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  1. One thing that isn't particularly clear... I paid the extra £10 for air freight of a sound fitted model. This extra £10 was refunded when they said they'd air freight all the models for Christmas. Then the sound fitted models got delayed until early Jan. Will my model still be air freighted with all the others who originally pre-ordered sound, or are all the remaining models on a boat?
  2. This is a really positive announcement overall. Does anyone know if the Swallow MK3s are the old tooling, I assume they are? For me the only things that are really jumping out are the Dutch 31 and Buffer fitted HSTs in Swallow. The really disappointing thing for me is the Class 91. They had 30 years to improve their model, but never did. When a new company came along and did what they should have, the react like this! Poor form really.
  3. I recently reviewed a couple of these on my YouTube channel. See what I thought here:
  4. Just bumping this. Anyone working at Great Western back in the day know this?
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if Great Western (and then First Great Western) ever used their Class 47s for loco hauled services to Wales or was it just down to Devon and Cornwall. I've looked around but can't find any pictures or video of such services, other than 47815 in First Great Western livery stabled at Newport in 2003. In information would be great. Thanks, Rich
  6. My post seems to have been posted above. Not had any experiences with them since, but after my first visit I wouldn't use them out of choice.
  7. Looks great, and this certainly isn't a criticism, but wasn't a wagon very similar to this announced by another retailer recently? Rich
  8. Thanks for everyone's feedback! Seems I got a little confused between Cement and China Clay. I know ICA, TTA, VGAs are all available RTR in 00. I just need to look into Slurry TTA/TUA and TCA options to model this train!
  9. Thanks Flood! Now I need to see if any of them are available as models/kits/conversion parts!!
  10. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can identify the wagon types in the train at @2:20 in this video? I'm thinking it's as follows - but certainly things I don't recognise: Class 37, Class37, Silver Bullet (Does this have a TOPS code), VDA (x3), Silver Bullet, PCA, ????, Silver Bullet, ????, PCA (x4) Any help would be great. Thanks, Rich
  11. I would put some cork or something onto a 12mm ply top. Are you going to brace the plywood base at all?
  12. I think that's only for the new liveries. The rest will be here by the end of November I think... This applies to codes: H4-66-001 - H4-66-030 (including Digital & Sound Fitted models) H4-66-031 will be air freighted in full for pre-Christmas delivery. All of the above should arrive before the end of November.
  13. Seems like any pre-order (before November 14th) is now 'priority' and is being air freighted. Anyone who has agreed to pay the £10 extra for air freight will now not be charged that £10.
  14. Yes - I understand what it's done, but it feels like some logic needs to be plugged in to the search algorithm as most people typing in Class 66 on the site are looking for a Class 66 loco. It's just something that annoys me about the search on the site.
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