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  1. The MV actually looks good in NIR maroon and the Hunslet is looking good
  2. Another great video Kieran, thanks
  3. Great job of the wagons and great video. You can’t beat the GNR section for variety down through the years
  4. Thanks Mick. Yep there is good insulation, and despite the varying range of temperatures in Scotland between the season’s, I have never had a problem with any layout over the last 20 years! The problem that you rightly mention is as the older one gets, it doesn’t do the back much favours! But it is worth it, as the alternative is no layout at all!
  5. Thanks Pat. Yep I built the station from scratch with card which turned out ok but not great. In hindsight I would have got a better finish with plasticard, but it suits my needs and is a reasonable representation of the original building. The footbridge is a card kit that looks very similar to the original footbridge at Adelaide and at many other GNR stations. The other platform will have the iconic GNR shelter, which is an Alphagraphix 00 kit I still have to build
  6. Thanks Kieran, you will have to make do with photos for now as your tutorial for uploading videos went completely over my head!
  7. Lockdown at the end of March gave me a chance to make some progress on the new layout build as per the above photos! Returning back to work at the beginning of June soon put a stop to that! So, below are a few photos of the small slow progress made since then. They show the new area for Adelaide station, which has been extended to handle a 4 coach BUT set and includes the original station building that was demolished in the early 70s , in a rundown state, and the platforms will be converted to the original wooden type. The houses represent Great Northern Street, where many railway workers
  8. Great info JHB, thanks for sharing
  9. Fast progress indeed Steve, the layout has taken shape nicely and always good to get a background of detail on the area being modelled. Certainly a lot of operating potential. Great work with the coaches also, they will certainly add to the stock already on display
  10. Just had a good read about Kirley Junction tonight in the September edition of Railway Modeller. Well done Kieran, your layout is worth being in print and it was good to see the revised layout plan.
  11. As the old saying goes, it’s your layout! With 112, you need the generator coach as David explained earlier. If you have room for 6 coaches, model the buffet coach, if not just convert one of the standards to the mini buffet. You could justify it by claiming it is a rugby special to Dublin, although I think the mini bar would be dry by the time it reached Adelaide!
  12. Pat- not really my era, but the Hunslet service to Derry was not used for very long unfortunately. I am not sure if a main buffet coach was ever in the formation, I would doubt it but I’m open to correction , but the rebuilt mini-bar coach 821 was used. This was the standard open with seats removed and a small bar fitted and the final window on the right hand side plated over, an easy conversation if you don’t alter the interior, which is barely visible anyway!
  13. Well done, superb modelling of those iconic railcars in the best livery they ever carried, which has been captured to perfection
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