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  1. I believe it was called "oil gas" and even after gas lighting became obsolete was used for re-fuelling catering vehicles - right into B.R. days. Ray.
  2. The sleepers appear to be WW2 era MoD types as is the 75lb/yd flat-bottom rail. Ray.
  3. I believe it's called 'owner's privilege'. Ray.
  4. In the early 60's (say up to 1963) most secondary routes would still be served by carriages designed by the Big 4 companies. Ray.
  5. The trouble is that Albert is a Hall whilst Witherslack is a Modified Hall with a totally different front end. Sorry if that messes up your plans. Ray.
  6. Duncan, if they are of any use I have a pair of etched brass driving ends (bolection & flat) left over from a Sidelines p.2 brake third/driving trailer. I've no use for them but if you can use them P.M. me your address and I'll bung them in an envelope. Cheers, Ray.
  7. In a word "No" - it isn't really possible to pass off a Grange as a Manor. Whilst the chassis are similar the Grange has the much bigger No.1 boiler than the Manor's No.10. It wasn't a bad model in its day and well worth fitting with a modern motor. Even 30 yrs ago K's motors were getting long in the tooth so I wouldn't dream of fitting one these days. BTW if you are going to do your Grange in B.R. condition (lined black to c.1957 then lined green) it would be worth checking which ones still had the 3500 gal. tender as in your photo. As time went on most of them were fitted with the taller 4000gal. tender. Hope this helps. Ray.
  8. Thanks Stephen, I'll re-read it. Cheers, Ray.
  9. From memory and contemporary photos parcels trains in the late 50's/early 60's were a mixture of bogie stock (BG,GUV,Siphon G etc) 6 wh. stock (BGZ, BZ) long w,b. 4wh. stock (CCT,PMV,Fruit D) and 10' w.b XP rated vans. IIRC there was a thread, some time ago, which stated that there was a particular order of marshalling for such trains but I'm darned if I can find it, So my questions are: Was there a particular order? Specifically on the L.M. region if that makes any difference. How close to the end of the train did the guard's accomodation have to be? Some 10' w.b. vans only had instanters not screw couplings so would these be permitted in a mixed formation? Looking forward to receiving some expert advice. Cheers, Ray.
  10. Horwich were still turning out new 76xxx with the 'old crest' until mid 1957 suggesting the change was not overnight and they may, simply, have been using up old stocks of transfers. I wonder if this also occurred at other works? Ray.
  11. There are drawings for the class 27 & 28 in the RM for April 2005. Not particularly detailed but probably worth having a look. I used it when building my 7mm scale class 27. Ray.
  12. Hi Andy, I am a G0G member - not sure for how much longer though..... My copy hasn't got to me yet but hopefully I can answer your question. Back issues are available but only once they are over a year old for some reason https://www.gauge0guild.com/general/gazette.aspx Hopefully you can borrow/beg/buy a copy from someone sooner than that. Sorry I can't be more help. Ray.
  13. So, at Dapol's current rate, it'll be in the shops for Christmas...........2025. BTW what are "O Gauge Society wheel profiles"? Ray.
  14. Either grey or bauxite - makes no difference on an unfitted train. Ray.
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