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  1. it is an interesting conundrum that faces all modellers and herein is the problem Whisper it quietly but railway operation is in essence a limited number of repetitive operations . Trains arrive and depart , steam hauled may allow a run round , pause for water . Pick up goods stop drop off/place/pick up wagons . The simpler the layout the more restrictive in part the operation. Full size what transfixes us is the sounds and smells and above all the interaction , opportune footplate rides , exploring overgrown sidings , conversations , a brew with the signalman things that are far
  2. it appears that the poster has made the image private . this seems a rather sad decision as something like flick is made for image sharing and the poster posted the link , rather than a snip and paste
  3. very nice Ade, always nice to see a layout coming together .
  4. I built a GWR signal box some time ago and it came out ok even allowing for my fatter fingers .looks lovely though
  5. Many thanks for these . The end ones are very sad . I watched Henley in Arden being knocked down .I had to walk away
  6. Straying off topic , as a Shirley (solihull) resident would love to see the Bentley Heath images of they are shareable
  7. Brian reports this as a one off , something he didn't see again . Stratford to Leamington service .
  8. Like everything 2020 has thrown at us Model Shops have had to adapt to survive . Increasing their audience through social media, online selling to make up for the loss of footfall . The big loss will be the loss of show sales although how much that will translate into "normal" volumes we will see . the second big influence is us as a customer continuing to spend in our favourite/local shops . I've done far more model railway stuff this year than I have for probably 35 years . As a result I've spent more and I'm grateful to Tony's Trains of Rugby for getting stuff for me from my wish list
  9. for anyone looking for some prototype inspiration Brian England has posted this image of his on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3389307107791358&set=a.2651834521538624 A interesting discussion on how the unit would have fared on Wilmcote bank with such a tail load in tow . Image is copyright Brian England
  10. Like many model shops the second lockdown is doing little to help trading conditions especially in what should be peak season Tony's trains remains open for online ordering and click and collect. website is here https://tonystrainsofrugby.com/ and if there is anything specific you are looking for give Tony a ring . Delivery from EFE with the Beattie Well tanks imminent Facebook page also here https://www.facebook.com/tonystrainsofrugby
  11. My dithering on the Heljan/Dapol railcars has reached a conclusion . Dapol pannier 9669 will join fellow stablemate 7714 and allow further steam era recreations . Lovely as both railcars are i concluded on a higher play value with a pannier tank
  12. My income has been largely static for the last five years (and it is reasonable) my outlay with family grows exponentially so what I have to spend on my interests contracts considerably . I have to be creative so second hand purchases where possible . Trading surplus items in the collection to fund new and my spend is now to O gauge . To frighten some my eldest prefer's O to OO and his Christmas and birthday list is O gauge
  13. I'm sure i've seen a much lower price for Heljan , more the £420 mark . It could be my eyes and memory failing edit , no they weren't ! https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=586 £466 though
  14. Price point is close to Heljan's variant . An AEC railcar is very tempting , Dapol vs Heljan though
  15. I'm sure you do, but there are some nice images in Branch Line Byways vol 1 The West Midlands by G F Bannister and published by Atlantic Press in 1986. A number of images of Bitterley are included Edit , should have read page 2 first !
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