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  1. Although diesel land, the same location but about 40 years apart.....
  2. A couple of photos that I took back at end of the 70's \ 80's, on the Uckfield line.
  3. Yes, it was and it did push-pull in and out of the Walk.
  4. 37610 passing through Shoreham-by-Sea with a driver route learning service. 5th October 2020.
  5. Going back in to my archives.... 73122 with u.7780 on a shuttle service between Brighton station and Lovers Walk, in conjunction with an Open Day. 10th July 1976.
  6. I’m sure I remember travelling in a BCK on one of the portions on the Far North, back in the late 70’s. It was only 4 coaches all told, including a Buffet Car.
  7. One asks for some transfers in 7mm, similar to those in 4mm..... Lo and behold, now on the website (and in my possession)! https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=4340 Excellent service!
  8. They come off easily enough.., When taking the track apart, it's not unusual to find both joiners on the same end of one piece!
  9. ????? No idea what these were!
  10. I think something similar happens when Canadian Modellers exhibiting go south to the USA?
  11. I found the same too. I usually give them a black wash initially but that hasn't made much difference this time. I resorted to dry brushing.
  12. I found the same, wanting a custom order too, but unable to find any email address anywhere, other than a reference to if you have already received goods, and it's on the transfers.
  13. I’m sure many lines that have been singled will have passing loops , or the track uses both former track beds in places. Certainly is the case on the Uckfield line, and the Appledore to Ore line.
  14. Also depends on what they are told by the relevant Press Office. You only need to see the Press Release, from Network Rail, for the recent Sheffield derailment.
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