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  1. Hatton's have just emailed saying Q4 2021.
  2. I would imagine it's more about who does it better. They'll both be of a similar price and there is no confirmation Bachmann will even do one although I admit it looks likely after the 69 announcement. However, if they haven't started the tooling, they may decide against it. Who knows and we'll see.
  3. Cav, Alex, Superb work - these look stunning. Will certainly be getting a couple of these monsters! Big day for Cavalex! Rich
  4. Either that or they are one of the growing number of people who think their opinion is equally as valid as an expert because all opinions are equal...
  5. If both companies have done their homework then they should be almost identical I suppose. Will make for very interesting comparisons.
  6. Interesting (although obviously not unexpected) announcement which will leave buyers with a choice between two high detail models and Hornby's estimation. Obviously great that there are so many variants, but can't help but feel this has been done at the detriment to the actual model. It looks like the top of the wagons will be separate fittings that can be changed to suit the wagon, but it does have quite an unsightly gap/join line where the two pieces meet on the pictures on the Accurascale website. Not sure it could really be done a different way but it's a bit of a shame. And I'm no expert on the CDAs, but does the hood look a little high, creating a more rounded canopy?
  7. The problem (well, one of the many) with influencers is that there are too many people calling themselves one just because they have a social media page. A true influencer is someone who does something (without being asked or told to) and others then follow. Remember every time David Beckham got a new haircut, millions of young boys wanted to copy it. These days, like you rightly say, these people are social media advertising tools. Where we differ is that I don't think they are advertisers, they are just billboards who people make to slap their brand on.
  8. Any chance that people who bought these could be sent decals to correct their wagons either free or for cost price?
  9. We should give them some credit for listening, but my god did they deserve the bashing for completely ignoring it in the first place! New grumble... it looks a little large on Hornby's CAD!
  10. Yes and no. A good company should be able to manage the project to reduce delays and really should be building in time for sure delays into any estimates. There is no rule, but it annoys customers, increases pressure to have a PERFECT product and I'm sure if you ask anyone at Dapol they won't be happy about the delay caused. And add to that there will be people that have paid a deposit or even a "full price" pre-order which leaves people out of pocket and retailers potentially in an awkward position. There are unavoidable issues in life, but I don't think it's a problem holding companies to account when they miss several deadlines.
  11. Very welcome mate! Looks really nice - now get it in place!
  12. I'm not having a go at Tim or WW. I'm sure what he's doing is better than what I could do. But this kit isn't for me. Like I said, the bogies suggested weren't correct and neither are the wheels. Nothing like Cambrian - they make great kits that many modellers enjoy.
  13. The Waterside kits didn't look great. No transfers available, the wrong bogies were suggested so I decided to give them a miss.
  14. This shows 4, but the other 26+ are clearly the other end of the layout.
  15. Always thought this was a very interesting working including an HAA!
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