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  1. hopefully Pat, although the ballast guys are not as enthusiastic as the other gangs!
  2. Thanks Kieran, it wasn’t too bad, quite therapeutic just getting lost in a bit of scenery for a long time. The bushes though have forced NIR to send DH No.2 with the homemade weedkiller train to get them under control! One of the search light signals introduced on the line in the early 60s has also been added
  3. The first bit of scenery has appeared on the layout! A factory, similar to the type when I first started working way back in 79,has been added to the right of the houses.Some unkempt grass added also, the dreaded ballasting, which I always put off, will need to be done at some point!
  4. Great work as always Kieran, well done
  5. I admire your patience for such a build, but it looks like it will be well worth it
  6. Great video and nice wagons Kieran
  7. Nice start Kieran, look forward to seeing it progress
  8. Here are a few pics of the boiler cars for the BUT railcars. There were 4 different types, which was typical of the variety in rolling stock inherited by the UTA and ultimately NIR! L14 D5 F16 L12 Plenty of work still to do and as I jump between building models, building the layout or doing no building at all, who knows when the next progress will be!
  9. Haha, thanks Kieran. Unfortunately my builds are the usual compromise and not fully accurate! I have started with the boiler cars using either adapted Worsley works sides or chopped up coaches. The boiler cars will also house the power chassis, sitting on top of Bachmann class 108 chassis’s, therefore the chassis detail will be incorrect, but at least I have a reliable power bogie and full interiors of the single and double enders can be achieved. I will try to get some pics soon
  10. Thanks Pat. I like the Metcalfe kits, very sturdy and these particular ones are very similar to the houses behind Adelaide. Most of those in the photo have been around for about 10 years!
  11. Not much has been happening with the layout over the last month as I have been concentrating on my BUT railcars! Anyway, here are a couple of photos of a 141 passing Adelaide with the new backscene in place and the temporary sleeper fence which ran the length of the entry behind the houses in Great Northern Street.
  12. Superb Kieran, look forward to seeing more videos next year! There was something for everyone in those clips
  13. Photos, depending on the angle and lighting can throw up different variants that can add to the confusion! If you look at your own photos above, the blue and the grey on the side view look spot on, but the photo of the end view suggests the blue stripe on the left hand side looks darker than the right hand side, as does the yellow stripe! If the colour looks right, I don’t think anyone could argue the point
  14. Sorry to hear about the house move Steve, hopefully things will get resolved soon. Sorry to also hear that Central Junction will be no more! I am sure the plans you have for your new layout will be exciting and look forward to seeing it progress.
  15. Great job Kieran, you keep coming up with something special
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