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  1. ... Paul - your search has ended I can confirm I am sat at my dining room table...
  2. It is there - https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+union+of+south+africa+15%2F12+18&view=detail&mid=F96652B0881DF7381618F96652B0881DF7381618&FORM=VI
  3. 1/16" frames soldered either side of a 1/4" brass bar, leaving a gap for the driving cog, gives you +/- 0.5mm wriggle room on a tri-ang back-to-back wheel set. Simon
  4. Hi Grahame Use geometry. Use a clear rule - rest the rule on the edge of the tube at an angle and slide it up until the 0 is where the point of the 'hat' is. No take the measurement that is now at the end of the tube and add some on for the overlap. That is the radius of circle you need to draw on your card. Cut out the circle, and cut from the centre to the edge and slide one under the other to form your roof. I have probably made sound more complex than it is! Regards Simon
  5. The British Standards proposed this back in 1949 they wanted 4mm - 1' with 16.5mm Gauge to be called OO Course Scale, and 4mm - 1' with 19mm gauge to be called OO Fine Scale - never happened. A starter for 10 - HO should be 17/128" - 1' on 5/8" Gauge rail, it was the industry that rounded it up to 16.5mm gauge and 3.5mm - 1'. So endeth the History lesson.
  6. Hi 81C Do you have the same problem as me - your cat standing on your keyboard...? Simon
  7. Hi Colin, It may seem steep but the TIG Welded certified copper boiler will set you back £3K+ with an up to 12 Month waiting list! It looks like Martin Evans 1962 Firefly design which in 5" gauge is just over 1.75" wider than scale over the cylinders and side tanks which makes it look squat and stumpy, along with a load of other anomalies which they seemed to happy overlook back then. Regards Simon
  8. I do like the look of the Signal Box, though the name board could cause a bit of confusion... ;-)
  9. You say that, but it won't be the first time the Gunnislake train has got to Bere Alston without the token so the couldn't change the point to run up to Gunnislake. They then had to wait for the token to be sent by road as without the token they couldn't run back and fetch it.
  10. ...but years ago you would have heard an porter shouting 'snur-sny' while he walked up and down the platform. This translates as'St. Erth change here for St. Ives' .
  11. Just a thought - G3 is 2 1/2" gauge 17/32" to the 1' => O Gauge 1 1/4" gauge 17/64" to the 1' => HO Gauge 5/8" gauge 17/128" (3.374mm) to the 1' - before business moved in and did some rounding up! Though I woudn't put that on any track threads and expect to escape unscathed...
  12. Though with an exchange of 1 Gallon [uK] = 4.54609 Liters you can see why they don't sell it by the Gallon!
  13. The poor porter is so mesmerised by the sight before him that he still thinks he's wheeling his trolley...
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