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  1. Actually it never happened. Lab 4 and PoP Train, either version, weren't ever tested together. Lab 4 was coupled to PoP II in the RTC Yard once, just for a shunting move, so Mick could do that on Deadmans Lane I guess. But of course that doesn't stop us doing it in our own model worlds, does it? You won't get me 'rivet counting' and saying 'You can't do that, it never happened in the real world!' After all, I'm one of the guys who makes models of aeroplanes that never even existed.
  2. Mine will have oil all over the floor and walls of the A end of course. And outside under the double doors too.... What number is Humbrol Oil paint?
  3. But can they re-grow my hair to the Marsha Hunt length it was back then? (Me on the left in the pic) Actually I still have the Inspector's Coat, and a couple of the kipper ties, but not the flares.
  4. Ruddy MARVELOUS! (To quote an ancient Guinness advert I think...) Even the backscene looks a bit like the view from the Old Dalby Test Track. You just need to build a Lab 3 Paul and you've got the whole train.
  5. Cor, wow, etc. Seeing TWO Lab 4s next to each other on the same piece of track is pretty mind blowing, seeing as we only made one of them. Some wag will show up at a show with a whole TRAIN full of Lab4s at some stage I'm sure.
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not the first time that's been suggested, and I chatted with the ModelU guys at Peterborough in 2019. The problem is that the 2021 Mr. Tilt doesn't look all that much like the 1970s Mr. Tilt, apart from my face of course. The 'model' would need to be slimmed down a bit and grow a LOT more hair to be 1970s authentic. Plus it would need to be wearing flares and a cravat or a kipper tie as well, and maybe an Inspector's Coat sometimes, depending if it was raining or not. Oh, they're NOT including the 'Weather Option' in the DCC fitted versions
  7. Not the way that Bill Schneider designed it. The cams that rotate the Power Car bodies are on the inside of the body shell just above the top of the bogies, and the pegs on the bogies that slot into the cams are quite a loose fit so there's no lateral forces on the body shell, just the rotational forces. I reckon John KS has got it right, I've had similar problems in the past, but in N gauge, and the addition of a sliver of styrene on the inside of the outer check rail solved it.
  8. The dynamics of the bogie won't be the same when under power as they will be when you're pushing it. For a start the wheels won't be rotating when being pushed, and secondly the bogie will tend to pitch nose down when being pushed too, so the rear axle will tend to be unloaded. I'm not saying that it'll be OK under power, just that you won't be seeing the true situation when it's being pushed.
  9. The various couriers and postal organisations seem to be bent on making their fortunes by thinly veiled 'It's all due to Covid/Brexit' (select which seems applicable...) reasons.
  10. That's the one, yes. Well done, and thanks for the link. Ref. the fuel consumption, E-Train had such small fuel tanks that we had to arrange refuelling stops all over the place. On the last run to the NRM we had to stop on the centre road in York Station while waiting for a path, and the fuel state got so critical that we had to shut down six of the engines, three per Power Car, to ensure that we'd actually make it into the NRM Yard!
  11. On my club's test track we managed 148 running under DCC control, but the bends are quite tight, 4 ft radius, which is a lot tighter than the GWR mainline. At that speed and radius it would have needed a tilt angle of something over 40 degrees as well! The tape of the 152 mph run was Jason's 'Easter Egg' which he puts on many of his model's sound chips. You can even hear me yell 'Hallelujah!' on there as well. The real, full length, tape is on the APT-E Support & Conservation Group's web site I think, or it was anyway, and that runs right from the very start at Uffington Lo
  12. Looking pretty good Paul. Are you going to have the true scale oil leaks included as well?
  13. Yes, very different indeed as the GT3 had mechanical transmission and only one turbine, although with two 'stages'. At least with our ten turbines on E-Train we had some built-in redundancy, and we certainly needed a few times! That pic makes you realise quite how the bodies of the E-Train vehicles were again, doesn't it?
  14. I'd be happy to, but I don't know my way around RMWeb all that well and haven't a clue where it would go. Could you give me some pointers please?
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