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  1. Yes, it was I that commented in Flickr. Went there to see if there was a larger photos of the loco and get its number. I have only a small amount of my 23,000 railway photos in Flickr
  2. The new class 397 have very bright pantograph lights
  3. 6984 is wrong, looks like a Castle class to me
  4. The pink Class 66 66587 'AS ONE WE CAN' at Westbury on 5th November 2019
  5. Based on the trees behind it, there's a good chance 72002 is at Kingmoor as well
  6. All Upperby except for 46222 which is taken in Kingmoor shed yard (south). 46223 is in Upperby 'Burma' sidings near Tyne Street. WD Mark s buildings behind. Behind D216 is what use to be a rubbish tip and where your first batch of photos looking towards the shed were taken from. The photo is taken from the footbridge as was the next two Coronations
  7. 57002 & 57003 arrived at Kingmoor from Crewe this afternoon
  8. Here are a couple of photos I took of the shed 82020 at Basingstoke shed taken while on a RailRover 9 August 1965 73080 and 15233 at Basingstoke shed taken while on a RailRover 14 August 1966
  9. I have seen GWR brake vans around Carlisle in the 1950/60s
  10. Yes, engines were changed at Carlisle mainly Canal or Haymarket A3s but I have seen A1, A2, A4 and other classes on it
  11. Just had an afterthought. Are there any ticket inspectors checking tickets as you exit the platform?
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