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  1. These look absolutely stunning Cav! Can't wait until a rake of these are running on my layout! Might not be able to run fully prototypical lengths.... but maybe two half length might work!
  2. Certainly a must have for many modellers and I'm very excited about having an HAA that passes muster. I have to disagree about the model with most potential though. Accurascale and Cavalex both product exceptional wagons, they have proved that already so I think we need to look at what has been announced. Cavalex have a model in the tooling stage, which looks stunning. They have retailers who have already said they'll have more than the pre-ordered amount. Accurascale do have a wide retailer network, but many of their models are only available to pre-order/order from them directly so I d
  3. Very excited to see what is next to come! IHA covered steel wagons would be very welcome Andy!
  4. Has anyone heard any updates on these recently?
  5. Thanks Hywel (and Brian), I will see if I can find any photos of those workings. I didn't know Class 58s got down to South Wales much. Another thing to look for images of. Rich
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know if PGA wagons were used on services in South Wales in the mid-late 90s? I know most of the MGR rakes were HAA/HFA and I've seen full rakes of MEAs. Were PGAs used on any other rakes, or in enterprise trains? Many thanks. Rich
  7. Thrilled about these, although the wallet is already having palpitations!
  8. My tension locks feel very secure and as you say, feels like a very positive fit.
  9. My BBAs arrived today after a night in the holding cell of my local Royal Mail delivery depot after the dreaded red slip was found when I got home. On first glance these are real stunners. The metal grate floors are a work of art. Will have a proper look and might well do a review in full soon. Some photos below!
  10. There is one on eBay (in model form) which ends in just over 24 hours at just £56!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-Class-47778-EWS-Duke-Of-Edinburghs-Award-DCC-Fitted/174396243977
  11. Thanks for the info! Out of interest, do you know when the car lamp was removed?
  12. I'm looking to model 37051 in it's 1994/1995 condition after the 'car lamp' had been removed - are you able to let us know with the way that lamp is tooled how easy that would be to achieve? Many thanks!
  13. I have messaged Waterside again today to ask if there has been any update. I'll report back here when I find out.
  14. Waterside have indeed announced them, but we've not seen any drawings, dates or anything else. Hopefully they come through, but even if they do it'll be a kit which many people won't choose over a RTR model.
  15. Disappointed by another 5-6 month delay. But really looking forward to the model so I'll just have to deal with that!
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