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  1. 5572 was the only auto-fitted 4575 to come out of Woodham's yard and is preserved at GWS Didcot. Although it has not run in many years and is painted in Great Western livery it does appear to be still carrying its B.R. fitted auto-gear. 5526 was fitted with auto-gear at the SDR Buckfastleigh but it may have subsequently been removed, Ray.
  2. One of the very early (1950's) Peco 'Wonderful Wagons' was produced in the dark green Devlin's livery. Weren't they trawler owners? Ray.
  3. If your varnish is water-based it'll probably dry clear. Ray.
  4. Are you sure that you mean the "clack valve"? On Jinties the clacks were on the backhead (combined with the injector steam valves). I think you might be referring to the vacuum brake ejector which was on the RHS of the boiler/smokebox and was probably removed when 47445 went into industrial service - being unlikely to work vacuum fitted stock in its new role. Ray.
  5. There are outline drawings and major dimensions of classes 10, 20, 30 & 60 with detail drawings of Sans Pareil and Collossus in 'The little Giant Story" pub. Rail Romances. Ray.
  6. Re- Fitting of O/S steampipes. 6326 7.57, 6345 4.54, 6346 not fitted, 7303 10.49, 7304 11.47, 7306 6.56 7320 as built, 6375 10.48. Hope this helps. Ray.
  7. I'm not so sure that it was the condition of the reclaimed materials that halted the project but the ground conditions at the site on which the shed was to be rebuilt. Ray.
  8. There's plenty on the web if you Google "Jamieson coach kits". Hope this helps. Ray.
  9. The 750mm gauge 0-4-2ST Trangkil #4, built by Hunslets in 1971, is commonly regarded as the last steam loco built in Britain for commercial use. It was re-imported from Java some years ago and restored to running order at Statfold Barn. Ray.
  10. Hi Jeff, I'm no Southern expert either but I bought a copy of 'Southern Railway Passenger Vans' to do some research before I built a pair of Slaters CCT/PMV's. The Van B and Van C (bogie and 4w respectively) had guard's accommodation unlike the dia 3098/9/100 bogie luggage vans with gangways - as you say like the Triang one was meant to be. I quite fancied building a Van B but at the time of my layout (1958/60) they were pretty rare on ex L&Y territory. I didn't have a problem with the whitemetal W irons on my JLRT Fruit D (B.R. dia 805) but the WEP Y11 would have brass ones I assume. There's some useful prototype information here: https://www.steve-banks.org/prototype-and-traffic/167-parcels-traffic-in-br-days Cheers, Ray.
  11. Hi Jeff, I,too, have long hankered after building a long parcels train as I much prefer building NPCS to passenger stock. Unfortunately I only have room on my home layout to run 3 or 4 vehicles at once! I believe it was I who described, on Amanda's D1897 thread, how I converted an MM1 D869 kit into a more typical D1897. It was very easy and could also be applied to a D2039, In regard to the SR CCT's they would have been painted crimson up to 1956 and then progressively into green. I believe that the Southern region tried to keep the Van B's and to a lesser extent Van C's on their own metals as far as possible until the mid 60's. The bogie Utility vans and CCT/PMV's were widespread. The former is available from CRT as is the ex LNER Thompson BZ which builds into a nice model. I was surprised that no ex LMS 50'BG appears in the pictures you are using as they seemed to be ubiquitous. Kits are available from Sidelines and Ian Kirk. The Dia O33/62 Siphon G's were widespread but, unfortunately, no-one currently makes a kit for one. Best of luck with your project, please post updates. Cheers, Ray.
  12. Something may have changed that I'm not aware of but the intention was that the new Dapol version would have a die-cast body rather than the etched brass of the Lionheart original. IIRC this was done to make it more affordable but the final finish should be up to the same high standard as the 64xx/74xx. Ray.
  13. Some classes which had hitherto been painted black, such as the 45xx/4575's, started to be repainted in lined green in 1956/7 just as the new crest came in. It would therefore be unusual, but not impossible, to have the combination of green/old crest as stocks of the old crest were used up. A couple of moguls were so turned out. Definitely a case for referring to photographs. If you are competent with a soldering iron any of the etched brass 45xx kits will give a more satisfying model than the Springside kit. It was O.K. in its day but very heavy for the Mashima 1833 motor supplied. For a modeller who can't/won't solder then a glue together kit at least gives an alternative to RTR but that's about it IMO. Best of luck with your project. Ray.
  14. I certainly wouldn't try to repair it (as you would invalidate any guarantee) and I'm sure that your retailer friend would understand. I also assume that he would return the faulty model to Dapol and be credited so he wouldn't be out of pocket. Ray.
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