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  1. Are Locomotion open though? The Shildon Museum has been closed for some time now.
  2. In the real world E-Train never went anywhere without the lights on in TC2 though. Most of the control systems went via TC2 (the drivers, guards and inspectors lived under the misapprehension that they were in charge. They weren't.... ) and we had to have the lights on to see our control panels. But it was difficult to see the lights from the outside in daylight because of the smoked glass windows. TC1 sometimes travelled without the lights on, depending if anyone was in there or not, but the windows in TC1 were clear so it was always obvious if they were on or not. The cab interior lights were usually off when the train was moving, in daylight or at night. Sometimes the interior lights in the Power Cars were on during running, but they aren't in the model anyway.
  3. Which book are you talking about Paul, Hugh's book or the one we wrote? There's a few of Hugh's book available on Amazon, and Jason may well have some ours going spare still.
  4. Since last Friday I've been full time at Locomotion having opened up E-Train for the masses at the Future Engineers programme they're running over the half term. In general I've had the VIP compartment in TC1 open in the morning and the PC2 cab open in the afternoon each day, and the public's response has been very gratifying. LOADS of people have now visited the train, well over 100 on Sunday, just over 200 on Monday and it went BANANAS today! I lost count when it passed 300! To add a little piquancy to the overall event I displayed my E-Train model sitting on its track base along the Steering Beam of the SA bogie at the north end of TC1, with my laptop showing its E-Train slide show right alongside. It all went down very well, but it may take me a week to recover my voice as I haven't stopped talking since Friday!
  5. Easy, add all the trailer cars to your already immense collection and make a REAL 'In Service' consist. The Power Cars can go to be a diorama of the train's last run, but you'd need an 08 on the front, no nose cone on the rear one and an oil lamp hanging on a string right at the rear. Oh yes, you'd also need to remove the joint module and have a model of me standing on the centre apron looking down at the steering beam and looking worried too.
  6. Brian will probably know, specially if it was a working party.
  7. By the time it got to Shildon the paintwork was pretty much scrap on both sides. The guys at the Electric Railway Museum did quite a good job of stopping the rot once it got down there, and they re-primed the whole outer shell, but that was all as they ended up fighting officialdom just to try and save the museum, and sadly failed. But Brian REALLY sorted it out once it got to Crewe, and in a ridiculously short time too! It's good that the whole Development Train is all in one place now.
  8. Yes, it was the one 'stored' at Kineton, and pretty diabolical it looked too. It came from the set that's at the Crewe site now, but the NRM decided to retain it, and after much work by Brian it's looking a LOT better now! For a while it was at Shildon, buried in the depths of the building where it couldn't be seen, but Paul and I managed to get aboard it. The interior is in amazingly good shape, compared to how the outsides looked, and the Mk IV tilt pack on 49006 is in maybe the best shape of any tilt packs anywhere.
  9. That's bizarre, because when I looked maybe 10 days ago, and after I'd got the email from Ms. Wilcox, I found the tubes on their site, but they did take some finding. Now they've re-hashed the site and they've vanished! I'm starting to smell a rat and I think I'll be replying to Ms. Wilcox.
  10. That's exactly what the same woman replied to me some days ago, and she quoted B&Q and Homebase in the list, but neither of them stick the tubes, only tins. Not only that, no-one at either store could give me an explanation what that was the case.
  11. It's precisely because i work in N gauge, thus EVERYthing is small, that I like the tubes. The small nozzles are much handier than any applicator to put glue where I want it, so I never find any use for tins of the stuff.
  12. A nice positive view of large stores for a change.
  13. As I said earlier, try the smaller shops, the big stores don't give a damn about us modellers.
  14. Smaller shops seem to have no trouble in getting the stuff in tubes, I bought four of the larger tubes from my local DIY place on Monday and they had LOADS of them. Methinks the larger stores are swinging the lead, they just can't be bothered to order numbers of small tubes, and lie to prospective customers as a result.
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