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  1. I can't for the life of me make any sense of this 'updated' site. As far as I can see it's a 'downdate'. Sorry guys, you've dropped it somewhat. 

    1. Unicorn1


      I'm sorry, but what does reply to 'this status' mean.


      And where is 'my content'?


      As for 'topics I've started', well none of the ones I've seen are mine!


      If this post is in the wrong section then I'm sorry.



    2. Unicorn1


      Apologies Mr Tilt, like you I can't make any sense of any of this either!


    3. MarshLane


      Have a look at the FAQ thread.  Also the first post on there explains why the upgrade was done. 

  2. The plan was to fit splined driveshafts as I recall, but it didn't get as far as cutting any metal at all. It was vastly too expensive to cut away the body shell at the cantrails to improve the clearances so it never really got started. We built the Trestrol (Lab 24) instead!
  3. There was nearly a Warship with a pantograph, albeit a non-operational one. 832 Onslaught was delivered to the RTC in the mid-70s with a view to using it as a test vehicle for the APT-P power bogie, transmission and ant-tilt pantograph mechanism, the plan being to retain the standard diesel and hydraulic trasnmission bogie at the other end to actually move it. The conversion never happened as such a modification wouldn't be able to tilt more than 3 degrees without fouling the gauge, resulting in 832 languishing at the RTC for umpteen years until it was rescued. Shane Wilton has done a superb model of the planned conversion, in RTC red-blue of course, in 00 and it's a big crowd puller on the DEMU stand at shows when it's exhibited.
  4. I know about the flats, and there were two of them, as I tested one at the Cowley factory in the 60, see my first post in this thread. But back then someone said that they'd never fitted the running gear to either of them and that they'd were scrapped before the box RRs. I made a model of one too.............
  5. But what's that vehicle on the back of the RoadRailer train in the third pic down? It looks like an RR flat with a forward bulkhead and a couple of containers lashed down to it. But there's a vague hint of two axle boxes at the rear, which means it's got a bogie back there. Very strange..............
  6. Now THAT'S what I like to hear! Count me in 100%. Of course when we took E-Train to the USA we did some test runs on the Pinetree & Western Railroad, so that'd fit very well on my N gauge American layout of the same road...........
  7. The middle pic looks very like Dec 7th 1981 at Glasgow Central. Very atmospheric.
  8. I assume that when Micro-Scale's (Kadee's N scale spin-off) patent ran out everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but it made sense for the new stuff to work with the established 'standard'. They work together, of a fashion, but I find that Micros work best with other Micros much of the time.
  9. Magic, thanks. I'll put the dates in my organiser.
  10. Darn it, I'll miss it AGAIN! Where are you showing next please Mick?
  11. Ahah, that clears it all up then. I didn't realise the Silk Mill still had any P-Train stuff there, it's been DECADES since I was there. I'm doing very well thanks Brian, just getting ready for this years big Model Show at Telford. Not a model railway show I might add.......
  12. Ahah, I wonder if the other RTC coach (that I can just about remember....) was that DTS? Try as I might I can't recall it well enough, and it was pointing away from the entrance door to Derwent House anyway, so I may not have seen the 'pointed end'. There's a similar large scale model in NRM York's collection, Paul and I have seen it a number if times, perched up high in a glass case.
  13. That P-Train coach used to sit in the foyer of the CM&EE Dept. at the RTC in Derby. I suppose BR donated it to the Silk Mill when the project was cancelled. At one time there were two of them with the articulated bogie connecting them, but the 2nd one vanished after a while. All that was all after I left BR in April '78 but I still went back to the RTC for some years afterwards as they changed from being my employers to one of my customers then.
  14. IIRC the Parry uses a piston engine to wind up a flywheel, and then the flywheel drives the axle(s) mechanically. I rode on it a short while ago and it sounds just like that too, but the ride is TERRIBLE!
  15. L Ashwell Wood? That must have come from the Eagle comic!
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