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  1. Great selection of photos Kieran
  2. Looks good, nice modelling
  3. Nice video Kieran, is Kirley Junction back to full operation? How do you knit all the wee snippets together?
  4. A CIE mixed goods trundles past Adelaide behind a 141 heading to Dundalk
  5. Thanks Kieran, if you knew how long it took me to work out how to load a video to the thread.....but hopefully in time departures and arrivals from GVST can be filmed!
  6. Thanks Raymond, how is progress on your own layout, it would be good to see some pics of yours on the forum
  7. Haha, thanks Pat! it didn’t look that fast in real time and the DH didn’t look that slow!
  8. It is a part modified and part scratch built Mainline class 03 shunter. The chassis is unmodified with parts of the body and plasticard used for the conversion.
  9. This is shaping up to becoming a brilliant layout, looking forward to further updates
  10. Tried my first ever video, hope it works and you enjoy it. It’s a nostalgic one, as 49 years ago in July 1970, NIR used the Hunslet’s for the Enterprise service. 101Eagle features in the video, as today on 23/7/93 was the last time she was ever used. DH2 can be seen passing with a ballast train, herself only 1 year old having arrived in 1969, amazingly 50 years ago! It still feels like yesterday to me!
  11. Just love this layout and the videos,your eye is always drawn to something new, always plenty of greenery. Nice wee engine too!
  12. You’ve got to love those old railcars, just pure nostalgia with them! Great video
  13. Nice ballast train Kieran
  14. I know Colin, his lack of experience as he tried to take the Capri off the wagon ended up a mess! As an FLT driver myself, I will endeavour to sort it out later!
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