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  1. RCTS 'B.R. Standard Steam Locomotives Vol 2 the 4-6-0 & 2-6-0 classes' lists them all. Ray.
  2. 9F whistles were the same as the GWR standard service i.e.'small' whistle. I think the 4MT tanks had the same. The RCTS Standard volumes would have the full details. Ray.
  3. Some years ago I made my own platform mounted L&Y column using the 4mm scale drawing (blown up to 7mm) in 'LMS engine sheds vol.3' which was copied from a Horwich original. There is also a drawing for an L&Y parachute column in the same volume. I turned the column from a piece of hardwood (as I hadn't a suitable piece of ally to hand) and the short 'spout' from a bent piece of copper tube. My wife made the 'bag' from a bit of silk or something. Ray.
  4. I remember that loco arriving at Bolton (from Fleetwood perhaps?). It was a replacement for 51408 the ex L&Y class 23 saddletank which always seemed to be shunting the cattle sidings under the Lever St. footbridge. I wonder if there may have been a sharp curve there which required a short wheelbased loco? A friend who was a fireman on them at Birkenhead referred to the class as "Rocking Horse Shunts". 47165 went on to be a works shunter at Horwich and was withdrawn from there IIRC. Over the years I've built an example of most classes seen around Bolton but not one of these....
  5. The injectors on most of these locos were "combinations" i.e the steam valves were combined with the injectors and clacks on the backhead. The whistle valve on these 3 locos was on the dome next to the Ross pop safety valves and fed from the dome. I think any steam brakes are likely to be post-preservation additions so the only valves on the manifold/turret would be a blower valve and a pressure gauge shut-off ..... unless I'm missing something. Cheers, Ray.
  6. Hi Mike, the backhead mounted injectors are Gresham & Craven No3's and,yes, there would be one on each side. I've scanned other drawing sections which show the manifold in side and plan views - attached below. Hopefully these should give you enough detail for your model. I'll send a p.m. with another drawing that might help. Cheers, Ray.
  7. I'm glad that the drawing I posted was useful. I don't know if you've seen Quarryscapes' thread on building a 16mm scale model of Red Damsel Although Red Damsel is an Alice class rather than a Port class the backhead detail should be the same. Cheers, Ray.
  8. Hi Mike, I have a photocopy of a copy of the 1 1/2" GA dwg. for No's 1 & 2 (I don't think Michael is much different) and the front spectacles are shown as 1' 2" i.d. The safeties are shown as 1 1/2" dia, Ross Pops. I have attached a scan of the cab cross section which I hope helps. There are nice clear but undimensioned side views of Lady Joan and cabless Michael in 'Slates to Velinheli'. I've always had a soft spot for the Port class and, many years ago, also built one in 16mm. Now I have one in 4" scale! Good luck with your project. Cheers, Ray.
  9. You'd need to check numbers as only some were Westinghouse fitted IIRC. Ray.
  10. The drawing in Peter Tatlow's Historic Carriage Drawings Vol 3 NPCS shows 3 pipes on the end - vacuum and Westinghouse vertically and steam heat hanging down. The internal drawing of a D120 I have shows a guard's "heater" which suggests that they weren't just through piped. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ray.
  11. When Derek Foster bought the Pooley Van from Central Wagon in 1978 it was painted in a faded red ... Gulf red perhaps as the attached photo (27.5.79) shows. Apparently, although labelled for Chester, the van was used latterly at Bold Colliery and Pilkington's Cowley Hill works. When Derek bought a larger ex Pooley van (converted from an LNW 6wh CCT) he sold the GWR van to Dave Rawlinson who, as Jason says, sanded off the red and previous coats down to bare wood. I don't remember seeing brown but, being involved in other Steamport projects at the time, could have missed it. As the van w
  12. As I understood it the Dapol 14T tank wagon was modelled on the wartime Ministry class A tankers many of which were converted to class B after the war. I would have thought that the tank diameter would remain the same but happy to be corrected. The kit currently sold by NMB was the one previously sold by Meteor models. Cheers, Ray.
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