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  1. Any chance that people who bought these could be sent decals to correct their wagons either free or for cost price?
  2. We should give them some credit for listening, but my god did they deserve the bashing for completely ignoring it in the first place! New grumble... it looks a little large on Hornby's CAD!
  3. Yes and no. A good company should be able to manage the project to reduce delays and really should be building in time for sure delays into any estimates. There is no rule, but it annoys customers, increases pressure to have a PERFECT product and I'm sure if you ask anyone at Dapol they won't be happy about the delay caused. And add to that there will be people that have paid a deposit or even a "full price" pre-order which leaves people out of pocket and retailers potentially in an awkward position. There are unavoidable issues in life, but I don't think it's a problem holding com
  4. Very welcome mate! Looks really nice - now get it in place!
  5. I'm not having a go at Tim or WW. I'm sure what he's doing is better than what I could do. But this kit isn't for me. Like I said, the bogies suggested weren't correct and neither are the wheels. Nothing like Cambrian - they make great kits that many modellers enjoy.
  6. The Waterside kits didn't look great. No transfers available, the wrong bogies were suggested so I decided to give them a miss.
  7. This shows 4, but the other 26+ are clearly the other end of the layout.
  8. Always thought this was a very interesting working including an HAA!
  9. I think it shows that not all reviews are equal in many senses. For example, a film or music album review may have elements of fact checking and/or research, but it mostly an individuals opinion on the work. There is very little 'right' or 'wrong' and much more 'good' or 'bad' in the eyes of one person. However, when it comes to a review of a scale model it's a very different story. At the core, these are scale models of a prototype and as such that is their purpose and a reviewer's job is to evaluate whether the product they have is fit for purpose. I think that the first thing they need
  10. These look monstrous! The real HAAs had some serious presence that hasn't really come across in 00 in the past, but these look like they have nailed it! Looking forward to mine arriving!
  11. Haha - there are a couple of ways down there. But in reality if there just went there once or twice, or was there for repair I'm not all that interested.
  12. Thanks both. Still ideally trying to find pictures or videos of them in service. They look amazing, but I try to keep things as prototypical as possible. £100 for a wagon that didn't run is a bit steep
  13. Does anyone know if they ran in South Wales in the mid 90s? Thinking maybe on Enterprise workings getting marshalled at ADJ?
  14. Apparently it was running on DC during that video.
  15. This logic is pie in the sky though. No one knows if Accurascale are doing HAAs for sure. And certainly no-one knows the price. I'm not saying that they won't announce them or the price won't be the same as some of Accurascale's wagons but at the moment how can anyone say?
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