit cheeky and email you a drawing ? Its of a very ,I think, interesting prototype that ran in Ireland in the early 1900's. If you saw it then a use for the Bachmann James becomes obvious! No offence will be taken if you think "oh no"! Mic
  24. I realise this thread has moved on but I love the photos of an afternoons shunting. The last but one is fabulous, J50 heading into the tunnel with a raft of vans and the light catching the mill buildings above, I looked thrice, that picture should be in BRM or whatever! West Yorkshire in a nutshell! please post more like that.
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